Hill-Mail - Don't Plow the Crowd

Tuesday, March 13th

Once again we play the very best Hill-Mail voice messages of the previous 24 hours – Don’t Crowd the Plow or Plow the Crowd.


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now it's your turn to tuck as they Hill Man Morning Show presents bill mail. Bruno started third and ten days or go off of god. RWV. One another aren't coming back swing so. Whether people looking at another storm. That is formulating. And will arrive here next week as we get to the end of march so. Today's weather but you are sorry today's home L voicemail messages brought to you by the city of Boston credit union with all of the convenience of big bank checking accounts. But with no minimum balance requirements. Or monthly service fees check out the city bus in credit union. And their checking account service today and since there are no days off if you are a hill male participants. In the middle of the storm here are today's. He'll male voice mail messages left by EU over the previous 24 hours London. 11:15. AM. You can't I don't want the world no weapon you'd have the power adapters pissed off but you don't use them. And on the north and mid America from the beginning. You'll never ever give a personal occupier. We'll never have to pick someone. And leave. And then he it is. Through will never having six on one in Thailand. But you're happily married my points I did. Like a I can knock go to do did not make out with supermodel Heidi and Copeland in 1982. How about Eric felony. A did not ever hang out with Woody Harrelson. Drank. And I've never been in Newport then no abandoned near a hundred and I do not in the way LB has been and you pointed out that it did you do for. That. Policy here's this is an excellent idea. The we should make it a game wears a collar at the start of the show at six. Predicts what exactly LB is going to say. And in repetitive basis. And then will do an over under on how many times he says but the thing is LB will know that. So it will be it won't be now able again to exit but you might forget it I mean nobody gets it's ten minutes after the fall upon pickle now it's. They're giving here giving away hailstorm tickets so why wouldn't I be like what winning this thing Lizzie Eduardo idea why every single. You know who did the picture of her feast playing lives. Now she's amazingly heart and an innocent and I own a good man. I was very shallow but I'll Lizzy is completely. Ruthless. I sure don't mr. white I've been out why you know why do you think Hart were so payments on his way they users' addiction is exactly yes. Like for instance. We we should and over on there are and the roof sex while the roof is ripped off the house and darn I'm. Today because you've now come up at some point again time of things I had something and another thing I'm jealous of that callers right I never had sex and house where the in a hurricane when the group in the roof was ripped off topic thing you have to live than a minute is as good record truth is aren't it was a top part of the house it was ripped oh. You certainly you know he had the open there master bedroom. As well I think. Here's the taxes says I should just do it on Twitter has LB doesn't put our values does not use that social media black and I'm turn out. I'll guide yeah I've gone through the whole password thing and it won't give me a password. She and her partner. A. Monday 5:49. PM. No. He's all. Ooh. And then that has and there are a lot of people who are heroes that we need today because they are working so. Thank you to all of you added new adapted. The crews out there for. National Grid and Ned and all the all the linemen who are out there and what about that Dunkin' Donuts people who are out work sir updated copy this morning this is. And Angela. Hey aria what's in July. I wanted to shout at my but it ain't you're keyword not the deliberate Ellen it. Yet he actually got up early to talk about the generator just can't leave our act. On all of us what is our what are you gonna do during the day watch TV and and and the French toast and then the rest of the. I eat pretty Antoine bell bonds. My question is what do you do for him when he units for a union out at the 223. And again. You know I promised myself that I would never again. And I opened my mouth on any topic whatsoever and look at it done my utmost. To educate myself and become as well informed as possible. On that topic. If that won't apply for the president of the United States. And that. The president had the full cap tweet yesterday. About being vindicated. And by the house ethics committee in the Russia of growth and wonderful out its role models in half of the house ethics a majority of pain the work should trust him right now is Ryan Smyth I include the Mueller probe that is the way alerts. Vindication. But he was like the pharmaceutical industry you know pay the right people in landfall caps on that tweet ball caps. Let's be. Really annoying to look at the photos of the Tuscan Villa for mrs. dole while you're digging on this now. And and. Cooking class as genetic testing I don't enjoy them I noticed that you like that picture on it's the grass us. I like all of like every time every time is is they'll put that the story. And I like right Beckham I don't yell at so that I have reminds me and Juliet they're cute and I got to experience the time. Yeah that is are valid within the business that it is a little frustrating in the in the middle of the winter storm to see them. And making pasta in the Tuscan Villa that she enjoyed here and but you know what. I think bill into it yet just how powerful you are then she deserves it. I mean a few weeks over a little later because you've worked hard. Over the years as a 300 shifts in the air error I mean you didn't go to it England that. At the end of the month if it's happens after the pop that it honestly the part that it pretty. The home made us. Two Asian tour and again. They could take note that the ball was gone if it in the month they can call it being Norton actor buddy. But. Now since LB 617 text over Brando doing. For everybody working at Logan Airport you got down. So yours dues to me grief. And mother nature catcher. Who won't won't. They're kids they're good at Cornell big equality. We have late but I thought I expect my Clark and former powerball. I've been there all. And the message that the act. Any apparent by thirty. Yeah now you must fill out policy that like 2:30 this morning GAAP and are now as being responsible. Yes armed but he died. Thank you good year so more. You can't. Yeah you cannot Callan and uses profanity is on the radio. On a view. Sinks police to Indiana. Didn't good don't. While. We now. I moved there. Broke up with you among the girl and now I'm so while the crowd. And this message. Guillen and a little crowd and I well. I'm a 1997. For that good book and only do it though crowd the flowers they'd held a little planet dome while the crowd as it could but he's. Spain London Ian I will. But it says if he's able. His radicalism there. But it does mean Yates. Right now the helicopter sightseeing business is is not one that is thriving I would I was so unfortunately. Then twelve Ian. Greg banks alive now and all of where another third in one reality and I happened that they get moved around my head all day in the from the second floor back. And then now his political lives up on the second floor. 7:48. AM. Senator Hillary Clinton you are completely bonkers at. You realize that you just gave a speech about how you lost the election because of the old Soviet women and a country all of them. The wounded men who passed plastered on. A lot of people. Were pointing out. That. Victor Hillary's comments about how she lost the election. Because of subservient. Women. Probably did not go over that big in India. Democrats. Have been losing the white vote including white women. We do not do well with white men and we don't do well who is married white women. And part of that is. AE an identification with the Republican Party. And a 88 different ongoing pressure. Two. Votes the way that your husband your boss. Your son. Whoever. Believes you should let. I mean. And who buys into that other than Pena now. I'm glad I've buying into everything a lot that it's I think it's a valid point that in certain places in America that exists. It's. It's it's like Bangladesh she thinks but I think our 5100. Yeah. Isn't that is some but not enough to the world not just definitely. Definitely you guys there's guys are so sexist you're not giving women credit they did you live with a Democrat Tom could tell you there are. There are not. First of all it is hilarious that we're going on a year on this and she is still bitterly traveling in a world. And bemoaning the fact did did did the she how many reasons she has more. Reasons. For her why she loss then OJ has. Descriptions of what how about an. Hour.