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Wednesday, April 19th

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on. And on your schedule WAS. Dot com and now it's your return to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. He'll mail. They've bought and grew and diplomat on my about what the appropriate Erica on WA. Half. The back I guess that's my favorite swear words and play and I'm so angry. That. A mean having mean paying her a wealthy means CEO. Police taking all the money and giving none to his workers I just say. All right today's weather. I'm sorry based hormel voicemail messages ace but it appears. Brought to you by the city Abbas and credit union for the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages. Home equity loans first time buyer programs and more visit city Abbas and senior docked on the city Abbas the credit union. Uniquely Boston here are the best till Mel voicemail messages you left in the previous 24 hours. Blue moon he can't. Well and not have to have a sophomore but I think that it ultimately it over the brought it. Let and that will be back though is that what Apollo creed that. A we discussed that hole. No anthems at sporting events thing yesterday and good luck and people were worked up about it and yeah I suppose. In North Korea. That kind of thing. Is normal right there's you're not you have you hear the National Anthem. The official Kim Jon linen National Anthem everywhere you go your standard at all while a day in and day out you don't say a word about it you're getting and a haircut here guys Grasso that operates an aircraft down. Is am I correct in saying that are powerful armada and are powerful submarines are steaming toward North Korea regularly so yes I know they're very powerful are they. Oh really tremendous there they tremendous act we have a very powerful armada area. And powerful submarines. Which jars now steaming toward the North Korea. And we'll see if that changes Kim Jung Owens' mind. We listen to. An armada very powerful we have submarines. You very powerful bomb very very powerful move. Very scared very powerful. Is that an earmark Wednesday is okay hold on second I'm going to do this. I rank them right in the middle of the bill and didn't do this election. How about how a very good very good. Master Rembrandt oh yeah. Hole. Powerful submarines. Why did he would. Oh yeah. It's. No they want alive in 1980. Just drop. Just like it isn't. On synthesizers. To one of our submarines. In our powerful armada. Is missing and they're they turned around their head in the right direction yet they were headed toward Australian another front room troubles mistaken on Sunday when he said. On damage or another really had a melanoma again actually enterprise and many senators Clinton and very apparently getting in we've got tremendously powerful ones not grant him. We certainly had a fender Bender between two over submarines. I don't think he only man. Your article really bad when you get someone like note yeah who knows kindergarten and are very competitive. Appreciate our lives are there certain appreciate everything about it. More than people around here nor are being limited you know. Now it's nice job LB junior got close to citizenship right yeah what does that it is scheduled to schedule busy Canadians say to time had an audio. I've I've got a little meeting today yeah and I did meet with even my orderly so near perceived war after the show axle and then we send all there are just had to get some extra paperwork done now. You know there and them. Do you need somebody to verify your value. So we used to have her her what you still working and massive. When you want to come to this country had to get somebody's sign off on one's and a sponsor you say that you are dead do you still have to do that there I married so our unity and undoubtedly our sponsors now aren't. But he won't old. Doubt they couldn't quite flat. It might have played them then. Owns it now well. You know you've got this guy did do the rest of the season didn't. Step on springer A plus game yet together. Make sure that everybody was on top of their game for. Their body Isiah Thomas who lost to assist them. He who my Ian. Don't play electric pulpit there and they did that block or block a Tom Brady is that they can they don't want to win in the. Or are formed now that's why yeah I think I think people put too much into the number one and number eight seed. You know did you do you truly believe that this the Celtics now Cleveland Cleveland as the number one seed. And they just melted in the lasts you know when I get five games. Because a bond and wanna play and I wanted to be healthy for the play so I mean they're not certain that the number one in both hockey and in in hopes. There's airs it on a parity in the eastern conference's yup absolutely anybody can beat anybody. 410. Man. Do Aaron and it has. And it is only number. Now it's too soon are now yeah error. You know this business people and saying in all morning in fact it definitely kills them with other people you know we didn't need it won't. Poor old man. It is a great debt burden as it dead yeah. If that the president ball. Don't know who these people saying that. I guess they're Aaron Hernandez fans are some things like those chips those psychopath chicks who were saying that use pot when he was no matter. But just people who are saying that the prison should've. You know the more part to me having my somebody's gonna count some tip from a from a bed sheet in the prison and he winds Chad Barrett himself eligible. Jerry army waited bird waited for what ever blocked by the chromium a midnight walk by. The mountain saint England and. Color and an independent so no not yet on call and it does anyone know what. We currently have called they've got a boy I bet you guys if they're 100 you know. Now that we have some calls from smacks gardens it probably listen to the shelter is you know I'm an ex con. That's it's kind of like we're gonna have a couple of my brother Jake Simien and a few moments. To talk about a big a charity events zone in on unofficial member of the professional firefighters union message itself. When we when we don't quite have the budget when we Jake's. When we decide to do something for something good we stick together on. 705. AM. Coach Belichick he. A little bit. The epilogue. And where the whales. Some of us. Are on to the house some of us are not going to the White House. As they don't feel welcome there right now. It's interesting to me. I believe this would be called hypocrisy. In the media. It was interesting to me that we when we had any previous president in the White House. And Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins. Refuse to go meet with the president exactly how awful lot of these columnists. Who probably. Tend to lean left a little bit sad how horrible lie to them and about now. You always respect the office it doesn't matter who the guy is I agree that by the I've mentioned many times that I had the opportunity. To meet a couple presidents and honored one of which was Bill Clinton and I considered it an honor and even though it that I disagreed with them about a lot of things but. Though those same colonists are not saying. The same thing about dad -- recording your error or these other guys it's important I don't vote as who are not going to meet with this president so I think it's kind of it's a bit hypocritical. To be critical of Tim Thomas when it's Obama. But not to be critical of the patriots when it's dropped. 7:31. AM. The way. Don't. Robert Kraft was coming and then. And that it's a critical thinking will he might ask about the armada. And where the Armani is but I don't think he's gonna ask that. More than 41 and then. We had anything else. I'm on the boat and and well and. And the method angst is the proper thing is the proper way to say it. More than 40 AM. The Bangkok or I know that. Now that added an effective and talent there. And the bad boys and burned on one. And the message of the final. And that's why year stating off all social media after the show's over there it is so sad Aaron Hernandez the cell hi I can't believe he's dead. It is literally see what those two Twitter I could and I figured that it she or her mind a huge dividends hasn't it reminds exciting thing out of John this is this. It's game is played out that person and knowledgeable about any minute it's just rent some random. Today's like immigration debate presidential election bright it's all rolled into one and.