The Great Crabby Cook Off - Live From The Capital Grille

Monday, April 16th

The Hillman puts his world famous Greg's Easy Crabby Patties to the test when he goes head to head with the Capital Grille's executive chef in a Crabby Patty blind taste test!


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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Knowledge and pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Live from the kitchen. At the capitol grill on royals in street it is our Marathon Monday broadcast. And we are officially he lives on FaceBook. FaceBook live go to FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks. If you wanna learn how to make Greg's. Easy crab bees. A traditional dish not only at the holidays but anytime you want. With me right now the executive chef. Of the capitol grill Dave. Probably like you know formally trained at some kind of like what what what was your background. I want to Johnson and Wales graduating 98. That the capital rose 99 and then have a sense pack. Yeah I our rights well. The challenge is I'm making my. Traditional. Well known legendary Greg's easy trapeze. You're making your own version right now did you had you heard. Grab these before just from my kids from spotted while that's all them. But yet. So. They feature prominently. Like for instance in silver linings playbook. Bradley Cooper's mom. Is always making crabby snacks and home mates for much of the incredibly sect's home eats right so. But there are traditional dish. Can you tell us. What you did you so you went and looked ice in what looked the recipe up and then you decided that you're gonna create your own version her. Yeah acts crestfallen that for me that we were gonna do this has said you know what we'll take a look so they say it's a tumble lump crab. Little model into the stuff in the can like I do a good big mistake big mistake and I thought it was too when he brought in backhand that. That's about an academy. I attack on man gays. That some secret stuff and I'll tell you afterward on OK I. Now listen that that the the key thing is we have like some of our regular judges like pizza smoke and they're gonna be blindfolded because. I feel I'm at a disadvantage. When it comes to presentation like I don't know how to squared DA only enough and all that thing the guys that sell. We're gonna it will do art art will both preparing dishes double blind fold our judges. And then they'll select the winner sounds like a plant I'm right so let's let's go ahead and prepare my I got to prepare my crowd sees itself. Mom. I just need to get the recipe here. Out of my phone. Okay fine let's. There's not really really good. Now the pressure is on kid I need to have. Top of up a couple of softened butter. I like the Land O'Lakes kind because after you're done. You can turn the woman's these individuals yeah I don't know the other and you I don't know if you've ever done that or not it gets a lot of fun it is OK so. I have I don't know is that okay in this day and age to do something like that. How this just shows how potentially that this could be. LB hasn't even bothered to come into the kitchen. He stayed in the I'll yellow is probably having indirect contact us diablo. I need help a couple of buttered you know how much how much much. Was this one I met Dave can help you measurements. Always say it on the box how much is a half a cup. That's probably like what is one of those things. All right now needs to be softens. All right so Dave's gonna go ahead suck this is Chris got by the way he's the he's the managing partner here at the capitol grill if I'm. Rules. We will receivers of the capitol grill unless Greg Hill brings that here to say you know. Okay so we're getting for those of you were trying to make this a home holed out a second they'll get ahead yourself there. I'm for those who were trying to make this at home we need a half a cup of softened butter we're gonna get that. And then you need. 85 balanced car. Bob Kraft old English spratt OK this it's very important the whole thing can you actually go ahead. And then get that opens. Com and you need. Eight ounces. Of of that crowd now this is I prefer the bumblebee crab in the can. LB like it in the can right. I do any anywhere making gimmick that no matter how bigger house mark my friend now am I supposed to be back there because I didn't know we have cordless Mike sorry I don't know some. Your fine okay. And I'm enjoyed him I'm right now I'm right down the recipe now listen this is my problem with this cheese thing. That you screwed up what what does that frozen on top. I don't know what's your cheese spread you went and got it so in case you weren't for those of you were not listening to the show earlier. I arranged to have the craft old English she spread. Dropped off at Chris Scott's house and he left it sitting there today in and didn't bring it to try to screw me. So I'm not sure I don't know. Is that one of God's truth ides of take a look at that folks this is really key to the really key to the whole recipe. You gotta find the craft old English bred. You don't wanna use like we've just get away from. All right yeah this like tennis interest Daniel Baldwin please OK why why I want to associate when I did at the water out of that we've had a lot of respect for the capital grill him on him and