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Monday, April 16th

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I. And your schedule. Today asked. And now it's your Terri did talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. He'll male or whoever on W idiots. Why you know Mel voicemail messages brought to you by the city of Boston credit union. And check out there are out checking account service they have no minimum balance requirements to a there are amazing people they've been great help to the great guild foundation. And they'll be great help to you. Visit their website it is city of Boston see you dot com that city of Boston CU dot com now here for you. Are the very best till Mel voicemail messages the bottom left in the previous a couple of days. Assembled 11:15. AM. And pro. And build such a step. The type of people who look and feel like now that. You can live in denial. The weather is you can do a couple of cool. Wounded men and there really is amazing and it's April 16. And we got snow I mean in that ridiculous and a couple places there's a couple inches she had a couple inches of snow this morality is guys I was rated just stick my head and one of these ovens the smallest but the fact is I don't know how to pass a climate change of ago. I won't eat. 05. And again. In the literal threat to get around it. I'd let him go all of these important. You rode out politics didn't try to connect the dot dummies. Wounded when it hit that people are very upset about as rightly so they should be that this. This cop killer. And you Imus and Oliver's all of his convictions. Just horrendous I mean. We're having fun right now we need to continue that discussion this Friday at some point and and will have the discussion with the governor. Governor will be in the studio next week for breakfast of regular session that. Boom boom boom oh man. After that attack at its patent and open. Laser show. It was that whole line was just phenomenal yet an unbelievable game and you know what if they keep playing like this they will go far I don't wanna jinx anything. But if they keep playing like this date they're going to advance far. One when people know him. And no men who Kabul load before we broadcast. Whether there's the marathon or not. It. After the Hill Man Morning Show. No but I'm dying to try it I'm dying to try these cabbies that I can't wait to get themselves these. We'll prudent move warm. Exact well but my guys all a pretty good radio it worked it. Two of the fight you're up there and thought about a little bit but I like a practical about what else we pocket that I. Thought one could some people like it when it cuts without these things I area that we moved in England. Marathon Monday. He's only been involved in room so nobody knew who he is like getting blacked out around the block and people run. 16 motto. On the net and that's what about point two it's about the drug be drinking the drunk and getting into and out point announces yeah. Often written all again. Today is Marathon Monday it's the only thing and you know would ever run that race. That there was an endless amount of food bumper favorite restaurant would they don't hand them getting bad that would. Ended engagement ring waiting for perhaps a better luck. And now it's like to factory gates and it's time for signs of 7:18. PM. But it that's I think the guys that say it today you know sporting the wild. But it's gonna take it to order the bat but I just. It yet but I think okay wait a bad day all he did.