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Wednesday, September 13th

Once again we play the very best Hill-Mail voice messages from the previous 24 hours!


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Get a Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark are always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now it's your answered tough as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. You mail. And okay. Well look absolutely. Or they're bad. On WI AEA yes they are now we don't know when the lab be a mostly. Dressed sports director will return but we hope it's October we have its product owe it to we announced that's months away until October 2 Monday October 2. I'm calling it now now absolutely Steinbrenner not being. School is looking now I'm with. That you problem I would assume he'd be back tomorrow. If I'm the contractor. Wagering island yeah you wanna address that model happy that I don't I think. And I think he'll be here for Rian though being Friday. This is Luke good morning Luke. And good morning guys up want to have here. Your opinion no especially band you know all information that I'm. Like I would be married a long time. That's been a long time this week. You know. That's that is dominant and had. Natalie. When asked cannot fail not sell it on when was the last W announcement. Bought. The once this extra but we begin again so. That you are the authority. In all sorts of really didn't mean it all you. Aside but I mean when it's introduced that slowly. Any ever Thomas Dextre robot. Some us. Slowly like a decent time and I think that. All right today's till well voicemail messages are brought to you by the city of busting credit union for the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages. Home equity loans first time buyer programs and more. Visits city of Boston see you dot com city of Boston credit union uniquely Boston. And here for you are the very best film L voicemail messages you have left over the previous 24 hours. To me 738. And again. There are starting to implement. I don't get a uniform that would. I would be. Went negative. And neck in debt problems. It happens oldie get. Are the fault partner yet nanny nine problems and hit exits or read about. It I don't think he went and. They're that it would be like black Jack near. All of that that would need to let it back in the ball while I think it would be hard. To do. Did you. You see that in Seattle. They're big and strong points yes I did see that draws are non recyclable. Excellent people don't realize. She's in astronomy and offer the environment but it's extra plastic stress if you pick. The paper ones yeah they do on. Still easily Herschel answers Georgia I. But Easter on your fan of those pirates of the Easter but he stressed. Right now I have to have a cookie struck from want and that's it nothing else. Oh yeah oh yeah. And it's going to be rendering but I a component that will count. The. Sinks eleven and again. Did note that particular where they drove last night the period then you know if you let him say. Who's good and. I don't know that it. How has Pedro at the last nine violated united. Be very personally who's talking everyone who is there and kind of don't do this thing is lovely wife who's let them so. Here is that he was Pedro they did some some you know did talk into the crowd for the Nokia hungry benefited the rooftop pool the pollinate. I grabbed him on the lamb in the deal picture opportunity to implement it looked very nice and your pictures Keogh. And aggravating because they had the mean the lights in the pool in front of us so I had the my hand holding up the cellphone shadow in front of us via they're trying to strategically moving around that. And ever tried the slim Jim strides by the way excuse me. Says do you sit bullet may soon. Icy looks engines that they have to be a little stale like keeps really BF fresh urgency and Staley and I like a more chewy or jerky products. It's really young weirdo. Think since he son told him. Nominated Mohammed won them over their wings that. Because of who I need either very confused or is simply not a bad. And the bad. As controversy in England because it's. A family has pulled their child out of preschool. Because another boy winners or kindergarten whatever it is. Can be gotten yes because another boy where's the drafts and they believe the school should tell the other voice where in the draft yeah it took their kid at school. Are you could just meet in teachable. Course you could yeah you just talk to redo that endeared him. Think when he thinks. Oh man. At. That's better but maybe nickname a little bit it. And now said that earlier. This refuted. Okay thank you think you won't want to. Yeah I would bite his big. Like to see if you're a lot. And the message. I'd like to get down with a male female connector. 59 and again. And luckily though. And that blocked there ought to tackle spot and been around all their long political and Britain. And now we've. Currently does that he Ari does I had can't rent it from cracking down enough you know a semi file needs to snatch it back in the day the left and right they saw come out to McCain and checks any particular group this morning with the MacBook. A comment here Alley sham. Wanton 20 AM. Argued that if that were brought back if don't forget I acting credentials will be run away with our fellow. I will be delivered by the robot with I can hit the ball but that he had all the also have been our go to a you have been of the rock and they're out. Or don't like the English and stay. At. Edging all thanks. In Simmons of this facility. The box that. That's 50000. Dollars. Because Gene Simmons delivers. To your home and you have to pay their fair that's right. And then. And that to him that I take your home by eminent domain and public kiss logo are outside of of them Gene Simmons.