Four You - Volcano's and Ed Asner Asking For Kisses

Thursday, October 12th

In the 4 o' clock hour, the guys always try to bring you 4 things you need to know! Within 60 minutes - it's more of a task than you think. Today the guys keep you up to date about the 'Champion of Women' Ed Asner asking for kisses to Volcanos on the verge of exploding and much more! Tune in and find out...


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Our guests are always online and on your schedule Delhi may ask. You stood for the fort things you should know history rules that I live by never got less than twelve hours a week. And I've got this thing first and as a city. Never going your lady who's got a pass. Back this is four years from now he had this story number one nick you remember the classic Mary Tyler Moore show who couldn't. Around the world com we've used. In and ask their played the part of her boss. Classic role and you know all the stuff going on with Harvey Weinstein everything's in the news about men being trod the dice. Grab massing if you well. When his well loving tribute I believe when Mary Jones passed yesterday. Ed Asner went on MSNBC to speak about workplace sexism and bad boys. And you know did that did what you think the Smart I would do was on the side of women's rights and men not being scum bags he. Pastor for kids I'm joined now by a man who started when those groundbreaking shows the Mary Tyler Moore Show Ed Asner. Who help demonstrate the changing culture of independent women in the work place. For millions of Americans that yes there wow it's great to have you here thank you so much for coming in concerned you're not really my kids. You know nothing Rome on. It's a bit this is the world that he. You talked about it doesn't not a tech after it like what I tell a joke and you can't speak that's these. That's the what we call that that's would call that Susie cobra syndrome joining us on the sideline. As Shia Islam can you is can you naive and tunis and the end of the interview by saying Nokia's. Again he went back to double down. He went back after the cats. But give us. Which part of you is like come on and we should know better in which part of you is like it's at as Mary's probably 89 right god. Give it. What does he do it now on the team struggling. I couldn't care less about the team struggling. That's struggling it's seven interactive age and I were in his seven syllables. Oster ever to stay is this'll give you a little lob wrap Boehner. Start actually you know the stories for both you nick and ends it is arena. Star Wars actor easy Ridley. Loans cute is playing that was daughter right she's like hot fit. Younger Keira Knightley with a light Saber to as to what. Two perfect job loss I think she's too like athletic against that I don't wanna make love to Mick Jagger anemic elect elect a woman if she's to look at athletic. You know yeah. Are you nuts. Oh. No that's not yours does appear like. You know water. Look at any level job that amazing smile she's got this. Odd daisy out ray who are your parents I want to get to know them I want her fifteen. Overweight sir scavenge jock you. Well anyway Dave Ridley. Was getting interviewed. And I she was asked what her favorite song is in the world to do karaoke style and status. You can greater if she goes I'd like six you have to look at fifteen pounds that's not him as a matter of weird intra profound last night that was the last only Soledad it's. It was somebody and it kind what's a good to carry out these. I'm hot I take back then what song you know all religions. His palms sweaty easily on the heavy this bombing on a sweat out ready mom's spaghetti he's nervous but on the second he does come ready to drop bombs. But it keeps all the getting what he wrote down the hope that both allowed he opens his mouth the words while yeah mountains joking that everybody is joking now that I sent out on top of that. Obama now. Why. Now I really really got hot war yeah I definitely don't want my girls super ripped and I definitely don't want Iraq. Can promise you that. Seat listen stirred Irish debt over here now don't know I mean my girl like pals with a girl right sexually okay. Do you think mrs. plate that you think you'll go if you just if you disagree like look everything's what do. Kevin's going to be fine. And I we're gonna get along better exhibit great who's gonna have who's gonna have a little. Unfit re on the side notes on some inside she probably it drove right it's guys have a name Ford don't they Dumont yeah yeah. They pulled that off your town and because side pieces sounds insulting but Eli hasn't kind of those who were. Were drew a roar roar through your leadership or. Cost of victory in four you don't read but don't forget that some have beaten. We are moments away from me give you a code word for the thousand dollar dollars don't miss that. That's what to you guys are awesome colds going on today Nikki knew about this it starts in five minutes Soviet in the Natick area but it goes to eight have anywhere in the metro west. Head over to skybox wanna own nines being street in Natick having a fourth annual craft how ocular. When we see this neck. Our little spider senses tingle digital singles and a dingle dangle. Our craft beer sampling in the fall I just I wanna go for the name alone the fact that they made money Portman so called that a craft secular fantastic. Boom. Enjoy tastings of more than thirty Beers then vote for your favorite. Winning selection. Season three month tap line at the bar live music by Jim Devlin why they I didn't know that you there would be prizes packages to opera I wasn't here it could drop a thirty spot and I can have a three hours sample of all the goodies like no couple the brewers it'll be either show enough mayflower from Plymouth then. Start line right there Hopkinton. No worms. Everybody with the world to clown shoes and absorption. And now many many more so Jack's dad is in the house to act that is and a house from Remington. So I make you head over to Natick. Get to the craft tackler now to 8 PM is going to be a blast make shoot. And finally were all gonna die. Scientists working in and around Yellowstone National Park say that the super volcano sitting under the tourists attacked traction at Yellowstone. May blow sooner than. We thought eruption that could wipe out life on the play. Fantastic. Discovery was recently talked about it while Cain Knology conference that sounds like complete faith makes me I told me. You did you do business it is less than zero chance. Size mile size mile Agee is the science of earthquakes can actually moves to center what is the science of while looking at all it's you and nick you got nothing in common. A man out there what. The super volcano may come get all of us but I for one and first looking forward to super volcano the movie star in the Roger regrets immigrate mean let let.