Pulitzer winner I let me get an infraction. All right let's get this underway here okay so we have crap okay. Now wait a minute do is. I need the point where can I pour the water out of the crowd are into one of these pools. You wanna get the water out of the crowd okay. If you don't want your crowd these to be more waste so you writers are part of the recipe yes we use our fingers that every good luck out. Paula Deen Paula Deen users usually is an illness or problems yeah Julia Child number org copyright show absolutely psyched up up up I don't know just go kid. Crowd. Okay crap. I can't fit it and it might tiny hands won't fit into packs. I go ahead of time and but by the way not the first on the Chris Dodd has helped another man put a glove on like this but whatever. That's what the well. LB are you ready I'll be up there I got two kids inside that radian Airbus got out of boy all right we have got five sizes too big. All right we have the crowd and a now we need to get this in could somebody hold this microphone forums. Yeah let's pose a little vague again this is all scampering from the capital to spoon it this food is too big for my hands which. C. This is a real this is a real problem because this stuff is not soft and as I requested. Although they have a saucepan tournaments Oscar yeah I'm gonna happen. If you if you look so official well I gotta tell you some this whole entire thing has been a fraud on behalf of the capital grill trying to keep me. Trying to keep me from doing well the we're definitely in the restaurant adults I am so pissed off a Chris got right now for forgiveness I made special needs. I now. Why take I take competition seriously like the Mariah Carey show was always turn he's turned into eastern in the light what. The Michelin. Sun style show these sites. In everybody's grown he's pissed off the whole shift means. Suing you referring to that fires it humorous that. Well I don't users of the Michelin Man that actually unlike beyoncé and I want any unflattering photos of me cooking to be released to the public. All right. Whereas my softened butter right here right here live through leadership where's your hair net on I. We have softened butter oak tag if you're making this at home. We have crowd. We have softened butter as well so it can get that stop and somehow like. I like the look deeply that she's like why is this thing that OK there parsley a well you could partially in it would have do you guarantee and I added that that's a secret ingredient parsley it's not called for in the recipe. Don't let they've known did you do that just since he started running. All of us again. Oh yeah just like salt bay. And that kinda. And now we got garlic powder. Drone overhead low and you don't beat you know is real good like you don't use the club's ocean down with a nice hope you don't wanna choose the clothes away garlic others do so for me. I. Very precise in the measurement LB I think you make garlic salt is to solve it you know and I know that garlic powder I find it to be salt to my taste buds whatever. I know it's not solve the start garlic salt garlic powder always seems. Drying now. Another secret ingredient here. I add to that cayenne pepper. I didn't see Easter with Europeans would. That's a reading restaurant joke. Doesn't happen at the capitol Groban your local diners and so I think Greg is calling for the end times and that he he's not a spice guy he's he's been very. Being from from some condition in a little bit of that. I'm getting tired she softens which is not vote. We need a patents. Where's my sport and we're tonight oh. I need to write about it was that we need just days. Dollop. Into dollop of mayonnaise that's more than its own. A. I was trying to spoon full of mail helps the secret is go to them if your if your following along at home and you wanna make these. Let me just go ahead and give you my own personal recipe. I have a cup of softened butter we have that. You want a teaspoon garlic powder we have that. Two tablespoons of mail about two tablespoons there. And the cheese spread and the no. And then at an Internet via. Okay not again with oh. It served with the hand with the glove behind it to switch it between your fingers. Hi this is fantastic. Smiling but isn't doesn't it while she's process she's always smells good. Let's do this please you have lots of colored that would tie dye. Number three. It makes sick like really yellowing. I think I'm if you're just joining us live broadcasting live from the capital grille. And I am preparing Greg's easy crowd needs. Which will be enjoyed by higher on listeners hear this morning in its eighty a taste tests. Taste test challenge. We did Dave who is the shaft here. At the at the capitol he's making his own version of Greg's easy crabs looks good to hear it doesn't look are you watching yeah yeah of course we wants an all went should be telling us. It's a blowtorch so I'll I'll do and yeah he's he's probably doing some I was and crossed fingers on the salamander. OK I need. I need like a cookie sheet or something like that the two if she can ya. Okay critics like that guy that they would place it makes your order. Takes your money. Processes the transaction to keep the same clubs on the testimony with the treatment not to let the next guy refuses he uses one pair of gloves all day wanting to