Generic Radio Voicemail - The Matty & Nick Drinking Game

Friday, January 12th

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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF dot com. Hey you've reached met in mixed generic radio voice mail. The place to tell us whatever is on your mind and please after the. Documented now Jeremy has brought you as always by stone Ford now hiring a full time certified automotive technician check this out. Particularly 7500. Dollars in signing bonus if you got the skills visit stone import dot com for details or stop by to apply to win them. Very true. And this baby and yeah I have to do everything that they didn't make it that it doesn't like to. Oh have been. Affected daddy committed Haiti tonight what. Oh man. I was gonna say. On true. We hires his Grammy for Chelsea ounces this country. Hit me please make Haiti look like. Laws. The government actually shut down Sofia on Pakistan. And in my. Running on its own because the mayor got continuity in the second I don't know the first time I went there as like. Men went to the hurricane pastor here it was like there's. It Arctic. Form 20 oh PM the matter I I hope that they live there have been route I'm never found that there might computer as well. But it hit it higher. Did grinding catalog I look forward. The one who doesn't sit well look into that. Thursday. A different polls of difference you know it's probably Rolling Stone Paul that was that was unfortunate. June 21 PM. Abetted that good as bad and are unlikely that he had bad book and a lot of that good. New. IPad that they're apathetic about the what went with Beckett. Eight who played a better be what ought where I gotta let it. Hope they're. That. Now in play new drinking game and I like it cancel and you drink. I think you're not gonna hear tonight I think last that was the knife that was. And then now at this point there they don't wanna risk. Off putting our upsetting viewers are bet they'll probably steer clear of automatic and nick drinking game what can we say what do we say all the time. You know if you hear you drink you press the wrong button when I do here every you do one thing right. How why were you eating on the air Chelsea. Wrap. Any of those its dealers and you hear them I mean shower Beers I mean that would be the logical I think it should be more. Integrated into the show you don't mean like something that we might say on the reg like like if I said. Omar a lot when I talk something like that that using the spirit of drinking me and I mean like a mind game and almost tick if you will. I'm sure. Let's make it out we had some suggestion of 97107. What's the Matty and nick drinking game that when you hear. You drink put that on Fries.