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Wednesday, December 6th

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Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more knowledge online pin on your schedule WAS. Dot com. And now it's your return to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show presents. You mail. Our goal and mop. This ball they have it's bigger limbo period there have. On WBA yeah. Texas says that she you suggested the whole costume thing because he's a furry Jesus I don't know that you had an audience. Are now that elderly thing that bad enough. It. 82 days till Mel voicemail messages are presented by the city of busting credit union. With all the convenience of big bank checking accounts but would no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees so check out the city of busting credit unions checking account service. Today and here are the very best film male voice mail messages left by Yule. Over the previous 24 hours. To me. 848. And again. And who's to. I wouldn't if court. If there isn't. I wounded men and debatable to what he is and it is counted me continues to just show up. About about 75%. 64%. Although somebody said. You're at your best during the 6 to 7 o'clock hour with just outside Seattle drop outs but yeah that's why it's a. The campaign. 8:57. AM. Perry now pray they'll talk about it beating again. Probably buy it who are over rock and roll all can you know I mean. And visual yeah I. Appreciate your band terminal ill forever. A figure out I'm wearing for the jingle all the way five K I normally go after and I. And normally go ugly Christmas sweater and and just the Paris let's speculate mine new elite runner status. I mean need to get some kind of red and green. Full body spandex than these client and there's nothing like Joseph C that spanned colored spandex with all kinds of hair poking through. Thought I'd have to meg and running outfit. I mean obviously acting that it looked pretty like if I had the full bodies spandex. And certain areas. Would would be violated you know you know is this your strategy for winning in getting a PR school so everybody else we'll just eight of Moses parting the Pepsi. And elevated wanna be nearly that ban next my strategy has them a start five minutes before everybody else on Saturday. But I don't feel I hope you'll join us. For our annual jingle all the way five skated benefit to Greg Hill foundation on Friday. Santa Claus will be there. Terror rollers professional controllers will will be there we've got great food in the year in music we actually brood of the year. Specifically for this event which sends very cruel and IPL. An IPO and so it's I think it's going to be a great event and you can sign up. If you go to GH path jingle five K. Dot com that's GH. Jingle by UK dot com. And if you're a soccer person. Like somebody instrument yesterday. Make sure you check out mines Seagram because we have new. Greg Hill foundation. Winter socks which you all all of the money that we get from those goes to the great. Husband. On the concertos out of mind mr. Graham Greg you know 107. If you're not following me and mr. Graham. To me. 4:57. PM. But the gubernatorial bid if they're not that a certain point is that now going to be allowed to carry baseball bat. Although Google is going to be what the right Armageddon now. Play at all about all over the plate a little injuries little payback you know. Charlotte put food on that's kids terrible candidate. Whatever you guys like non context a. The only person who could be who should be worried about taking food off his kids stables escrow Marty that. Analyst Anita and got suspended her game. Yes you guys guys guys guys what we what you want. But he sent. 120 man. Who can't will be equipped with shopping now now I know they have Matt and Greg being right. My desk when you go to do that golf club minimum market. Bottom all my way to another boat though a bit not. And then now. Do need this may be aware scarf while analysts are in my jingle all the way five K Ann and Scott and Africa and ask. If I'm wearing its key part of that word is absolutely scripts that he had the ass part and ask Scott. 545. And then. Then to work with that I'd go pick up. Well probably that this third third best in the message. Think 12 I am. And that's. Why didn't have. Now his. Is it the EL a studio manager would do and be. They light sides. Elf on the shelf has been stolen from a fire department in New Hampshire that there in New Hampshire. Analysts. Your field Deerfield. And their sons and Ellis on its latest look I hope that's humorous thing in and not something that is this group. Whoever I hope whoever stole the elf does not doing unmentionable things through the video they stole. Who oh man. I won't let it be better to be back could be bad you motive in that could be bad they're bad. He didn't even know. When the message. Blue tour in oh man. And says there are no remote in your boat here. Caught both men that say that my boat and all of whom are. We have a boat then. I. Discussing. Emo EG. On Emo G violence. And some areas where you can now be charged with a crime. We're sending a threatening remote view the punch yet. In some leader and I. In America in 2017. And some places that is considered. Though it. Stops I mean can eggplant be considered a bath products. Urged us can be considered sexual morality and sexual harassment. Analysts are that there repeat Giuliani and Clinton nineteen and it becomes an ongoing joke without a joke like it and whenever you see the egg plant in ninety I know him licking little from the bench. In his neck. I only send it when I'm going to Reno's and I gonna have the past though it accelerated plans to go. I'm I'm a little nervous it wasn't gonna Reno's tomorrow night I'm doing the holiday dinner for my a managers on the eighth and I'm orange animal these Boston. A little ways I want to go right now thought he would do it but a velvet or about here here it's been picked it plant the passed away in his veggie but it's got. Has stolen and cheese and yeah yeah it's an I'm gonna wanna have the lemon cello hammer down treat yourself. And I'm going where life I'm gonna wanna have told the homemade lobster ravioli or house just wish everybody you'll objective this building behind me back in shape I'm in a hundred times and maybe others have a bite. Now that I. Just east of it's it's just action will be watching you know. Making a shell out of the fact that your only taking like a half or killing. I'm just gonna. Me I'm just gonna get and email I don't know who's gonna take a half around he'll let you know if you know how that works on Arnold are just some meals as lobster and I think he's seen a lot gambling is round and I don't want to order a whole thing and we'll disarmament plate can just kind of smell that were there is no longer did plant. Nice exit revenue effect counselors on Norton on the yeah that's a good idea get authority to be there and he can chaining and having grilled chicken based on women now. So we won't DN. Why do get value out that they get on the go I have thought back with the group irate when they're they're over dated. A wounded that they're off their donors and she's gonna be DO well Darlene love will join us in about ten or fifteen minutes and we'll go behind the M. And Christmas baby please come home. Which she had hit it in 1963. Rolling Stone magazine calls it the greatest rock in all Christmas song ever. And of course YouTube covered yet it was that in she sang backup on the YouTube version as well. 709. AM. Hair blue war YA a whole other. Mind you. Rear lower ninth grade school. Warm. And nice down there and bring you heard his Mitt who also on burger. More girls pulled Brandon. Month then. School variety. Hour. Getting closed that's oh. He would deny those amendment Christmas spirit. Of.