Hill-Mail - Bullied By a Barista

Friday, June 16th

Each Day we play the best voicemail messages of the previous 24 hours! Today, a caller imagines what it would be like if Greg was bullied by a barista!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more knowledge oh. And on your schedule WAS. Dot com and now it's your turn to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents. He'll male. Can't pick up there and got up there. So that they're Intel and I think at this stage right. On W 88 death of credit. It's today's hell male voice mail messages are brought you by the city of busting credit union. For the lowest rates in our city on mortgages home equity loans first time buyer programs and more. Visit city of Boston CU dot com the city of busting credit union. Uniquely Boston. And here for you now are the very best film L voicemail messages of the previous few days. And they won 20 times PM. What I am going. It made that point get map. One can't do anymore it's happening today. It did what they've moved to try to get away. Now about the fact. That the NBA finals game begins now. I mean I did I'm so over it even even the NHL yeah clocks that was kind of laid mean I. I want to watch the post game stuff that like Watson hoist the cup it reminds me of reminds me of being in Vancouver and a hoisting the cup. Lately and your phone. But. If I don't think I got to sleep till 1130 minute time and the whole thing's over on the you know there's not like no kids get no kids can watch these sports sporting events ever doing recently there. Yeah how here's why I think he was watching some mouse and he was in his RM immortalized. Yeah. He would eat any of while I'll tell you Matt. Who really came over the years but nowadays it's kind faith in all I'm bitten who's that. A wounded mechanism math teacher former math teacher. Who we have talked about extensively this morning from North Carolina Aaron McAuliffe. 25 years old. Probably the most attractive teacher ever to have sex with a student we've talked about in the show yet. You can check her out on my Twitter feed Gregg you'll WA AF that's great deal W also put up. A picture of pinkie pie that's like code for the teacher. That's again that's the dog that we just Teddy junior for Monday is not so. That's on my Twitter feed follow me on Twitter Greg Hill WA AF. 703. AM. There have been picked what I know will all who. Where are my own a home and home with the war mom and doing that zone and then right after that is when you look back would it do. If you've been out there. And that is. They you know and laser show action Max actually acts. Well then I moved by it all again. How Big Brother you about later topic documentary what are you relive the glory days of creating. OK you have NBA I don't. The act yes. Aaron back Dan doesn't matter that was here in is your best decade Larry Bird and would lose you know living living like it's 1984. And the glory did 6%. While in 0:7. AM. It's not a photo that you guys talk about. What are her grandma. And then let the they yet they're scared to cook off a that moon and then. It would. The million. There. Are important out of west. Best Batman ever wanna start that debate. And people say Ben Affleck. That's that man ever some people say Christian Bale. That matter I don't know use animus. Funniest man right yeah that's right it makes it fun because users it was a silly show yes it was fantastic but I was very popular. As heroes should always. I was a part of the on line up on believed channel 56 when I got home from stands. You know we had the one banana two banana three banana four I wanted to banana splits them. And the Pacman then. And I think we got a little bit of I remember correctly would get their race or acts. As Speed Racer speed Theresa as a part of that whole thing and. On eighteen Ian. They open their epic this experiment that that's what they're there and then we would have invited idiotic. Yet I was brought brought a part of this whole area. And it. I don't know I don't know to be on drugs or be masked and a half an opera than what the chairman of filly who cares little diluted and relevant firmer and a similar price they were in third place and that. The NL east. Like Kuo orgy as an NL east fans now there's a huge national league baseball fans that when he's hitting sample watch your Red Sox last word. 44 Ian. Yet how you I would we'll think about the police got them all then it. I would like to make it that it could get him in Edmonton I was at the polling cause we played I couldn't name gonna bid that would be looked quickly at all. OK okay yeah. Period and the loud sirens are menacing yes fair and intimidating. These people. And then. We as a society listen to him that's the worst part. So a social justice warrior who. Has forced the entire town of Bolton. To now only by white police cruisers because her daughter. Believes that the the black and white is a menacing and intimidating. And very scary. Very very scary I wanna outlaw the rambler police siren because that only triggered the people that have been an earthquake. Yet that the trigger. LB when you see it cruisers that triggered yeah as the Palestinians are it definitely manage yet I was stuck in that.