GRV - Nick, The Brown Haired Beaver

Tuesday, April 24th

The best of the generic radio voicemails from the previous 24 hours!


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We can't Virginians 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. Hey you've reached met in mixed generic radio voicemail. The plate to tell us whatever's on your mind and pleased after the B be anything but generic. Documented now you're voicemails to Matty and nick are sponsored by Patrick motors. One you do business with the Patrick family you'd do better Monday won't. We can land. Little bit. I love when DF wise but. I got nothing negative about them in the great guys here and even equipment and deploy it truly bad man it. You really. Portland so you can go up and let them. And then now. Or. And all sure the hell storm has come a mile away I think you've friend and I did you do today. London would lead me to him. I'm ready and then let it but it. Calling them all there and wouldn't you know that we've ethnic and then. Now. This is backfired. Horribly. I say the same thing to my wife every night before bed at London leg when he looks to him so. So badly and there's been verbally abused like redheaded stepchildren are fifteen months and look at the planet and look at the opponent and I've been trying. That all of this week you talked. Do and by the way I don't want people talking bad about lefty Dana there's Bledsoe would have an up or down community quite used to be that he's not alone here climatic and looked up. And that is what are so different so all right so I get. So I was criticized for QB going deuce level sought because in my little. Elimination diet is that as we refer to it in the game in the now which but that you still. So probably one of three but you could even escape criticism and out of what have you done he supported me in the community of quiet. Monday looks and he thinks he can make them it would not have been multiple. Record central part of the year there about the global act via Mac app are now what hole. Second do little field of union I've got web perhaps what what happened to grow second half off where that come from. Was that I was a little I don't know its first record gross second apple I mean isn't in the first today album and. Monday looks. 29 PM nick bureaucrat that I think that. At the end I am trying to help me. Well. London who admired me when I won't. Nick you were glad that Bradley had been that. And now they can you actually take that one from GRV to drop. Thank you it's got on 110 man. And that demand in the show elected and I had cramps. That it that it hit if he would panic it's been about a time I was down there was blood my underwear. This now you'll. It's like it before if the tree falls in the forest and it was there. That it actually happened and if we just don't respond to that France's. Border will not see him. When Europe that little boy would who have gone now they're good at. And the message on the phone quality attack. Yeah. Thank you that's that's gonna go up there that's gonna go out there with Iraq that radio laugh yeah. You know at that solid. That laughter in my eyes it reminds me of the I'm Wilson it's on Phil Collins song mama Genesis and act. At mama. No. Time. Or 0:7. PM. And the look out there that did. And look at it and without Natalie. Took off a lot for that particular moment you didn't you know. But it can't remember who won both. And the message all right so we'd be nothing without each other but most importantly together we'd be lost without status. OK. Fair enough. And you know you like that so much I completely agree on one of those pistons. Forward sold 9 PM. What our community through our whole goal without. Madden I. When we can believable here why. All I know that you're here I bought one coming out with their own land. All about ball and a black. All pulled over they're not really you know wait for liquor in the black spot. Okay. Want to do that. Horrible hole is a lock your car around the block across town 33 straight lines to get to the spot book. Well for Rick it's completely worth it my age you. Caller. Well done and do not think that both Matty and that we're not thinking of these extreme jobs while while racing to. And any of the first orders message. It's a table story were I was playing golf from a mother and you fall for us. No longer off what happened. And border when he PM that. No they're in there. Bone dog open I don't know red headed that ought to stop talking about are doing good or. Yeah why do men who. You might have to like start. You have to hire like a brand management company or like. You know some PR people to like rebuild the image BSE Burgess who owns PR. The red. It's your little redheaded step back and we'll. Finally does his mother by Genesis got the reference thank you. This next one with the heart they need to understand. Ozzie Paul what he would honor roll and maybe. It'll always immensely lambs. I've heard that there. Then your movement mutant that sort of or when Bob if that was the report we lose that. Definitely my mom dressed up as watching Dennis. Or operative yeah. Aware that there. Another mood wouldn't have been that way and won't let alone win bobbled it and wouldn't report concludes that. Bill could. Now I'm. The guy I raising them what I've employed the technology from that kid's job on thing at MIT even at supercomputer does not understand Ozzie ball forward. 7 PM. The net is here we thought everybody. Had been had been got mad though. And that. What message don't know I was waiting for them come back to noted Gardner. Came after me considering that while Gardner. Would certainly have no seat at my table I wouldn't even let rotten in the house I think don't his wedge right in between Gardner Kenneth. Rotten firm Gartner. That the dared muted triangle. On 0:2 PM and nick either. I don't come back into left. That part is that many of them come from you on this. Did you actually would have won and is now that I do oh look at this you can't ocean elude. Brooklyn. All what will it can't block a six birdie you like your music after that I. Three stammer is that as sick burn a measure of blitzes conferences. Are never. Thank you content are generic pretty heavily man. Well.