Hill-Mail - Glad Greg Left after the Second Period

Thursday, April 26th

The very best voicemails of the past 24 hours! Today, callers have many thoughts about the Boston Bruins Game Seven win last night!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Hollis and. And on your schedule WAS. Dot com and now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents bill mail. I've for the walk well or they're going. I somewhat doubt the world is looking at baton didn't. RW a death. All right. Today's gold mill voicemail messages here at WA AF FM and HD one west Borough Boston WEEI. HD to Lawrence and WW BX HDT Boston. Are presented by the city of lasting credit union would all of the convenience. Of big bag checking accounts what would no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees you should check out the city bus in credit union. And they're checking account service today just go to their website which is city of Boston CU. Dot com. We in day twelve but he signed. To them. When they have a lot related L bing might go I didn't. And now brings about the big and finally Bob what about active. Wounded now since the sprinkle our house frequently got to go listens to the show courts and I Jamie gaps in now which means you're locked. When bull 1:33. PM. And when the pin and no doubt that it yeah. Oh OK okay. I'm old happy yeah and people know that you need a bit of I didn't think. Again. Now since. I don't think so yeah featuring Mickey ward Micky ward reached out to me as chairman reed turn up his place west for. You have to you're gonna have to hide downed the two page we'll would like bungee cords are guys that you don't want that you don't want that thing flying off of that in the well if you tightening. Wind blown 5:26. PM. And that the best is unlike so. You can't download that Belichick can't and couldn't. I'm wondering if he locked into that in win. I'm a member. Coming up at 8:45 this morning my issues favorite segment. Elderly horny women. In the news we're gonna get. Elderly horny women in the news. The news actuality that goes along with this story. References of of the all time great card games which interview in years. You're near gaggle of Le senior citizen friends and that's coming up at 845. We and me 71. PM. They Kyra that's quite a bit ago that the walk but I thought I I didn't pick it up and now. I mean to go was had a rough build it first two periods but their daughter was an audience that I had to there's never zero backhand yeah yeah. OK so I mean. This new game hockey now because. Forwards are so fast and everybody is in such amazing shape and her. Incredible. And in you you you make foreign army Bart it's a boat taking time and space away. And the Bruins for what ever reason sometimes. The forwards are separated from the defenseman which gives space in the middle now and then a guy goes top shelf. Blocker. Diaz fight all here the only 919. Seconds to Derek worries you Moshood. Applause I feel like you know the last couple of gains. They have been coughing up the puck almost in almost in the lackadaisical. Like. Now. I don't agree I don't know turnovers are unbelievable you called me and yeah Paris like there flipping like kind of like casually after last night he's got certain ethical soccer body answers he's locker side he's casually. Flipping the puck right and it doesn't clear the zone. And you know and you know but but anyway. Duca saved all eight shots on him as their third period aside they're entered yet to who was enemies are again. When you run into him. Boy burned in my glad you left out in the second period. I. I am I just want more. I'm I'm I'm going on Wednesday so not as data late last night because your blunted. Whiny. Jinx gamers but I am and not stay away Wednesday in my guys will be there Wednesday June 22 PM. It. I. Wounded men who. All world and the united. It's just an ad in these parts tort theories oh yes and yes we played for Edmonton. Was acts. Gardner who completely flipped around on his pockets on there on the Tony just. Just an unbelievable goal. Look blue moon and. I have that I one name that then if they're approved. It and wind up like that comment at. Then I would never let it do now to. He is he's going to fight cost style Mike and we're trying to set it up at foxwoods during I don't care golf tournament it's several people did ask me about the golf tournament. Because they wanna come down just seemed the fight and that one of their fortunes available. We rarely have. A foursome available for the WA AF celebrity golf tournament it is gone on for. I don't know 20/20 720 that's not quite as probably 2526. Years. 25 basis point I think but. There may be if you foursome is available. EE UK and just go to the website which is the great legal foundation dot org that's the great guild foundation downward. And it's. It's a great event it's it's a few days of Nancy get your whole entire force him gets two nights at. But. You know you get all your food in and now your adult beverages in amazing gift package and golf with the celebrities and music you can ala all of them so. And the the foxwoods golf courses. Is absolutely is absolutely amazing. Him to two courses there. The the range advocate for you yeah. Pupil of course if you wanna try to go go did you send an email I think we have an info. The technical foundations or are you doing the ball drop again here and yes I'll be happy and that. I probably would wait to hear that at. Crude for food. Didn't look I am yeah. And I think there. If we do know that we are living so that it's. A little bit in general and although he mentioned that they would have been five. And excuse me NASA and plus because of rooms were on NASA and NASA and beasts he has earned an unlucky McKee hit two homers or more. The maybe if we kick at foxwoods through approved. Fuel and hostile Mike fighting at foxwoods. We can do it Happy Gilmore style right in the middle of the golf tournament. If. In a room full moon and elevate. What. I didn't know why but I'm sure you know. In the fourth non. Blue okay if the guy that brought food and now he. Here's a 857 taxed on the tech slide which is 97107. Which reads I just dialed up. That the Brusca vs buyers fight on YouTube. Hopefully you do better against. Overly harsh title. And I guess strong and our day I was quite for San Jose mayor. I news I knew is a big Grady is a big boy young to have me environments yourself. I wrap our hard work I thought he was the Euro a righty moon and I want to disarm or zero lefty and then he left he mean. I'm bored couple calls to arms. I heard that hostile Mike. Is getting very trash talking and faced only hear what yeah. He's done is get get you to your ability to set a terrible. Well people do your FaceBook. You loser you people sucked. Okay my good stuff. Did you know on threes Bologna will tell you I do Mike Hsu doing these guys are doing and not. Hey. I mean it's not totally useless and it's very confident and millions pulpit. First of all there's been. Zoning people that are Carl Cameron Brazilian who serves very yeah every every turn Floyd money Mayweather. Parents somebody's face there. I'm sure they were fairly confident so you're saying he's like Connor McGregor. Major media anybody has a little angry and I'm gonna crushes. You know loved it would be nice my toward the whole bit yeah. He's like he's like a cat with a mouse. Yeah yeah he's at least you were aggressive and the area below your cat in her dog fight it rates of cap scare tactic to partner dies in your products are backward. Our Jeanne just scratch where for Arab. Product. You're under a UN back here and act on content owner Aaron from Bernard. Twelve minutes. Parents and after you dinars me here's our kids that are here. Sure I can yeah. There is very had to send you somewhere that. I love your confidence in my. Enjoy. Have you. And by the way your back to your backed out. Yeah you 333. Scrambled. When he. Obvious backed up on the line that doesn't you don't about a zoo zoo was way short or not gonna do the best thing is it's chicks involved right. There at the ball tomorrow farm.