GRV - Bad Impressions

Friday, July 27th

The best messages from the past 24 hours!

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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Hey you've reached met in mixed generic radio voicemail. The place to tell us whatever is on your mind and please after the B be anything but generic. Thanks man documented now. Tonight's edition of the generic radio voice mails brought to you by stone and Ford now hiring a full time certified automotive technician. 7500 dollar signing bonus visit stone Ford dot com for details or stop by to apply. 4:10. PM. He. As. We atom I did. News that stock got it up. And now. So Matty when Kelly McFarland and Corey Rodriguez were in here earlier. We were shuffling through everyone's sort of like impression playlist. And I challenge the audience to leave their best impressions we are doing best impressions basically and it seems as though. They have decided to answer the call. And stifle what do not find that this particular message to distinctly African. Press. Thank you Matt 4218. PM. Madden. Madden you're okay. Well you'll kill him with a bow down put the phone down. Wind up down down that we're nearby LA. Wounded men and human body what is your voice. While so that someone turn unity it's it would hurt your statement on your. She. Asked why because they hate you. Our own we'll keep you warm. The man I connect don't. No. I'll bet you haven't gotten. It was only because then it then and that message of this stupid imperil Hank Hill like that action right there. Five 43 PM. You're part of the UMB. I. Opted. Out there have been spirited one at Evian. No. I didn't get a Little Rock did not get about you know. Do not want to didn't give it a little bit. If I want you to pick their group. Quote. Those. Guys that we'll and Bryant. Learned that when they did that kind yeah Andy. Wounded men and pay just is what did you think of that one. I like it does not now what's your take that guy that not all to think that yes. Rock of and Theo. Got to dig. 27 PM. Well this is I did not know I was not a waiter. You know with I did not know it now what can you wouldn't want recruitment I did not know I would Al of the world I didn't. I was not aware of did you hear that as. No one of those bills because we import and they don't know why it is there is something we have won titles out now your. And now that's a little bit is. Commenting during his own impressed now about it is that bathtub and also it said he's disappointed that nobody does his impression anymore. It Johnny Carson from beyond commenting on his own bad impression and the lack of Johnny Carson's. It's a great way to save face at like when you're doing impressed just half with duke like no it is a terrible at this is like doing karaoke really I know I suck at your singing. But at least a bad impression is fun bet there's nothing worse than bad karaoke. Well. Matty and nick thank you coming back generic radio voice man. They love him.