Harassed in Hollywood - Dustin' Off Them Allegations...Or Trying to At Least

Tuesday, December 5th

John Oliver led a panel discussion on the 20th anniversary of the film Wag The Dog starring Dustin Hoffman. As we all know, Hoffman has been accused of sexual allegations and Oliver decided to bring this up...do you think he should have?

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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. There is a lot of news on this front the names keep dropping like fly. I'll wrap stay in the Hollywood hard. He's got won't stop although they know they should. Whether around the office boys are hot young stressed these guys their tasks list that you can't pay. The match and a new name to those with no shame to lose now latest heroics says well that's. It Hollywood. Well now. I think there was like five names the last 24 hours and illness. This has been that the last 24 hours for the wide world of famous people let's start off by backtracking. A little bit we know that Dustin Hoffman's name came out based on a sexual harassment allegation. Stemming from a 1985. TV film adaptation of death of a salesman. In which shot Dustin Hoffman was accused of sexually harassing a seventeen year old PA or as we've seen business PA production assistant. Right and he was at this panel last night when John Oliver moderating Q and day. And they were promoting basically this death of a salesman I Judy no they weren't promoting that they're planning to the twentieth anniversary of wag the dog Azeri Levenson an excellent excellent and a lot excellent great political center yes so they were like it was like a Q&A and how to do those things that actor in the director of them to one person asked questions the other one has answers right and John Oliver took it upon himself to kind of bring up this. Allegation brought up years ago and it got. A little ugly. What response to us an idea wasn't great but basically he was saying back in the day you might say things on a set. Paid a six as we get any goes in that now thirty years later is going back in Miami in the black and Mann Oliver says I don't like that entry Albert at least you know stayed on him and at one point. He said Hoffman says hey you were there and dollars in long black. Come on I love John Oliver in this I don't think this is actually great look for him well all right god. I was already to argue with you I feel the same way epic love jazz on him I love John Oliver two of my favorite show needs to buy apps certainly. I ever really dig on last week tonight. But sometimes I feel like somebody. Is either trying to preach to a nonexistent choir as trying to garner the support of a moral base that actually isn't looking to be garnered. Well here's the I I agree neck I think he saw that rising tide of of these scum bags and they definitely are. And mistakenly used this venue wrong venue wrong place wrong time. And and by the way an allegation of him and I don't know the details before when I've read in this article. It was 19851. Allegation something he said. That is a whole different kettle of fish then say Danny Madison or about stock or writers of rate four times I think. I think he was excited. To get the boot from that crowd of watch me get this guy and eighties. I don't agree with that I don't think that he just I don't will you hear his goal to just blind side Dustin Hoffman with this I think this is this is an allegation that's. Ben made its public. And you know John Oliver while he's not like if CNN correspondent he has somewhat of a journalist. And so these questions do loans now he's John John I comedian and is an entertainer in welcome problem. While he doesn't form and he seeks to inform. And he and his staff do some great deep diving and they do some incredible research and yeah I love to some of the pieces they've done over the past couple years. He's an entertainer this is the problem nowadays and and what's his face she should get the scab that Disney picking well that and and this accident that even in larger point oh why does that death need to be picked up other holidays sets up because there's a huge difference between I made you watch me shower for apart and one time. He talked to lose badly I mean and he's just don't play 35 years ago right the parents murdered or 35 hours ago. 35 years ago. People used to smoke on airplanes what he gonna do apologize for every security seven public alienating case somebody feels like they. Have measles the only Omar or second hand smoke that line I'm glad I wasn't there are also. Highlights the fact that as Hoffman keeps telling Oliver your your convict me. You have no idea what have you weren't there is that I'm glad I was well Heidi you know you work like you know what happened this oral. 82 that you told Oliver I'm not playing to the base here in Canada trying to mechanically connect to an audience I just don't think this is. This doesn't mean there's so much worse that happened besides that a single accusation. But Dustin Hoffman for something that he said I gotta be honest is this actually was in before you were born but I can bet I remember a lot of this. Because I was raised backstage. In community theater there was the broadest swing and just loving