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Wednesday, May 16th

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. Bill mail. When asked what your group. Albeit promote and who considered him. On WA. Today's male voice mail messages left by EU are brought to you by the city of busting credit union with all of the convenience of big bank checking accounts. But no minimum balance requirements or monthly service fees check out the city bus in credit union. And their checking account service today. Fine 47 and. Obviously. Last illegal felon who can then move or you'll remember what happened that Pluto or Michael gave him a kick. I couldn't get. In this messy and June oh man. But did output in a couple they've not had warned them do but so what about it because you're gonna get a door he always thought what a work. Then that they've got to earn his moon. At left when they're under and implement that but also look. And the men and Ferrero. Electric drive with of scratched cornea with the weather's supposed to be like lower although Ireland England and I have to speak is it's going to be much leniency unique audience around me like I am literally in name is valid point earlier I don't even know why I brought my hair dryer and it currently is I'm probably just enough and didn't get it ruled or Landler. Unfortunately it will only about half four. Sorry it's our derby that clock will be OB. A high of eighty threes today yeah. Rain you know rain every day is it today and ray. Drastic change. 8183. Counties. Have and it's terrible. Twenty Hoon and I'm I'm brought down. And that nobody would know could have. It out but it can't do that well not at pebble and what looked pretty good and I expect there. Don't know who I will say this. Is. You cannot say anything. Others and greatest player of his generation about brawn on. He does not have team around them acted to get it done I mean night obviously you know Kevin Love that it had a great game I wanted to. But after wreck where anchor it was a Korver Korver was right in less than fifteen minute nobody else was not a Aerosmith was useless. It's not there rhetoric. As the data to I don't know day and I detected technically aren't they were for the ages I mean the Celtics play. As a team and they and they ages you know I don't care you know Horford had an amazing game last night. Paid the agents they have a guy who steps up when you need him to step up. I pulled out of all their time it's great to be excited. There's so please sir I have accomplished what they have to accomplish to get to the NBA finals. Went into use slot for a losses on LeBron James are not from about a game itself. I nationalizing the apps I think the series so I mean if the Celtics can win one out there at the Vega and that's that and they got I agree. We don't need. We'll look forward. That's gotten. The moon. And then. And that. What is your favorite games are to her. Have you have you been looking at on line its list of security usually do for the show it's kind of familiarize myself that sometimes I get my hopes up itself the last three or four shows an artist of a particular song like yes that's very exciting fantastic and then they don't do it that night. 700. Am. Don't look at this car probably never know what you're not there. At a portal are better Britain Iraq. Newton. Equally yet. You did. Wisely select white T shirts for your team shirts. Is that anticipate in the rain with the with the partners single Twitter Vicky are alive and it was a morning yesterday in Canada a seven root for and. Or are there any here. But they're lined up well my. He's our. This techsters trying to correct view. LB said dad Kevin Love had 22 last night not a LeBron. Brian Bryant 42 last night you said when he tees. It cantonal I have a game and I says yeah I'll be doing cornea deal. Absolutely LeBron had a triple bubble yeah. Now I mean did you by the league didn't think that was goaltending when he. But he flew down parents wanted the hall of you and me is an unbelievable player and should he he he is it humbled I'd play until I'm still trying to wrap my head around allegedly goaltending is. I don't understand you do is get the ball hits the back board and you can't the ball if the ball is on it that's what I downward a downward slope but I downward. Jack I'll whatever but I I'd also. Seeing this is the second time because I thought the same thing of the basketball he hits the back board. Weather's going op lower downtown but it gets to the backboard you. If it's cool ending if you had to interfere right because it happens in the it happened in the warriors game two I didn't understand. Yes you know yes. Hoops. If you're you know just like the sport at these album little old. Animal if apple would walk to his. Home. Fool me and try to make you want to go there. Then in the showdown with only experiment. And abetted import didn't have may have have moved out at all. No good message. To Clinton and was an argument. Literally. Let's see LB you're absolutely correct about goaltending and the back port according please call core. I I was before Redick please for the sixers you don't go birds we got that. It's downward trajectory. Greg that is that Dexter informing and that's what I'm looking hours ago. Yes. Oh and by the way. Our guest on Monday is. Doctor. Lu Bo not DJ loop well he is my bad. I wrote I wrote that down and and yeah. Yeah you're not in Nevada I'm not a lawyer and I got you're not afford right now I'm too busy re watching Star Trek on over and you have the uniform. Yeah right and that's serious. Now here's a taxer I agree that that should have been a flagrant. 20 instead of a flagrant one last night yeah that was that was that was complete that was achieved show I was a cheap shot you shove and a guy in mid air. And you know you'd be you'd basically risking that guy's career.