GRV - The Mike Epp-isode!

Tuesday, November 14th

The best generic radio voicemails of the past 24 hours!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. I guess are always. I guess schedule WA AF. Throughout the day. You guys leave us wonderful messages on our generic radio voice mail. And we played the best of them. In the 6 o'clock hour. And like to remind you that the wonderful stardom Ford will be sponsoring today's. GE RV there's nothing better. An American Ford get in a good old fashioned. Board at 150 and driving your truck down the street. Says the owner of Japanese sports car I actually had I'll have you know. A Ford F 150. When I was in New York. Who did you really I really honestly did you were in Connecticut so it hasn't yet it's down. By contractors are you ready for winters don't come forward. Has over 300 F series in stock CY stone of forge your commercial truck headquarters goodness don't import dot com that's don't implored. Dot com. Hey you breached met in mixed generic radio voice mail. The plate to tell us whatever is on your mind and pleased after the deep be anything but generic. Documented now. On 26 PM. Why don't all of that our work well. Because they're a little bit. Message. A moon. No the forces strong without message now. I just happened to us at that they're gonna is gonna say maybe they're a little hairy looking meat is a little chewy that was so good. 208. PM. Happy and I know you wanted it and then say it but my. I think that says. The apple and its impact the older older. We want to work it that the little repetitive and know what kind of but yeah it definitely been elected them. Although. And then the but rather than later apple had no conflict without it I love old I don't that it I if. I write that I don't haven't been big at it tomorrow. How adorable large from the gym across the street calling in to reveal more telling information. About this burgeoning. Affair between the two of you. White that sound like one of pop once teams victims ridiculous statement. I was gonna say. I'm the only thing that was missing from that messengers are literally saying at the end Siobhan hash tag me too I feel like Gloria Steinem was sitting next to our. As you read that statement. My client. Which is to read a statement about mr. Blake. And whose aims to Graham lessons quote on quote. For me 45 PM. They about keep within that Freddy Krueger. What you have to Wear make up. Pay me Richards is it is is a treasure sir. Next Andy looks awesome coming act as deep wrinkles but. Shows character. Right. Chip Q Richards is cave the last time Keith Richards touched his own blood. The Rolling Stones and just released sticky fingers. A hundred a lifetime of a 150 transfusions would do that in the past. 4:36. PM the fact that they're also more and more women than men do that or about mountain. It hurt. And the message. Of and while I was able to disguise my voice pretty well now. And awarded it 53 PM. Are. Currently I'm totally. Want to let you know like extended loan debt and that this guy built it do how can expect it to outlet like what am I get a look at. Now it won't let that emptied out. And that his. Don't know we because aspirant Oden is averaging can have Virginia slims and live long enough to actually cause a catch fire I don't think they make Richardson's anymore writes has anyone ever smoked at Virginia fat. No god and they make him no of course not it's not the essentials. Lady's cigarette. You know I mean I'd rather make a Fallon that it would be it's not not only the right let's let's be honest show of hands in this room at everyone out there driving. Which of you out there was. Half in the tank records in the tank enough. That you were you've problems cigarettes that is like while Virginia slams a year like that's fine by them by version that was meant law. If I bombed a menthol cigarette in a Catholic and I like my mom used to smoke misdeeds. Hope and there are a couple of times they came home and I was like is still living in New York has come on my you know my friends and I'd be you know banana and a little I was served. And I'd rip one. There are there's no worse hangover than a minute literally like putting a box of junior it's at the end of the chimney. By 0:9. PM. Yeah. It was I don't like. To think about it. I thought more about. My. And now it went well that's not gonna vote welfare is 3.5 million Twitter follow this. Well I yeah out you're just joining us I said that Mike Epps is calling mr. all day and I didn't sock has made it. I he's a very famous actually. Comedian. Actor and producer actually rapper too. He grant yeah so what I'll run on a daily Hannity does wrap and sentence are room. I tech after the 774 would like to know guys Johansson. Has anyone actually ever been drunk enough to smoker Virginia slim backwards certainly light on a. Thank you coming on generic immediately math. Welcome and. There we had to do an emergency three that in that case all right. And I'm Mo top three things most embarrassing when you them. Immediate things you do when you realize it. I'm gonna say number three. Accidental immediate things you do that embarrassing every three light a cigarette backwards through number two spit out the Carolina comes back in his you and number one when someone tells your flies down. I outlined that I did today actually doing here. At the gym and you're lifting weights and you bang your shin really hard and away drop when your foot than you can act like it doesn't hurt that was watching you know right now. Do the hearts and how it's just put them away at him and I northern Russian didn't hurt. Ever accidentally put you girlfriends underwear on the day. At what point during the day did you not. That where the creek China goes. Your so long was hanging by a north of Hong in my body by slightly. By accident and kayaks indices for the day what are you Wear on that. Access to put in my they realize you have wanna take a lot no I'm not allow this I'm Dextre the 781 does point out that. That call from Lauren at the gym was probably fake news because. Everyone knows that marries password is going to fanned fourteen. I mean enough of that that'll be enough of that.