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Friday, August 18th

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your special Ed WPA asp dot com. And now it's your answered tough luck as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. You mail I got fired or that vote. But on W pretty active. What you really believe that woman on Twitter she had the completely change your. The profile name and get up at Twitter yes I believe a woman that started a fight I think they're picking on me. Torre fake eyelashes a balance right now and both accounts reasonable energy bills were salary. You know you gonna put anything else fake on this weekend to try to make yourself look better if they containment and we'll detection and again I'll boot yeah. I asked them revealed as deep faith system Hamels but at the NFC picture into an instant it is like. Here I am wearing mascara if someone could get in touch with Cassie since no listen she blocked all of us that I'm great newsletter now he can be able have been aren't necessarily hard and you want yeah I did you Warren. If any big plans for the weekend and a lot of stuff on my friend out. Different joys in town she moved to Atlanta a while back towards the hawks. So she's in Beantown we're having a little dent in tonight how to cocktail is a price spread began and I to a popular champion Allen film. Now you know some frozen. Not that I don't think there's any president and I and is now brother Peter hasn't after I think if she's not your friend yes asking for LB MLB LPMR. I guess the brilliant OG you know join yeah yeah toys a wonderful. There's not going to be a price you gonna do years. Ladies who brunch thing again in this. We me I think they were trying to work a look at dog played date for Sunday the indeed be free speech rallying has messed things up for a lot of my friends tomorrow is they have worked obligations. Oh. Sound I see him so it's torture and I am tenderly you do have brunch Willits way is yeah best. Wrench drinking game it's not ever tortured and torturing any thing. More than any other brought on their names like. Sarah finally have gone ten to Aaron tended to play began medium inspectors expect to be played you know just to be clear your friends are not white supremacists they have to work not to acknowledge that I learned for the institute saying. That's why don't be a lucky for protecting people's right guy you have when he said that I was like out at the idea of of they'll they'll be protect yet everybody's right yeah to get to speak never clearly differentiated but they are up to you to their heads shared a couple. Can't BRB gonna go get put gas busting detective for the rounds that. Today's health male voice mail messages are brought to you by the city busting credit union for the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages. Home equity loans first time buyer programs and more. Visit city of Boston CU dot com the city busting credit union uniquely Boston here. For you now are the very best till Mel voicemail messages that you have left over the previous 24 hours. They've blown 5:58. PM. You know. Quote a cold it and defend it noon they'll let the people that are. So give me crap about your eyelashes and I knew that then you said that Connecticut is not part of New England. Yeah very much part of New England I think the area of Connecticut the gold coat it and Bayern granite. Boot without their in the Connecticut the northeast. Of the Connecticut River we have a New England there's no doubt again. Rock you know I'm glad that you're either. And the men who seeks the river split. Perhaps tristate half in England with that go at that you think those people identify as New Yorkers and and not as englanders that's where you if you really having lived in New Jersey in New York. It's not people call themselves try skaters doing car dealership in Connecticut in an area is that. Your your tristate dodge dealer or tristate whatever and a lot of them. Are you know New York sports via now. And they commute to do would it work in New York strictly take the train lunar whatever you know wine can that the guy that works in finance in Manhattan. His wife was like well you have enough money in we have three kids now and removing the bird slipped by hosting Gretchen in the brown Erica commute back and forth. Now every day. The New York navy's days as a mistress mr. sun arena Tuesday night in her apartment in the city the writings were made ops wife lives in granite shocking. It's oh yeah no Chelsea I said. She rebounds at what I don't know if she has a rebound NLD it ought to investigate that I started out that Ponzi scheme that Italian last sentence there's sunshine. A source I mean now condolences to the youngsters so arrogant as to where under the pressure I mean. Mental thing was shot she have enough money left the living granite amendment and at this and he's only dogs and don't be economically and actually he's there are fears that is what is so that you dig there's there's bags of cash in the in the backyard do you think she knew about it. Yes I don't know you don't know not to the extent that it is time she made little bit I'd I'd. I don't think you know they played are so stupid comment HBO movie which is fantastic quietly if you Sina. De Niro is. Excellent as Bernie Madoff but do you think it's a matter being stupid or me I think it's just a matter of my husband does his business and I don't ask questions and violence are Brett why they're really. I think to completely new about it yes and at the but there's a lot of there's a lot of lines. There are married to a lot of guys who don't. Good thanks. One of their guys and a put up observed we like mobsters and things like manner data sure yeah. Wendy