GRV - We'll Miss You!

Friday, August 10th

The best messages from the past 24 hours!

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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Hey you've reached Matt in mixed generic radio voicemail. The place to tell us whatever is on your mind and please after the -- be anything but generic. Well documented now. Brought you by advanced green insulation. The premier insulation fire proofing and fire place company in Massachusetts. Book your free consultation today. Add advanced green insulation dot com. That's advanced green insulation. Dot com. What I'm replaying that don't know and it's this bit. 0:3. PM. Kurt uncle are now crop. I'm I'm Erica I'm promote it but it. Yeah why. Wounded men and now what what they say verse vocal pops now Crocs know this is this it. Well first vote whenever a connect them but I'm. And everything and I just to see the female though dear dear collar what happened and neck yes. From Crocs you did right there 'cause I follow their is that by the sub as you do them. Subject no we are not going out of business but we are having us. Well yeah yeah but go. Well I don't know vote was two for 35 marks exiles. The element of load up on a price to 35 yeah it's probably the flip flops an end to summer sandals yes. About Ohio and Clorox bathroom. Whom. Born 11 PM debt that it is that the elected member of the great. It was an inequity has taken place. That's not bad as this that is one of my best friend. I in my column about it. How loud and gave themselves is wonderful I'm about. But it's important lab guys are idiots and not vet equip it get any credit but letting him go right if the debt that oh. Within that dot. Wind. Hit it there and it won't say it ain't that always the opposite that it was that we need to let him. Joke. He thought he was doing comedy including the US that it's true no way that the car you. And at that hate on apologize for calling out Matty that's one of the true joys of this show and be Matty I told you several times. Including in the office as we departed. From the station. That it was that. 1197. Washington street in Weymouth we didn't even know where you would going the problem was when I looked at the thing it said Wayman Braintree elks. So I didn't know was in Braintree Babs that wasn't Quincy. This rain tree. Or Quincy or four opinion polls yeah. Why cash and it's well at an aspect all of my eyes. It Matt I. It is. Bob. And the men who does suck we get to some this commonwealth of a traffic. You know I mean. Why why. We got results come in and only got backed. We should we should have on them propose and ask him if he's got to do and Cooper captives like NYC just to know we are flying cars may being. Why don't we have to do work. Is it prime rush hour in this. Is there wrote that isn't under some sort of major construction right now can I drive anywhere where there isn't those huge cement barriers and zip lines and clones. And linking arrows can and not just drive in the state anymore and sounds like you spent too much time on fury road. And. Or to equal PM I look at that point had been the word that I identifiable. Characters. Who would eat my view. That have been here in the week. Neck mule we broke. Then. That the not using the word that they did and this very often it is not happy about it we will let it isn't about everything has been there. Doubt it. And that message is doing him a couple those jobs. You know out of out of respect him mentioning them as we head off to vacation. Distinct second hollered way to second. Goalless it is fines drops. And now that I love more than wake up in the morning and doing callous it's what my old widow rope is one. And you want that one year old Mattie. You vapid Dick de. Deftly directed towards. Crappy text them back can you share. 401. PM. After the timeout giving businesses fought valiantly to look for something you'll approach that aren't you immediately you know I don't know it. He that we Obama when you know if you wanna. But you know my own deck on the political momentum on those. The next week for the mother of all these guys that big yet quite. I like the only. It is with someone that well. Really not that you get into it. And that message sorry Timmy boom Sussman you'll be in the capable hands of someone pressing buttons. Oh. I don't. And usually I'm a professional and. That. I know you do and I. I. And it. And I'm. At at. Alec yet quiet. And the message. It is true and I do Danielle knows what she's missing out on my. Girls thinks his cute. Some about. The personality. That's what I got seriously melanoma funny goes along Alaska and slow our roll a little bit. Yeah yeah he doesn't have a good personality. Age while. You literally out of right and eighty lap by this and in my life. Desperate he. You guys think. Good person right there. On. Board yeah. There and good vacated Taliban. And then now I'm thinking oh thank you of the evidence literally. As I did last summer I will texts from our Matty and nick insert him a shower beer by outdoor shower of beer. Now my cottage overlooking the ocean can't so excited. Matty and make and keep coming back generic radio voice mail. K well now.