know much gloves cost a guy. Now. Next up English muffins. These are thomas' English muffins only use thomas' they're made in America there. Warnings that was brought to you Thomas is almost nothing about it hash tag not sponsored. The key thing the key thing would Thomas is is they can before split. I'll really OK yeah it got to fork split up obese at work you don't want to or. Four. A mistake that a lot of amateurs make LB. Is that they'll cut these things yeah you know outside do it and you get an increase enough atom like I want them. So what you do here watch me. You take a little bit of the crabby mixture there. And you rescue that you know what that's. See that little tidbit right there which we won't he just went from BN like some dude that could stuff that is supposed to actually. Noted that that's a separate professional now and other used in the sport and that's a special twist and a chef would come up with idea it's not now. Witnesses that I wasn't born yesterday. That's not my first time in the kitchen we know that you might as a good time you're 58 usually complaining about the cost. Again if you're just joining us. It's our Boston Marathon live broadcast that the capital grille. And I have challenged the executive chef here Dave. To a cook off we are each making. Greg's easy crowd bees I am making the traditional recipe. That I had been making for decades. Dave is making some kind of how full loosen. Food costs that 4042%. A version of this thing. And now I make mine the old school way I. I saw clarify for people that just to get them a little visual you're not watching feeds of live at the moment. Because this did come up as that debate before Greg's process he's not pre testing with weapons at all now straight at us now topping. Now now and then so you go you go Ron English muffin into the open yeah. And so you just basically warm English muffin apple out yeah you don't go. Full toast now one thing that the recipe calls for that I not I'm not going to be able to do today. Is the recipe calls. Or freezing these. All of that right in the hooking him I didn't really do that I itself. Here we go folks. Finishes stop what you wanna do is just kind of finish it off with what you have I'm trying to do this like that could keep you up at wanna take Connie your left over crowd here. And you wanna just kind of finish each of these. Like snow. And likes oh. And and nights. I moved so that end. What we're going to do now is that somebody's gonna clean on the side and I don't. And then we're gonna go ahead for those we're gonna put those under the broiler. And Chris Scott from the capitals helping put aside those under the broiler so Chris good god what a that's what you're gonna try just for the fun of it what it is Monday broiler. I'll end but we're gonna watch those and we'll bring those out when they're ready in just a few months I can. So I think probably what we'll do is I'd go away from FaceBook life for a few moments. And will bloom. Will get icy winter dew line we'll get to help melt because there's another trickery going shocked. Didn't have a trainer of creamy crabby threaded it I know. Perhaps I think that's how they cash looking up next and I. We're gonna get we need to get blindfolds can you guys out there can you get blindfolds four. Pizza smoke and and agent to the stars there in cells and whoever else is going to be. 'cause I want an honest opinion on this kind of thing resells edgy yeah he's I mean I think he's good why can't my age is nothing like Jim Angle it it will. Okay because he's gluten free yeah you'll be. Cried when I saw Monday. I laugh or so it comes down with the knives and let's look like can I just can I just mentioned. While wood before we get up FaceBook like could you just hold your hands up again. I'm if everyone votes out here that's watching your gap has commented that your hands what you got you look big now there. Are we now can sing or grab me that has been prepared now by chef Dave. Almighty god they didn't Atlanta I'm not till I at night look and I Dave come over here on this side so we can get an explanation on. I'll boy. Yeah that thing looks like that on that these oil what's happening over and that thing looks unbelievable. Really it's now. Ides blindfolded Jeff days. Why don't you tell us. I'm mine done OK they're looking good they just might need to cook a teeny little bit more. You want to be a little bit you want to be a little crispy. I'm Jeff they can you tell us how you prepared your version. Of Greg's easy crappy. It's not so again little mustard price tag on Manning is. Must apologies that was the binder fresh cheddar cheese. Lightly bound together with the radio. And then put that on toast or Rios the top is heavy cream reduced down with he needs crystal chatter. And. Roasted garlic product shot rule around the outside of that. Crying out loud this is completely unfair I don't have access to all those ingredients path. So that is and you notice the PC this is why I'm concerned about the presentation. Because he has that green stuff on like you know what I'm saying like you see you see the green. You see the green stuff he's a confident kid he I'll have a look at that look I don't know us now there is my first. There's my finished product. Played those sleepless. Night those things need to be plated. Right here's