Wendy do well. And I accepted it Wendy she did. Well you know what he agreed to a day at a time be right he Abbott did he give her that she did Marty give her the chance then to not go with them. I've gained right. Well everything went to a Dell's. Resort. Yeah they were sitting in the spy and he's like look we have this opportunity we never have to worry about money again and she was like OK let's do. Yeah. True moving. All day and bitches and did well I tried to sleep she tried to Oakland in the banks out. And she did clean that that checking on out now because she thought she was gonna be would be a fair guy right. Up until they. Spoiler alert through march the balcony so when the floor that's yeah AD inhalers are there and I love the guy that the attorney that helps Marty. With this stuff like an ambient PI that was like tracking okay. And then and then with the end with the IDs later on yes. On them the only answer three. I can't wisdom of vengeance tomorrow then you need help getting on Netflix her arm or and opportunity. Hunter all exports and down Aaron. Five 43 and again. And then I've talent that people like making things that pregnant wife after the fact human error that it now I declined to say. And then not let Lou I love you and and you know and Gregg knew back then I need access. I don't know maybe it went without salute all of outlet immediately looked inept that it wouldn't that are out. I didn't think he had to do you bet that feel and think radio in the morning we had the big. Yeah eats well I was like hey doing good trio of you may recognize. If you give me baby. Remnants. We'll that a lot of listeners who would give you a big game the end there is a pretty selective about my you know you are like my donor you're really saying. Now what you require the good genes what is abridging this Jean yeah. And it likely late fees sports teams like mute when it. A kid who's going to be talking about your religion jeans out and you like what is in jeans wives intelligence and looks. Like that's real help penis that I am only like a good feeling history in you know about. I well sorry Stedman if there's any donors out there. Any donors than just I'm not listening or you're not doing enough now that our market I'll get them legit email that will be like. Daniel a long time laughter America. Time. Forgive me if I can pull forward photo of her dimension on the radio did a possibility for a sperm donor. No I'm not sure if that's something that you actually are going to do or the guy threw just have a little fun on the boat. Publicly you know that I believe exit. All of those criteria and has done an attached a couple of JPEG photos through from a barbecue in 1983 that they're trying to Phillips still hold out announced. I mean more than him we wouldn't have to have sex be more than happy to have a simple delivered to a cry I'll have fear for your own convenience for him. If you're just as let me know otherwise have a great weekend love the show more fetal brain. That's part of national. Problems lung being able photos death and dating Luke just quick note that. This week's podcast. Which dropped yesterday. Is. A an excellent interview. Where is an online. Dating consultant that's a job now that's a real job his name is Steve dean. And he talks about not only your profile. But also messaging. Men or women on the over 7000. Dating web sites or dating apps that exist in this country. So so and yeah I love it. This is the greatest. Fishing for pie tool I don't ever well heard figure you're better on the Internet you what what no nobody is so so you're trusting a single. Dude. To set up your probe and by the guy should be married revision and his wife should be like a warning. And and he's got three kids analyst and awesome house and listen he went to recently all we don't uses as his pretend to hook people up America. Looked up he went recently to the bumble cafe there's actually bumble humble and yeah in New York's Weill in. And there and pray that the chicks like so you'd have been basically where the bumble people go to county and person I know that's not not real well so actually just getting back to the way we started to meet people in the first place right. There are. Let me first on the humble and then they mete out right a bumble Katherine just like how Amazon came in obliterated all the brick and mortar stores and now they're opening African with the authority thick of it come out like it really took of the meeting people at a bar element out of it seemed just swipe when your willing hero player. Your whole community at a bar rang I had to volunteer fire out with again. Make sure but it's actually self Leon is they're out of the out and Sharon. But he talks about. What you do when your messaging somebody who has swiped on mule orders has. Chosen an outed. So we have tickets to reach out there's a so he talks about what you must do it in your message. In order to get a response from her cell that's my podcast it's called extra sauce. And we got extra sauce on line. Dating profiles as we talked about those because there was a listener female listeners who was upset about her profile and not getting any action so. You can find my podcast on iTunes or stitcher or Google play in it is called exercise yes hello hey Chris. Hey this corner of the online dating consulting it's a real thing I am one. Sure I'm sure people are going to carry what are a couple of the boom boom. We've been that morning meeting but it happened in the back of daddy's escalated and then getting heated up after that meeting. Wounded men and here's the thing that Daniel and Daniel and I would both arrived at the same time this morning in a that you came to the regular that is it realistic world if he'd ever