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Monday, July 17th

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Get a Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your special Ed WAS. Dot com. And now it's your return to tuck as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. He'll nail. They will definitely once you figure that the other. I mean nobody is what the food's great bipolar I. On the W a death. Today's help male voice mail messages are brought to you. By the city of Boston credit union for the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages home equity loans first time buyer programs and more. Visit the city of Boston CU dot com that's their website city of Boston CU dot com. The city of Boston credit union uniquely Boston here are the very best tell Mel voicemail messages you left. Over the previous few days. Think he thinks he can't. There are born are older Ballmer bowl opponent the call her old home. And this man has thrown her number one that's dug up at 9 o'clock yeah. That was so that healing and visit to the blood smears German from the get go. That episode was so atlas. We may waive the Wednesday rule and talk about the premier. This season game of rounds tomorrow so just. I think we just this week. And then the and the way it ended. And the few words that were spoken my mother of dragons and the end. Was so arousing Amanda was so we episodes one hard it was and got us here is illness portraying saw it was so amazing. Find me 10:49. AM. Good news ladies and gentlemen chipped out there and the red dot net well. Pop over plot what there and I have been why on the night. A and then what it costs them almost fifty million did dump them what are they eating 48 million actually they can change I shouldn't say eating with a reference to problems in the ball there their reading about forty million dollars and it jettison. That did don't waste of space. That experiment failed. That's of it's and supposedly the was reading today the giants error in just that and them it and Barack yeah. How lucky is actor Aaron that's that's right and the other hand it premieres. Cash. Meaning given him a hall pass well is another yards Megan to one email it's pass and I just I mean you're right though how lucky. Mikey come here he collective whatever hundred million or whatever is collected since he's been here. 5060 whatever it is it's. And then you're gay like you don't have to work out at all the offseason and you know to participate during games and units but it's given judge just let him come and play and it literally when does he play for free your giants yeah I mean there it's ridiculous. And then 756. And again. And I went further explore the phenomenon of the earthquake like. Tremors felt in that area so Matt is that every new era that the court but what that what art is great until knocking out. At that it will quit. You're the patriots people had thought OK and yeah. And wounded men who had a breakthrough last night. Breakthrough. Julia electric chair dance Julie it was working so she could run when Maine okay. And I set my a I am a little routine where a a I didn't do my warmup yeah. That I run and I have like a regular distance that I run to three feet and then a given a lock the about a minute and a half it you intervals and sell I got to my so I was by myself. Okay mental toughness is is an needs to be deployed here right so. I get semi normal place by the way this is that I ran it at. Five. It was still the heat of the heat of the day OK so like gets to my normal place where I quit GAAP. And walk. And empty I feel pretty good. So routed out so I kept going I kept pushing kept pushing on moon a mile yes a mile and a quarter moon. A mile mile in three days I. And I was able and I felt good then that the body felt good were the. Reading who had a great term I get a US. It's it was a runner's high. I think it was a runner's high that was pushing me through what you and I can't. We are talking about where where let's exploit wind mired in this we are less than four less than two weeks away. From the ocean park five K it is it's a week from guys though. The pressure is on in and of course I mentioned this last week. The fine people at the ocean park sub and groceries home of the cinnamon buns. Have pledged to 1000. Dollars to the great deal foundation slips off. If I don't died during the during the night and if I completed. They're gonna give a thousand bucks if felt confident I now here's the key question of the day no JPEG. What else was and again use Lou. Continue. To run. Post 5 yeah yes I am lightest you've got no I am going to because. Because of the I mean I'm in great physical about it I mean and then he's back he's okay these fine. Knee is in the is the is fantastic. Everything is feeling OK okay the ankles okay to worry about that after the putt again and got the ankles fine. And Greg ran 42 miles that day is. Greg. Craig and I was only it was only a five game. Whether Greg Hill kept going they kept going when he stuff. Get on his runner's high he was in Montreal. Quebec Canada. And then he heard a voice. I can't. Well the when he didn't initiate a little me. And tomorrow Monday. 