Hendrick Changes for Next Year

Tuesday, December 5th

Jimmie Johnson and Chase Elliott sound off on how they feel the new look of Hendrick is good for the team and sport.


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In the last few years we've seen big name drivers retire and move on to other things in their life. When Jeff Gordon Tony Stewart Greg Biffle and now Mac Kansas and Dale Earnhardt junior's. The race team will be most affected by this next year is Hendrick Motorsports. We hear what chase Elliott's. Indy now only veteran of the team Jimmie Johnson into the changes next analysts and green and you're listening to type tracks from the motor racing network. Race fans. Visit camping world of Concord for complete your one stop shopping on outdoor thestreet top brand RVs and quality service by an RV and enroll in the good Sammy elite royalty program. Hopefully incidents valued at over 2000 dollars. 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She's selling it we're no longer need new be on the team but he says both drivers coming and won't need much of his health and jobs. This definitely going to be different for shooter. I think that goes without being said that you know again I think the guys that they're coming over without some William. I mean they've proven that they know how to raise. They don't need any help so. To be good race car drivers are gonna win races. I'll be contenders I have I have no doubt they. Outstrip that last year he proved it again. Just a couple of city starts he had this season. So you get that guy away he needs. To get fast is gonna get fast and obviously William good stuff instead CA. With the with the run he made this year to win that championship was aggressive and they get surprised a lot of people don't think people expect defensive together and do that. I love seeing him prove people wrong. As a racer there's nothing better than prove people wrong and then. I definitely commend them for for doing a great job this year and. He's going to be good teammate. What changes and it dated eight aces at Hendrick we'll take pleased with so many new relationships being formed. Kelly said he doesn't expect the atmosphere to change at all I don't think it changes the whole Lotta that it's. Any really you know that we have a but pretty set way of doing things with our meetings and how we go about them. I don't see. Two new guys coming in. Really changing that Alex has been a very before. Last year and the race is that your insulin for dale. Williams been around and he's been coming to some of our meetings they're out into the season. To try to understand you know we talk about things and it's it's not rocket science Dario I guess talk about it we can't talk probably think we did better. Talk about the upcoming weekend too so it's pretty straightforward but we're. How like how we go about our meetings I think we have to give way of doing it I think that's secure way to bring everyone together it's laid back. He for the most part I'm an all time outside people. An environment where you can our promise not so. So uptight as I was afraid to speak and I invited him to speak an open mind and I think the toughest guys in the seven time champion Jimmie Johnson agreed that both drivers to bring a lot. It's evil and things changed to a new generation of divers is healthy for every. You know gene changes goodness here and no one's really ever. In the same place. Individually as quickly as a group. Do it all together on a par you know some some kind of changes always happen so. I think it. The changes taking. In place for this mom is she's in the right direction is gonna bring them becoming closer together produce about a product or competitive cars so. On the move forward. I think Tony eighteen and then you know as we move in the nineteen and so on. You know the decisions we're making now. We'll have a direct improvement on Tony eighteenth but I think as we stack a couple of years on it's going to strengthen it further out. As to how he feels now beanie only veterans on the team and leading the way he says he's ready for him and just stepped down from full time driving it yeah. She piano on the things that would be expected of the right to get help and I can be. As a ball to want to not so I feel like I've stepped up in the level have been. Larger a larger voice within a hundred motorsports but at the same time and I'm never being a rookie coming in and see what. My kind of my goodness brought to the group. All night youthful enthusiasm just not knowing. They're there is a huge benefits of that so. As I try to hold my young teammates and I'm also watching them because I know they're gonna bring in a different approach and even teach me it's so I'm excited about it. So for more information on driver and team changes its MIN dot com. And like the McCain and mrs. projects on the motor racing network.