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Thursday, May 17th

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And yes. I am. And now it's your entered its shock as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Hill mail and operate well if you're. On WA. Here's the texts 617 Texas says. Greg will kick Julia out. And buy her a Condo in the seaports. Buffalo. Gap. You're out of here for you want to burn through drugs what is she is my precious time. And she's coming home and she texted me this morning about. Looking forward to running at me letters starting next week getting ready for the ocean park five K I got my running partner back. All right today's a male voice mail messages are rock view. By the city of busting credit union with all of the convenience. The big bank checking accounts but no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees. You can check out the city busting credit union and their checking account service today. And here are the very best male voice mail messages you left for us over the previous 24 hours when Lauren. Whitney old. A and hey. You look at it's. Not the end date. Heat because. I went down there alive. Yeah. Yeah I think I am looking at war. Let them compete and it is time. Out there. And hit really do yeah. I. According. Yeah. Yeah. The day. Yeah. At beat me on. And it. I'm. Yeah. Get laid. And deploy it well. So you're saying I have a chance writes I don't know I don't act like I just. I think you're confused about I think he's used to intentions I don't think she's when you I don't blame. I don't know how we gonna compete with on Saturday. At the Brunswick yeah a lot of that Cornel teams in the great gill foundation beach normal tournament. Are loaded up with the with young athletes I mean you got guys like scope and Scotty won Lyon and I'm a lot of the Alley and compete with these guys I mean there there twenty years your junior. Vick he's going to be talking to them and not talking to you two words. Jack. Jack camera really put that though there it's a league and a demonstrator right there at the Brunswick on Saturday. I'm getting really excited for the event. I was on my instant Graham yesterday shared did trophies. I shared the cup we have a cup that which in which you can enjoy. If you're the if you win the corn hole championship this Saturday at the Brunswick in old orchard beach. And you can drink shipyard. All day and night out of that at a cop on reds and I got confirmation. On the warm. Fresh. Cinnamon buns from the ocean park seven grocery which will be delivered in the morning for everybody at the runs Pickens. Hannity so. And don't worry about the weather we get we get inside areas we got we got that out of my back there it's covered we knew where are well in I don't think the weather is going to be that bad it's going to be great. I hear right you know and not for not centers aren't you or your retirement or whether duck. I think I'm just give America a minute just enjoy the elements yes I'm I'm gonna get a double bed blow up slowed me. Yeah in Ramona and accurate because you can't sleep on the beach yeah. I'm an anchor in the ocean. Not a good night honestly I think you was sleeping on. Will Ankara. In the ocean I don't think things and move. I don't think Margaret we TV anchor came loose and floated you floated out soon. And the Coast Guard had to rescue you right Steve here and there is lots of programs and me in the middle election. When Paul 104. PM. Next up on the oh man morning acting attorney whereas Larry I mean here he turned you've played nonsensical. Commentary from London by. Now it doesn't on this show you know what he does it I just got it I just have to tell yeah. Everything that Larry was talking about I went through though and I've been through two divorces are dealt with the courts in Massachusetts are dealt with the IRS. I do I might. I had a ten year battle with the art Harris writes you know an opinion on fullback is a warrants for a throughout my buddy Ed Edward party. Was the guy apart you know reasoning credible accountant yeah for that whoever that text there was an album and I can't you know I don't know what to do who who Bedford party. You'll see abuse in Utah and and they. She is and LB correction multiple LB corrections via tax. Jack hammer is one word not truths out your two words are my hip those would be at its. Went to me it's 6:28. PM. No joke opening up in gradually competitive right. Now. Matt Light on on the phone rated though he'll join us as soon as we are done playing it'll melt voicemail message that. Boom 5 AM. Everybody played an opening comments back about any other team player and then tell me about. Opening a patent. And didn't matter that while you use say things about these players vote. And yet you saying that no lead the fans don't like professional. Boo on them. I'd say LB can get it that I can get a crash program. And act. You I mean it's going to be you know it's spread out on the side on the grass and it over the you take it records or its links. We will only. I want to hundred no crawling in the water or indifferent to. I wonder Allen class that I hope she calls it poignant as though think we born and. Thank you for the corrected my true. Hit them they have not. That. In the message. While only 22 AM. I can't hear and dot underpinned by error and went obese probably I'm I'm I'm that is now in the back and that's when the crowd is going to be yet. And that message. At some great. Good times with fireworks up in the ocean park. Old orchard beach area over the years. I got some good fireworks stories that'll tell at some time. That's. You know what that's they do it right up there. You count the fireworks and me know you can do about that. What is the Borough with the ball one that you so multiple balls those seminars are putting their Barton and we ended dining partner's nose and his group nothing like that. 24 and again. Don't TNT. New York. You know Lang is open area of port that. And we're simply massive NHL executive stands. Saw them putting on old. You know that I don't either I don't know not yet. Let. That the move that well on the awkward or. What more could I ask you I miss Lavinia. She makes the show. When everybody else who makes show she makes the show denouncing the throw doesn't that make the show but right now. Danielle and you hit the shelves and make the show or whom we all. You get out and they want to get there about our plate to make no would you partridge. The movement now that. Whom who hit jones'. All right you've Herbert visibly this morning during hill mail.