5:44. AM. Didn't know because in the big Cordero. We Greg didn't know what to put on the page but yesterday when they go to. Look book one and politically it will pop he would not loop when you look good they've been very reluctant. That is what you board. And then that we can make it today and it could mean people commenting on great look at the green and their man looking good looking good thanks. We me and again. I. Don't think oh. It would get back. You have been. Find it in nineteen again. I'll LB given advice on that simple mail mine and you get the area given advice on the Clayton female mind. No wonder that the board rate has skyrocketed. Him and. And who can reconcile older. They Coker. And and I literally it's kind compared. Wounded men who do the little odd Mary a grown man in the middle of professional tennis match. To break down and start crying that. Is a lot of staved off. As the lab and later on as full elevenths. And you. Want in 03. Million. Yeah yeah LP and not bloated from being beaten him in bloated farm vodka. Are have been there stay there. We'll let them we hand low about a general way he. A hundredth the experience. Event caller saying shrimps can't political but. Or forty old. Never notify me if mark let's go to crooked people like but it could end up. Whether someone that something in the wood you hit. Didn't want to now. That confrontation. With the group of folks who are fishing in Florida by the by the begin activists. By the social justice warrior. Is fantastic but if this was a dog. And I hope the talk through the mouth and thriller in the water I don't know how would you guys feel about that. We don't need any animals because all animals have the same ability to feel love and pain just like we did would you guys agree with us. Yes you guys think that this is okay to let this fish die right here with this is a human child. But what if it was they have the same ability is same emotions as a human child. That's not my opinion that's fact certain that's that's for science fair in this fax have you ever looked up how to fish he'll paint. I'm not harassing you or your harassing this fish right here this fish you're harassing. This is my duty and my duty it's to speak up for animals in need. All I'm asking is to have the passion right. The wall sometimes is wrong is unjust the law used to say that women could not vote the law Lisa say that's only black people it's was for good for slavery. But that is not right serie. Killing animals is not right. And island. The fish. Wants its freedom. Allow other fish to swim in poop in the ocean without any hindrance from humans bloodied them totally totally agree. Oh this is this is frank hello frank. Hey what's going on. Our power to about his leg yes. You sound you don't doesn't have its fight with smoke that's. Just to see. At. Oh you know those set. Out at that party that goes through parent. Or an important as well yeah certainly didn't. Again oil was not able to attend the birthday party of agents to the stars and sells because I was with my son at a freaking out football and Daryn and Jack late in the evening OK nice. You're. At it yet now it wouldn't look so I felt that. You know familial obligations. I was I mean listen I'm trying to. I don't know the deadly kids. You must include an understanding of what sort of hours away from at this pace the college. No no I thought Robert drivers that it was. An economy let me tell you something I am out that desperately doing anything I possibly can that. Hopefully have some kind of a break on that when it comes to follow all of yeah yeah you know I mean I'll drive anywhere at any time any moment because I'm cheap. It is China that yeah I felt that I missed so I mean Sosa's. Tells my best friend I missed his fortieth birthday party at your normal folks. They usually are you live and he's lowering your Adobe and others they'll be another to be another party. And it is just about another every other birthday ever ask your threatened in another maybe of the company's proposed yeah. There will be no there there wasn't one incidents thirty feet on his back. I mean I donated some beer of the party does that count. You know I'd buy hourly you buy in or via fidget I was asked him one car to China would you think I'm gonna. No arbitrarily offer free beer and kidney I guess any league as lonely couples expect. The bottom. I was sorry that I was not there hanging out with you. 7:24. AM. Can't go. I don't want to topple payment her own it or they think about that article predicting that an apparent love and get a little. The blue and I think what clearly. 01 point to make it anymore first few seasons that's a wayward Cynthia you know first two seasons. She was gearing down left police he was gearing down left and right in the habit out Jack yeah now options are NAFTA and yet she's the star of the show. An acquaintance of herders. Coliseum about to do it again I won't analysts say what happened the man with the bed pan am. The acquaintance of AK IE acquaintance of mother of drag until late tomorrow or entitlement tomorrow. Are right. Thank you very much for participating today during hill mail.