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Monday, December 5th

The very best Hill-Mail voice messages of the previous 24 hours!

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. And more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now beats you to do talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents hill man out. What did sort of duplicate it but the bill brought a very good. On WOK okay. I today so well voicemail messages back to you by the city of busting credit union. For the lowest rates in Boston on mortgages or home equity loans first time buyer programs and more visits city of Boston CU doc top. The city of busting credit union uniquely Boston and here. Fired the vast film L voicemail messages that you have left. Over the previous couple of days and then 11:11. AM. You know there is there any truth about that the patriots I have bad. It's 8 o'clock city hospital and that and young buck. Oh yeah did. I it's was communicating via text with the number 87 guys over there in the in the hospital and you have to say well ma'am and I don't know. Am I allowed to reveal this idea that. My lapses as this exists injury information I think you're bound by the same eyes it's a different zones substances a Citi Field. Feeling better protect. Nice video of him and his dad walking around the ground. Not god that he'll be back quicker than anybody thinks. Turned out yesterday they'd been OK without though it's. Smooth sailing. And then 11:23. PM. Only didn't go and putt forcing her. Owners at all ages. W. And field and moving you know the other fellow band who patriot would like to present here who. The quarterback of all time. Tar ball. He. And now to do the greatest of all time nobody can remember the night your friends at work. Who are always saying we've been mentioning spy gate and that is deflate gay and they can't say anything at all today because he's the greatest of all time. 11 AM. A lot world that's Qaeda and the world all the way in the Vietnam War. And if there. And a world full Williams did Delores we will move our normal. It. About the Iraq for change in fundraising for the food banks and all of that so tomorrow. We will discuss the amazing ninety minute season finale of west's world. Last night we'll. Who owned them. What are good luck at age mental methods but the fact that the whom he had with the power. To comedian. And ethanol are buried in there where there's a new group board. Brady. In the end it. I don't know that there is complaint is Mike was as I don't have I guess maybe mine might button could. Yeah you can turn problem there don't do it. The area passing the I explained with. Don't come on and black and oppressed and so that's and Rory. Stop. But guess when you get this. It's on this thing back. Bloom only man. It now I'm able. Well now. This message. So to recap on the way this world stuff in the middle of this devastating snowstorm I have four wheel drive I can go anywhere. We've of people and to recap. We will discuss west world the season finale tomorrow because Wednesday is the rock for changed a number one of our annual fund raiser for the food bank so. Our season finale discussion of what's world will occur tomorrow and yes please don't care if you have. Paid the four wheel drive vehicle and you think you can drive to commit any act. Take it just a little bit snell gave us gays be there's other people on the road and the roads are icy and snowy and tolerance that stuff today so take it easy. We learn any. Where I didn't think that nobody would win 200 warm. It's so why didn't Peyton Manning has been dramatic act is thought that they they think why is there life and it. But they're back what it looked like it. You know you. But and then on the bench. But. Think there's anything you want. Well it is up president of the wall on we've seen Tom Brady. Well done on his who don't fit in foreign victory. Wounded men who. Not even who is Q there's it'll only language and announce plans today at Lewis who is that's who is currently on May. Some through the that you wrote it. Was. I hope. One other thing I'd. And of Taiwan has been congratulating. A lot of people lately us and we wanted to give our local hero movie marathon and without the accent. This is not a cartoon in the 1940s. Caddies is off the Abu Ali. President. It is the one yes it's a woman. It now. And the other people are very upset that Donald Trump spoke with her. He's the first president to speak with the president or president elect to speak with the president of Taiwan since Jimmy Carter ended. Normalized relations with them and yeah I but me see now I personally thank. This is a little bit of needling in the direction of China and I don't I don't mind that kind of thing I think it's like if you're having issues with a competitor. In business there or you let's say you have a vendor and they're jacking your prices out not what he would either it'll. You talk to their competitor and a steady put a little fear god and all their eyes you know I get. Doesn't bother me it's but there are people who are very upset about it. Featured bitching about SNL over the weekend in my Alec Baldwin replied to his tweet now what it out all the retail drug that basically said something lined the lines of SNL is not created not face the final it's better assess Rick berg should be tweeting about the president elect. And Alec bald replied release your tax records and I'll stop I. That's a bit. He he old. I'm Eric thought the fire right back anywhere my honorary. White album but I was a little bit the economic hit here a lot. This man he's a. I think he won again. Awarding people lack it'll learn how to drive and no formal ever going to get out my life you'll want at that. Similar and other. And yeah. Patience today my friends patients. Who went over and over again. I endure. Yeah down why didn't have been my you know that you don't. On that amazing video. Of the man punching a kangaroo in the face because the kangaroo is trying to steal dobbs. And Iran to get it off it is it's on our FaceBook page you've got to watch it. This guy punch is the kangaroos he squares off. And lately gentleman Jack style Jack Dorsey or that guy's name was at lunch ism. Square in the face in the kangaroo has no idea what to do that's and that's part of tiger's thinking election ever this guy's thrown out our or is this guy too tough for me to take on. He picking them DN. I don't give him I'm not a bad bad bad bad. Almost didn't back up there and get punished by the pool there I am glad that I have and then I want won't. And about half a thought can't. I do like it real well I think that that got you there. It is it's very if you're looking at the holiday season while home 0:3. AM. President elect Donald Trump here. Now I don't need to tech robot the boat to have one. We know what beautiful daughter upon their prolific and the but he wouldn't look efforts to people go at that particular about the daughter. And then that it's a I'm ready Tiffany's it's it is talking about her believes that she was a little baby. Listen if the guy has a lot of pride in his kids I know at the big dealers are right thank you for participating this morning mail.