Greg Hill Foundation - Scott Berry

Wednesday, March 14th

Today The Greg Hill Foundation is taking donations and matching them for Scott Berry. Scott lives in Roslindale and was shoveling his neighbor's walkway when a tree branch fell on him, paralyzing him from the waist down. His sister in-law Mary calls in to give us the details and an update on Scott's codition and family situation. If you want to help out the Berry family visit for more information!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. This morning the great guild foundation is hoping the you'll donate for a local family in crisis and I've mentioned a couple times this morning. That Scott area of Rosalind tail was on his way to shovel after the last. Nor'easter to go shovel for his neighbors and was injured and we are raising money for. Him in in his family this morning and his sister in law Mary is actually on the phone when does this morning hello Mary. I'm telling you know I'm I'm great thank you thanks for calling in this morning and and I I know you wanna thank everybody who was donated so far by the way were a party up. Well over 3000 dollars donated courage com what is screens which is awesome. But. Tell us a little bit about what happened after the after the last nor'easter. So. Denying it sister about from a look at the manager and she went jokingly their husbands are. No more calm. She told him to move the car that was under a tree in front of the house and she said you know that treaty and I get. They've been complaining furlong time about the streak that you joking with him saying. Look a branch fall eloped actually last night you're welcome on how you can look at our. And so. He. He said Harry lime and the loud and you wanted to clear how the now for her to do so happy before he went to our. And so he finished. Clearing in front of their talent then. The driveway and then he would panic and Icrc house. Because they're elderly and Tom. My sit there with in the house and she just hurt a branch for any. And she went running out because she could hear the current rate and that she hurt him screaming. In and he was. Pinned to the ground. Why it was he the mean one side. I'm a very crying and I couldn't believe you know what you hear. That you know I attacked that he was on its way to the emergency room but then when you shop how big it was and how are at all. Bill. Yeah immediately could not feel his lack. And he was telling Christian and Toshiba with him in the ambulance and my mother rushed over and followed them. And they took him. I'm immediately in the aspect in England. And they accelerate limb and discovered that he had a really bad the injury he can hit the graphics I mean yeah. So. He had to have immediate I don't. Nurturing. And and they have they have two children. You know yet to children and Christopher is. In college in Maryland. And their daughter Caitlin go to UMass and often. And though and currently. From and from an injury perspective he's is. Currently up paralyzed from the waist down there there you know they're working on that in and hoping that maybe that'll change but. Lives are technology and in nanotechnology. Is you know improving improving improving when it comes to eastern injures. It's going to be. Long a long road back for him so merry. It is definitely going to be a long road back and you're in itself this year at. They're they're not super are giving up great great hope that he's gonna walk again it sounds like. You now feel that technology is always changing and you know where. Researching. A clinical trial already trying. Let's see if he would qualify further for certain things should it try and get him. Better but. You know right now the news isn't great. Obviously. You never know yeah I'll let pumping. We are were all hoping and and I know that everybody who listens to the show is thinking about that family and it's really one of those it's one of those things where. You know Scott was off to do a good deed for his elderly neighbors and you'd you know you never know you never know how weird what's gonna happen during your day and so. He's he's he's unable to work. She needs to be with them. They have massive massive expenses down the line so. The foundation. The foundation is matching. Donations that we get. By the end of the show today up to 5000 dollars and and and then we will I think we'll probably be well over that because we have some some really. Amazingly generous people who listen in the show and donate whenever we ask so you can go to the Greg he'll foundation dot or. That's the great fuel foundation dot org and help the dairy family. Rosalind dale. And please make sure the tell all of them that we are thinking about primary next time we talked element. Thank you thank you so much for for checking in this morning to to share the story. No problem until I did have one more thing I have to share yes. When they called me to say I'm that I had and it beyond the radio. And I discovered that Lyndon byers were married in the yeah I think Darden. I started laughing because. I said I have a picture. I'm Linden I care than me on and on and the rude crude. On the ground you know. Many many years. That is dead to nuts and I can't believe. That I am going to be calling in and at. See the father of one of children you can say it and it's. It's neither as it can say it if I know you're on the radio. And it was a beautiful guy Leonard S and she is well. He was no way he Yankee. And luckily got my children prior I resent people aren't selling. Well let me tell you. Take a look at that picture because he looks nothing like how hard is that nothing is out of a little bit married all right hey thank you oh thank you so much and and and were we're thinking about Scott and and the whole family. Thank you so much further support right nightmares there you have it you can go to the Greg Hill foundation dot. Org Curry's story. If that's so random it's like a rational clarity etc. yeah are you timing a little what are the unbelievable how many times. You know because I was shoveling yesterday and wrists you know and and you eat it doesn't come across your mind now they're you know branch is gonna follow. And clarify now it really it is. It's it's it's just one of those things where you'd you'd be years you know your life is completely different. In five seconds nonevent and literally at Lincoln and I you know. In in in five seconds so. I you can donate when you go to the Greg Hill foundation. Dot org and we are matching donations. Up through. 5000. Dollars for that family and we will as we do with every beneficiary write a check for that gambling within 24 hours those they can take care. The expenses that they are dealing live with regard to this camp. Quick reminder. That. Our foundation annual event are 2841. Day's event is next Thursday at the UMass club here in Boston. And I hope you'll join us. On its a great event you get to hear the inspirational stories of our beneficiaries. And the courage. That they have shown. In in overcoming. Great great crisis is like this it's it's so inspirational to hear. From our beneficiaries and for you know those of you who have donated to the foundation over the last six years or seven years or whatever. I'm great opportunity for you to see. Those whose lives you have affected which is. A five dollar donation of ten dollar donation of twenty dollar donation and and it's always you know the beneficiaries. Always. Are amazed by the fact that there helped them by so many people. That they have been an Internet the they've never met yet and so I may never meet via may never hear from ya you know one of those. The cool thing about the foundation and then switch I think people don't always think about. Is you know if you don't have the opportunity donate to a particular beneficiary eater river particular point if you're able to get to one of the events. You know the money that that the foundation raises the events is critical in then being able to match up to 5000 dollars of your direct donation that's fit that's where that's where that money connoisseur on us now yeah yeah it's that's it the the events themselves are really important thing as well. I think you're gonna say it was that he dose of that also so it was a good thing the about the event it was the it was a Hedo so you understood in grammar it's RD I have to stick to assist him. Will be joined next Thursday by. Our mayor. And several other celebrities and we have a great live auction I got Foo Fighters tickets. And I'm auctioning off and special mode of transport to Fenway for that show. I got a it's Bergeron it's Patrice out of gas Jersey into history of these games now that I'm gonna martian so. If you view if if you can join us go to the Greg Hill foundation dot org that's the great deal foundation down toward. To get tickets. Here's a 978 Texas says good lord. Did that woman just inadvertently admitted to hooking up with a LV mountain was on the cruise and she got a graphic by pat and I mean that is. For the record are your you know monotonous and the cruises started after I retired CEO. I was I was you know you were hot. When you could actually you know you Marty Rouse a lot of guys are asked so are you on one side of the boat and everybody else is on the other side and John you have to slide over. The tide. Pulling on derails. And in other news aid and pleasure cruise ship the Frederick middle in the second. He's standing in the middle of Boston Harbor. But it band played on.