the very seventy's compared to days now that's a whole thing she'll look at how would. Look at this look at this finished product that looks good don't they look good okay yeah I'm in ninth inning of their heroic ones that looks pretty good they look pretty good. I wouldn't what is so what do you do with that little bit goofy sauce did put around this thing I don't do that kind of stuff out of about presentation does not matter to me I don't care about that I'm about that needed the meat of the matter. I've kit you know I get right to the act I don't care about the before player any of that stuff. Our self we need to do now did you just do one of them. You have a bunch of our network okay right so let's get these cut out. And then we'll get our tasters to give them a try can we bring our let's bring our tasters down here so that they're close by. I feel like we should bring the crowd he's out. Because I don't want everything to get a whole alien mother hot yeah right so let's go back on FaceBook live or back I think FaceBook live here at the capitol grill. FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks and we have our blindfolded. Judges here. And they are being given one particular crabby first so start with this one that you're giving them now. We have 55 judges pizza smoke. Agent to the stars Aaron cells not he Donny from nautical American Jin object single to order Vicky in this got to know your name is. And well okay will settle the game and our good name that I so they are being given go ahead and give that a try guys. Yeah go. Well you're gonna have that severely limited Niger Mike Hsu might she was gonna guide your hands. You know and cut a little cities. Cut itself a little bit of a piece of it something given the tastes. And this is one of the two. One of the duke cabbies that are available here. I like the way knotty donny's don't need you just he just that the whole thing happened to could be invited it. What's that would not donny's blindfolds. He's got like a Mardi Gras thing they did has had self doubt they needed to napkins and not. Now put the head chanted hey you should you should be Mike Hsu do it like defeated you know don't you were beaten Chloe when she was like two years old. I know here comes the playing now will open wire. Alright. Okay so as everybody had a chance to try the first the first scrappy that is the first easy route. Pizza smoke if you tried I have what do you think what is what is your opinion. I would say it's probably like an 88 point 58 point five our right pizza smoke gives it an eight point five. Let's didn't let's check in with agent to the stars Aaron sells my best bro in the world whatsoever. I think a boat seven point 47 point four on that one. Let's check with the let's check would not be Donny from month nautical American legion Donny and given a strong need to unleash texture. Hey it's got a nice text. A single to order Vicky. Hi it's Cheney and crispy. Lol I say eat half and half on that and will. To build a solid eight point two OK all right scores are and respect route we can attract let's go OK were you got let's bring the other one over. Greg do you know what's servers you know it naughty Donnie policies but. And it. I am I right number one here comes crabby number two news. These have been pre cut trio of ethnic as a courtesy TO. I keep these try you'll find you can just pick them up with your hands there that small button and at this crabby guy. This is the second in our entry of crap these. And this is live on FaceBook so everybody is able to watch this whole tiger thing. And see. I check and see here. See you got people who feel the need to like Chad I that they can insult. Us are like afraid of what happens on its eighth let's see what people think. Let's let's go to on that one let's let's go to C I mean people can't help as he mark. I'd sit out on the element of BL the last one. I'm a big garlic person image it was a lot of garlic and I can taste of garlic now so which one do you prefer this one or the previous. I think this one's okay this mummy of one vote for this one. I'm let's go to I agents this the hardest errant cells so put so about nine point sooner than this one wins that's on OK this one is a winner. Well let's move move that's a and not a done. As I. Not good you know you prefer the first one and it was it is a different kind of texted this thing it's like she wins. Now I can't I had a break out of single sort of Vicki. Am I anti Steny crowd let's check I'm not doubt about it so I can't just say I'll give this one an eight whereas the last at any point. I believe that means that we now have a tie would those two choosing. The second. No country these two choosing the first precious little will out of those in please feel free to be honest don't worry about you'll. Nothing nothing will happen like you'll get kicked out of my foundation party or anything about went what what this. What I'm gonna go number one. Where to be honest well it's. That's right because does this show let's get executive chef Dave in the capital grille and job lives. Hey no I don't sell yourself short we're talking eight yard to eight point fives dude I gotta tell I mean I it was that it came down to the very last vote came down at the very last. Thank thank you pizza smoke. I'm so it came down to him out of the Marianne.