Hill-Mail - Don't Jinx Darlene Love

Thursday, December 7th

Each day, we play the best voicemail messages, today, a listener warns Greg that he better not jinx the wonderful Darlene Love!


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Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the. And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com and now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Killed mail. Like you get value out of decathlon was killed I hadn't thought that was the true. Finally when you're filled with his stated. On WAM. By the way. We are going to another behind the Christmas your mock segment tomorrow. We have an email artists whose. Group. As a group whose. Who's gonna. The they were big and very big in the eighties and the early ninety's yeah. And that's the legendary Christmas here month that we are going behind. Tomorrow morning at 8:35. Also tomorrow morning we're gonna auction off the chance to go. To the Star Wars than Star Wars movie which is the king of the merits Mike Hsu. We have an auction off that opportunity for their great foundation. And we have passes for eighty screening. Before the before the film even. Available public that's exciting that's on the fourteenth or believe that next Thursday. I'm that'll be tomorrow morning on the film and morning show that auction and behind the Christmas here mop and Hellman and huddle with the Iranian until all that tomorrow morning today's home L voicemail messages are brought to you by the city of busting credit union. With all the convenience of big bank checking accounts but would no minimum requirements. Or monthly service fees check out the city busting credit union and their checking account service today. And here are the very best film male voice mail messages you have left over the previous 24 hours. Went to 7:50. Am. And I. Do like it went like old. Right there. Boom boom that Marco. Use. Topic. Particularly. An entry only the fuel only drinking when your constipated ignored the news you'd. Every thirteen years for for what reason it just happens to be an argument try again. Okay and at nine rooms now. The room or the dried on the they've been reprinted. All of the did we bring that. Is evil people out turns them but Michael. You know being approved use of barrier entry screenplay I don't know that you want to move now that I put that together and mines. When me. 754. And again. I'm a bit. I never. I ran away but don't back up and then it won't impact his common Bermuda. And then now has the elf was returned. Who's the fire departments in New Hampshire yes your field and that he was OK with anything under zippy will also be had been kidnapped I think he's OK okay. They put a black light on that beer. Or anything. Was found outside a home will always was a return to the fired on they just discovered him the homeowner. Has no idea how is that he wound up there according to senate and you're TV now go home and was setup. Kind of blame the kidnapping. Of the giant human size health. On I'm at home more. When they eat. 39 and. I don't know I'd radiant it left eye opener you don't put an album that it can't get it out of my pocket. I love that wouldn't be saved everybody claiming that agony. Of being that it doesn't. Good feeling about them that irrelevant anyway. Everybody. When. It's a relative kid. There was there was a point during that behind them Christmas in my interview with Darlene love were obese started to I think he said and I asked if that's LO BB cancels questions can. Black asked. And then she cut him right off accidentally. And then why. Them and I'll get that she'd at the and at that time. And they tend. 57 AM. I'll bet Darlene love interview that was great things like that. That will genuinely. Nice we loaded walk from that. One thing grade going to hit her with that helped me and didn't know pertinent bit. Wounded now that she's okay. And any sixty's she's close theatre show last night in and no no news on Darlene love which is goodness. Five 480. Man. Love you will be hearing from an LP today. Although the audio of the real thing. And the only reason I play all along but as I think a lot of that particular aspect comes out of albeit not exactly period about. And then now. I think it's. I got a car and Patrick and I think Attica and times a year its operating and make stuff up to a cool. I click pro hockey for 47 years ahead. And then they Andes mountains and strippers dosing Mickey knows that. Alison man on on horseback on the dikes here. As an am healthy ecosystems smoke show me in to feel or rent them haven't looked at scenic place. It Lou Cuellar half and half inch Alice about. Thank you experience at Carolina some want to send an anomaly that we want you of course not strain our own reality thing I can talk and layer. Iran and near dog in them and tools don't day at school my zone and you know dying to talk about a captain. And Stedman. When some poor. They can talk about your stuff we when we want either cut the some of the bus is no we're supposed to do you have aghast honest it's like guys talk to them about stuff that's. About yourself you're not what I'm against is on the idea is ask a quick to sink question and then Hewitt against this will be one of the biggest questions now it's up. It's not the house story about yourself sometimes it limited time with. Als or yourself so you're not asking anything on the alliance last question I like I did some. Question. Place at a time here home with their face down in the that my pillow watch and and no reflection on tenant. Mike Peterson home game right now our prayers are gonna talk about it I played all right definitely our. Own. Product that goes back I write yet and that it I thought. Methods. That. The cuts won't let them boom boom and I. And that's not the more or less that it not what the right here thoughtful way and it. They don't know if they think that they have brought back all of the base but the bottom you can. Now and there. In men who. Oh. Think 28 and I am. The men didn't look bad and we know. Old tired. Are trying to protect my lap dog look what I've got to overcome but I don't bottle I don't. I don't want it bad. Boone met his supper he meant. Well. If outline them in excellent app that's true. Won't we won't run again. Don't let them and I believe you're acting in part. One of an open up our. What we met. Now and he. Our Greg I feel ornament that if you thought during the current tired so but when you often talking about themselves. And what it Barton and they're talking about it plus. It's so this screen it was it was great I enjoyed it back. Terry came. There appears to be a big accident right outside the building here on the pike you see the police the fire and left looks like left Elena yeah. Though. The pike eastbound into the city moving slow because of an accident right down in front of the new balance world headquarters right here. In beautiful safe and beautiful not to say right Massachusetts. So if your on the pike in moving slow that is what is a lot and thank you. He turn you now. Leaving hill Mel voicemail message this morning.