GRV - Boom Sauce & GFY

Friday, June 22nd

The best messages of the past 24 hours!

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WAA asked. Hey you've reached match in mixed generic radio voicemail. Tell us whatever is on your mind and please after the beep be anything but generic banks. And your message now. Budget by stone forward now hiring a full time certified automotive technicians 7500 dollar signing bonus visits on Ford dot com for details or stop by to reply 405. PM. What dugout yelled if they are going to talk about like dropping kids off that a little bad apple would stuff. Why you can enjoy them leisure time with C. Significant other but that's my attitude that got about. Cabinet meeting that you'd call it something and I don't know but. Liability issues yet what do you. Could be a problem you know what they call vote Clinton nowadays. Okay. I don't know rural. But some of the end zone. No where in fact they restaurant the yolk are nice ring little Max to pad like three college age girls who were the daughters of the owners and ask for a I'm home what else happens. Eight. We look forward and then. Yeah no bid. You know dignity. It if you wanted to it is. Has left you know being on the actual man. And Algeria on patrol boat. I think that it stated big big. I think you might be headed. Yeah. And that his nor McConnell. Assembly Norm MacDonald called this it's like if norm McDonald and cliff claim and got into an accident and they became one super being. That was norm clay administered column cliff McDonald's. That was good that was that was a great appetite truly truly I don't love him. It didn't. Yeah yeah. Who now since. And is that sex is sex is good seasons his beard and let's say. I would know who's twenty global land. Help as well as I can totally relate where were being pure emotion that the unregulated these student went out of view. Turn on the water work. Well all. Fenway Park a few years ago I am a mod it out the way he has people that. Let it being paperwork. In part. You look at that they were very guilty let it. I grew by either in their back on that because if that's not the that I ever did at that it'll go away and even years after that practice in the right hole. And that message beautiful and that's the as Paul said in that clip by the way Terrell Paul McCartney carpal karaoke that we played in 3 o'clock hour James scored. And Paul himself said that's the power of music you know what the hell was that what that message. Is that an earnest emotional message on the GR what the hell's going on here. Or oh quick eight play a lot of drop. What that is heading there this is dead and that I didn't get out simple thought. Let for the week it would be up in the message that area back answer why don't we fool and he him. And Caribbean as well lit and you know I had any I'd like tablet on the radio. Yeah the and you look at that. Well again you know Miley do it it is that the limit it. Is that as an. I know out there. Little quiet day and I pick what it and Maggie good quote hit the black. And that message agreed by all accounts it. Won't do him. David good news and being edited and move. These. Members of that so let that happen. Spin out and bad days. Now laughs they obviously. This Hanley Ramirez. Developing story is resonating because. Big cookie weighing in big cocaine. They can keep it. Thank you call and I generic pretty boy yeah. Welcome.