seen omens actually use you know it is no way. That could potentially actually from the back. Given the empty boxes of chicken and biscuit and the dip bottles golf clubs yeah though that is you have to move the golf clubs that now. I'm good. I got golf clubs in my eight. Truck and I and people don't like when you call de escalated trochmann I was color for a it's a track. But the STV sounds dumb but I am a golf clubs in there and a habit and never get to play golf anymore. Home porn man now busy announced a busy you're rich white man it has all the businesses that I can't play Bartlett president are open cockpit. It did yeah. Yeah. It's awful over his of 1%. I thought I don't have time to golf but what clubs on the back of my truck and I still cough up the fifty K ready to membership of the girl who asked if he's got to go bust in the pros just. Debbie got over there Eaton support that occasionally. It's there's no pool. Bob pond would be good for you though. But he won't alien. Greg when compared to what part where promote it get it down out there are if this message. Think 26 and got a new may have gotten right up all over we had them written boulevard cooking with his. The OSP being a he way Mano may be your key way no longer if John Henry has his way he says that asleep at night I'm guy he says he can't sleep. He is haunted. By Tom ER keys pass. Tom yawkey considered by many to be racists. And so. John Henry and the Red Sox would like the city to lean team. You are key way. Maybe Pedro boulevard hour. Maybe rate rose red rice road yeah maybe could do something in honor of Roger Clemens and college steroid street about what about that think oh. Old. Definitely thought about an ocular and remain in all that a look at the realize that you know what that life. I'll collecting it appear less than ten dollars all of our. Important message that. Well England England. You worry about administering I don't know what that. You don't even know what then there aren't talking quite an annulment yeah during what you want to admit it but an important if they haven't turned. No not when the. And do you know whether yucky ways names specifically for Tommy jockey or from mrs. jockey the Iraqi family I don't know. I believe that most likely it's probably mean for the both of them yet she was. Mrs. jockey in that team for a good. 1520 years after his death and until John Henry bought it. About John Henry did not. Mind buying. The Red Sox from media from a racist. But. You know. It hasn't against them. So he knew he had. They killed in that came up he was able in history we'll have the books. That we read the African Balkan war and this big victory. And that message. That's that's part of the problem nobody nobody bothers to look anything up they don't click both through the link to read the arm ever. Hello Glenn. They're very very good. And mr. Henry will India have bothered. Years ago pirates on board or is it all these is I think is trying to Boyd he's the protesters coming down to end next. I mean proactively to guys that don't want it united everybody right now. A little bit all. It just seems like. Reaching a little bit was with I mean I I understand they were the last team to integrate. He. Was like a member of with. As a member of some club or something down south that was the the globe that a big thing a bunch years ago about. It was the inner some kind of racist club or something. And he. Knows what's that club in Augusta. I was a member of I think he was like he like owned some kind of plan nation the former plantation or something. You are you looking pretty cool thing that I am as LB would suggest grueling yes. I'll play hill mail voicemail message while you Google. Who only. I am convinced that the only reason John hadn't watched it definitely walk away. Facility and so look at who. If that are supporting. I mean that. End. Albeit techsters. Suggesting that you once made out witnesses. It's as you can eat is that true I don't. I don't believe you've ever mentioned that are kind of an had been in the Iraqi box it in the 85. And eighteen Ian. Yeah look at the end you wanna know why not it will it will look at them at all my favorite gathering thought about it. But. Not him and 17%. Of people would never date the New England Patriots fair because you're so obnoxious and maybe they eat what they care. Tommy Nike evidently inherited a plantation from his uncle. Quite a few acres and he donated that lands to South Carolina. Which now functions as conservation. Now. An awful 20000 acres the. Oh really yeah it was a small play action does not but it's got a very blunt. 20020000. Him. That Marcia I think it. The plantation is only part of that acreage and a yeah he donated that to South Carolina so it's spelled wetlands and forests and sat down preservation. I think it was and it was. In some kind of like a sportsman's club. Like hunting club or something like to laud whites on that that it was the issue it would news when the globe wrote about it I think they're doing and used to go there with a man. And it's all foggy everything's foggy in my brain because some visible. 28 Ian read what we don't know if there. In his comic who really love bomb development because really what he is quite a Wal-Mart that would probably didn't. Increase over you don't go so what they're purple but I. And the man yeah a little bit to differ. You know. It's a step aside. Yeah instead. Does it discount breeding resentment comment. But can play tomorrow night as anybody can play them now first quarter action isn't yet. Operating and they play first quarter action in the second game and the play probably half in the third game and they sit out the fourth game you'd think Tom Brady's gonna play yes first quarter.