it easiest behavior and then. Things tightened up and we righted the ship and nobody. Is going to exonerate anyone for that behavior but for the love of god to try to keep picking at this. In the middle of if if Dustin Hoffman wants to acknowledge it and answer to a fine but I don't love that answer that's not. Your choice who the hell are you by the way you're right nick a comedian it's funny stints as a journalist because that's another thing that we've got into nowadays is. Jon Stewart and only ball what Jon Stewart he's does all the time to he would go on that show. And excoriated people politically you have no right never had that Jim Kramer right you have no right to do that Aniston's he got challenged back. Well John you said this Stewart got him. A comedies you know missed comedies are right now. I had to shield them and you can't have evolved away some separation of apple. And I just love it isn't necessarily good look forward John Oliver I just I I don't think he should have gone that far I agree I don't I I think Miami has a what city have done what he's just so right he asked my staff that he did. They've been asking the question but that does not been answered it and he satellite that answer that look up the answer was dismissive. Well maybe I think it may be nothing happened maybe he has maybe a dismissive attitude about it because he said thirty years gone passing Ashton is that it stupid are starting thirty years later I'm living room about it you have followers. I got a rallying around a little bit. And no I'm I NHL are talking from Don Knotts and here I I'm saying cut nationwide were starting to lean a little bit toward okay now so many. Cases have been filed so many claims made in the last few weeks were now starting to immediately believe everyone who says current what do you guys saying that there's a lot of Daniels crying wolf out there. But. Something this I'm like I can't dismiss it as something so slight 'cause I wasn't there but I'm not gonna press Dustin Hoffman on this John Albert did. The noble thing by asking about it but then at that point okay. Great and it knows if I was I picked up that rock. They sit it out believe me you could give. We've heard worse more dismissive. More Hollywood answers oh my god in the wide world of movies and entertainment. I'd so let's move on harass and Hollywood also we had a huge one Danny Mathers and Danny Masterson from sadness he shows a map. Fired from season three of that show on that. I understand there are the direct sorry that's right right as for those of us god talk about brain fart central population may. Mayor brain fart count at now the race to see it go to c.'s Internet what's nobody Jason writes on. He's been dismissed because those four. Rape accusations. Let's go but wait there's more act now and I'll throw in John Travolta's movie directed by Kevin Connolly from. Entourage. Got. Why. Because there's John Travolta scandal coming out now because we may or may not be hearing about John Travolta I was here. Blame it on the outside the fence and doing a lot of wrong what. I'm as a soldier who. Do not touch that Massoud was. 'cause all grown adults Jim Russ where you don't want me to Egypt. And one house of cards will carry on and complete the final eight episodes of season six with Al Franken Underwood. Are you have been voted out of office visitor discussing my president and right now the first 100 caller I swear to god it's like a made for TV yet. Bryan Singer director queen movie 32 of the original X-Men movies and then the last and then the last two. Brian singer has been removed his director from the queen biopic. Almighty god. We talk about riffs again. Seriously right. Where approaching I think we're approaching a thing in our culture yes it's turning around you know the big channel on their going to be acceptable to you now. You know talked dirty in and beat Hingis which I you know I've certainly been guilty of times you know by. But I think if you either you're either gonna have a zero tolerance policy or you're not only used its heart it's hard to have like a middle ground definitely you know like. Yeah you can't you can't say right exactly at the same thing with comedy tour having his problem now with The Who thing like a who is racists like. If you're gonna if you gonna say that's offensive not been every there should be no I don't wanna hear into an Irish accent. I don't wanna hear anyone doing anything else is is if you ought to mean but. There's like we know so little about Indian culture in general that we idea and help us as being offensive is that. It's basically made everyone think both liked and I gotta be honest Bakken you know eighty years ago. On TV have people doing like our like on the radio duo and Amos and Andy like rice say that's not how law African American people's. Right absolutely and and I think this could. This is maybe bleeding that a little bit we're gonna go a little too far maybe in the in the name of doing something right. Go too far and that will dial back. And I'm right com but that's not this we're getting we're teetering on being which county yak yeah I live granny panties on first of well that guy I can't and we'll bring things out now and I've defended and I apologize.