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Monday, March 20th

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Yeah Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more knowledge and. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com and now it's your turn to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show presents. You mail. It Julius. Could open I'm haven't quite important that's what I didn't with a clue what I thought but Kansas City that. RW BA yes. Pell mell brought to you by DCU free checking has their monthly fees zero minimum balance required so you have zero reasons not to switch what's been DCU free checking save you go to DCU dot org we do it every weekday at this time. The best of your hill Mel messages which should be good from this same. Patrick's day weekend yes and yeah. I just want to let people know we are going to be going inside disciplined mind at some points all text your questions for el beach in 97107. We'll get to that says shortly after all right yours the best of your hill mail messages probable won't June oh yeah. Then at Newton in the world. News. Yeah at a live there now we've got out there. Bill. Bennett went out. I'll now. And that message. We make apple person there typing that a whole fake thing I think we did. Yeah yeah we did have feet you know look at all of the fake snowstorm where I live we had a foot now office now see that while we got it was a stay around here around here it was natural thing is I was gonna take our. Sure isn't mature for. I won't 780. Man. We're a little more. Is that can continue to follow up I didn't I didn't pick the one thing you can communicate quit spirit that there. It was great for everybody. Everybody. Everybody everybody everybody everybody everybody. And the message though we did Colin on the chip in the head. That's sure once they get their technology doesn't laugh. And certainly no I agree with you you're a columnist for years now whatever they are senator now it was my simulator and some joke. I mean a little now I just can't wait because I won't be a door opening more of the chip albeit a Butte. One of the smartest people of climate and Nolan will be able to figured out you know one of the smartest robots in the planet's. That's what it's going to be imagine that someone else controlling LB. It hasn't happened for a long I am very yeah I would Milbury was the only guy that you do not know he couldn't even do that or didn't run machinery just traded me dissent is well. It. Rival nine and he won't older. I get because you're an open diary was. Doesn't. May hear when they're OK with that selling them here I hire people don't. Air you're not gonna say anything that's going to look and I agree. Curious. If you let that properly aligned somewhere don't know immediately because the Irish were to beat back a lot. And that it. Yes you'll be well aware of Irish cuisine. I mean we we've had some amazing meals island and cut certain because there is certainly do breakfast right yeah yeah. SAB RR stresses yeah it's costing less shots and tomato the darkened light yeah ought to have the tomato the beans attorney blood bloody tight gas and they don't do strips of beating Ireland they just carve that off of the slab they didn't ranchers like yeah raster why a couple of big wide pieces you know. That's good stuff. Rule 1:44. PM. Well I did it bought that they've had and I didn't get there there I don't think they weren't aren't going to vote there are important. I'm not. Mitigate. The. Not a name Gary. Now you know likened an academy experiment in government don't know they're now but with cinnamon no. Just on toast that's not adamant that that's often the Tennessee is why it's often the alternative permit so people like cinnamon our mid toothpaste and Erica. Fiery cinnamon toast with butter and some. All cinnamon niacin inserts those it's nice. That's my mom used to make room now I have to have a toast is cinnamon sugar challenging him on 1708. PM. Greg it like to congratulate. I think school basketball team from that little. 25 miles west of Boston. That would note that when you go left Saturday. A little bit. Now if that that all. I'd like contractually committed bicycles they can look they can't. You look the politically. That message out there in the fellas got toasted by Lleyton as a valiant effort and where they may get there right. The a lot of hard work to make it there in it in complete and now while we're gonna have to have via brightened angles up. Here in the studio cheerfully Torre met with the mayor and pizza pizza that's a win win. This is you don't you know we still get pizza. This is an awfully long way to go with a soldier duties set up since last week so the Gregg wouldn't have to stay here and deal calls about the Schobel losing if they did. Think about it he he's probably the only guy who called in a favor to get jury duty. Instead of Quetta injured and I don't think our own older. There's little. But overall they couldn't get you can bet that independent but that it took them into that. 2756. AM. And their ability and that I would literally. Laughed Arctic. And back here both modern and very patient. On Saturday afternoon. And luck 45 minutes later yet but who is separate. I mean I think that about Greg I know what you. We talked about it Berry and oblivion and I waited now for an instant camera last week Greg mentioned Chuck Berry. And it's been awhile so you know I am I anti Campanella Don Imus is not mean that went to see back to the future pops yeah but that is not the change on that was what Marvin re the that he did culture he he didn't really hear checks voice is coming in Jenks is it is is through a phone lines yes. In the fifties and eon and beyond the our own the room and again. Yeah. And the morning. Particularly. If it. Went about an hour. They welcomed a government. Owned this message. Is that just the dusting. This was really sixers late 65 degrees right 5050 yep 4950 now on I'll take it you're down agents are going so it's not as it's like I'm seventeen and anti. I don't think he threw me all of them. I got by people who have the typical what was lacking you know I'm probably hear it at that point while. And then they pick Butler what people make a lot of them. The thought of that period. Chocolate and a I didn't. What it. Yet Rihanna Steve the latter I'll act I was always had he he supposedly had his his facts alternative facts may be and I think we're gonna try to get him on the podcast extra sauce the suites of our get extra sauce and Javier the slide from our garbage right Ray Allen here's some more facts. We will all. Any element but yeah he's. I don't the wildcats you do get it up. It's it's I'm a little black and it's not that bad. And that is that well yeah hostel so when he was when he was talking like on the stand her. They were written in them we evidently. The hearts to hear himself talk and it's for attention Gregor Steve Steve. But yeah getting our economy or things that hearing now. So on foot job yeah mine if we don't get stuck into it. If we can get Steve we miniature set us on the on the flat earth theory on the podcast which will July say it. To drop on Thursday yes there you go. I I feel silly saying that break apparently doesn't that's reads it and filth and then there's the the best your helmet messages here on on the Hill Man Morning Show.