GRV - Paws On These Voicemails

Thursday, August 9th

The best messages of the past 24 hours!

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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. Hey you've reached met in mixed generic radio voicemail. The place to tell us whatever is on your mind and plays after the -- be anything but generic. Well documented now. To you this evening. My spot here. And finally here's where you can save time parking spot here anytime you park first time users can enter promo code wheel for ten dollars off spot hero park smarter. When people think 41 PM. Daughter. You know the real reason. You're ready you're wide. Our job. And the men who. Really yet and yet of that house so that must mean Simon operate mail. Obviously hasn't seen me at this stuff Portuguese woman named Coco. Hell hath no fury like. She comes that you call with the full ugliest that you know I don't know how he had you know on again error marsala lineup that a bunch. The then she comes that you she's William M sweet breads and when most of the circular the content that got. To me 48 PM. Oh. And I kept having my friend and both and it comes. But as we could have been hit and life in Britain went away for my aunt and mark hit it again. Illegal is it. And now they listen if you don't have your paperwork you know. Hit the crossing borders. Not ramifications. Now am I proud of them that's why many like Thursday Padilla ice so much. Thanks we'll follow well. 408. PM. I didn't luck but you couldn't get I didn't didn't and I accept that bad you think about that activist here. But the closer it. At a very rough yet but haven't and we've been pounding the big weapons and they did I know the impact of art and yet but who now. Number they are not there in November that. About. In addition. Can't. Kelly that that was that was thought well I'm related to show it was pun testicular borderline wonderful. But can we get DJ Paz is my question is she actually gonna book on the show. DJ and he need we need him on the show I need to do Bosnia and show don't you mean can no weekend in the hunt and watch. That and it makes sense it made us to thinking rattles so today is day to finally have things makes that bill. Doctor prior. Tuesday 4:21. PM. And patent and patent and if you could do. He's. It could upgrade what you expect it didn't include. Good and. And now and that is a wonderful. Rendition what does that what does a Christmas I hope. I think that early although it is weird right at you earlier to the White House. I'll swear to god this guy and I particulates in the matrix stuff that I will hold Lima come down so earlier stages hunted too soon. I was on the net and we're like why you on the ice just outside congress had allowed really did halls in August now and then that collar that was not on the errors off there not colleges did that to the tune of deck all of that is weird but in the matrix it's it's so if somebody else does deck the halls before midnight and obviously be to just we'll hear. He'll be used to when you see yet but I don't know if I'll. Camel perhaps half and the movie would be tailored. Beetlejuice I was seated now I mean the Michael Keaton Renaissance. Has been upon us for nearly a decade now. Tim Burton and what can they do possibly selling. He started Gena Davis you still got Winona Ryder Alec Baldwin is still got his eye he is as good as he's ever been about a huge fan of the first. On. It's. Guys I'm sorry dad doesn't sorry it started at bats aren't at the white haired black and white face magical goes from beyond isn't plagued golf. I hope I abnormal smell like golf films. Why don't we eat he. I'm really happy that better than dobbs. I suppose you think you're better than it's been very. And then now. Enemy always second so Fitz is the dog and the cat. Was only one dog in this show us tease him pause. Admiral thank you coming arch Erik Brady avoid man. Well yeah.