Four You - This 'Tran' Got Off Track

Friday, October 20th

In the Four O'Clock hour, the guys try to bring to you four important things that you need to know. On today's episode the 'tran' - excuse me 'train' - really gets off track as the guys discuss and take callers on Playboy's latest addition...a 'transgender' model. Yes, No? What do the guys think?! Listen to find out. 


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Afternoons. Parents are only. On your schedule and WA AF. It's time for the report things you should know. Never get less than twelve hours a week. The guy's got the same first name as the city is never going nearly as got a tattoo back of this is for you from Matty in the neck got present to you play always. Knew what they may for the November issue old. French model lines Rao. In straight up the strug. Yes and the found that what makes our aims row. So different known irons a row that's the command you give when the people without their papers are running away. I did well. Did you ever read atlas shrugged I read it found. I haven't done that mr. it's good yeah William Rourke. He's architect with different vision Howard Roark and that's without Rourke. All of that I read the comment yet I'm sorry Ira were down and not out shark sorry. Yeah that's right. And yet this is slog but it's worth I loved. I loved it's a great it's a great day long form meditation on believing in yourself as an hour right that's right and refusing him not giving up to whatever society telling you is in vogue at that time so basically societies telling him. Shut up and play music is like no economic dumb bits right. Well. What makes buying these row so different. She is the first ever transgender playmate. If she is right there there's is right there now I'm not being that I swear to bottom up manager. I'm really not out there is no thanks. He's proud though they knew quite all right guys say you can't you say you're qualifying for only play do I qualify not when you say now I'm not being a jerk. I honestly I'm friends with a lot of people of different collars and sexual orientations. However. I'm asking so this is a woman who used to be man correct. Is that correct is that what it is transgender. She's a she's a woman now she's young man or could be a man that is no woman. Same thing. Transgender though it's not like it did but it's all it's because it's clearly a check them out and ask you know there are heavier I think we can't that Guns 'N Roses song not. It used to be. Uncle Matty pulled a Boehner. Present this I present. Our resent this whole sis. The assists gender thing. So nick nick you and I as straight at her sexual males are we are now labeled since gender and let me finish I've by and that triggering offensive categorizing zoning and that was. I wonder. This is people's Jean dean. Of the people that invented this whole thing man who were offended by triggering statements will be as respectful to my way. Being offended by it because here's think if I say to them let me finish if I stayed away. A unease I haven't even been able to inhale even coming at all I densely. If some sort of say to me if I said I find sister NFL IPO I thought that triggering an offensive there response to be like. Well now you know how we feel that. That then reveals the reason they came up with. You know I'm saying reveals their true intentions like. We've been subjugated now you have to stay is. Screw you premiering next Thursday on FX is a new job called. Matty asks and answers his own conscience. Well don't watch. I think dance odors actually as the writer on the show you know who I stand you know is not happy you know to legitimately all sounds to me when people get so crazy with the gender re qualification this is hindering thing. This sounds like the kind of stuff you would see on a show like. On the hand maid's tale on like Hulu rising like this is like. Pizarro futures stuff where like were world just. Did you we've. Until we've got Barbie parts and can bump that's right. No no. No boobs and sweetheart I shot or other yeah I had absolutely no ORG we'd get out of the gas. And bode well that are. And manly face gorgeous now knock absolutely granny panties on first. And who's not attracted to a hot chicken Grady I write checks you have to look at fifteen pounds to your point nick I saw a girl the other day driving to work. And her shirt said gender is dead. Who moms and anyone has ever genders anymore c'mon. You know agrees that I don't why don't think it's bad that she's their sessions agrees we who's against his Jenna Jameson Jenna Jamison all foreign policy is the authority on everything go she's and then people are agreement on Twitter. She said so Playboy just out to be featuring its first transgender claiming and then three had smacked minorities. And but we've attacked on Twitter but then now what you're defending her one guy wrote Playboy has women and it Playgirl has meant and it Boy Scouts have boys and it gross got to have girls it why is this. Hard it is hard because a win because if someone is born in they feel I am not a guy I am a woman. Still then therefore they are not a man anymore and now they are one and so now they go where the woman. Go pat. Have you are and funds to Playboy I want you nicely the government still is saying that I used to remember and I've heroic woman we just keep them that it drives me insane can we all. We have so few things we can count on anymore. In this topsy turvy mixed up unpredictable world yes I'd at least like to just know. That when I sit now. Out on my damn couch at night with the remote on one side my snacks on the other my left and on the craft beer in my right hand freighter slipped beneath my pants. I can grab the genitals of my choice I was born when is it not an assault. Is it not an assault if you pledge yourself to this image and then by that was a guy can you not sue someone for that now all eyes are on our. I don't know if you know this but our breaking news while Playboy has replaced their iconic logo of a bunny with a bow tie don't do it it's just prince's old don't do it symbol. Now the androgynous symbol aka. Scared me. Legacies of that. Let's go to Tyler who has a solution to this Playboy quandary Tyler welcome to the program. Shell that he's dead and with grad and very stronger and more mentally out of line but there. So all our right we got the women who played quite big demand for Playgirl. So if you're confused what the volume and our world and or just want to rein in supply. It's like oh they create police say. You never know what you're gonna get. Bright and that's the fun is that every time you open the rapper it's like. What that's like a pack of baseball cards are you know it when you go to comic book convention they say it's a mystery bag you know which which who took on the Jenna inside there. They look nice job Tyler's our listeners will be admitted he had indeed been. And I didn't industry that's right you know those lollipops. No mystery flavor right just like that you don't know we gonna suck on. To mop you don't know which one you're gonna start run. And everyone else out there here my disappointment. Good news. John used on the during imports to realize and push John. Well I've buddy what do you. I sort of sciences at George good job. We're not eating right now he. Shot to sign outlaw. Yeah I install. It on the back in 880. Is the person in war and play our order great. EUL eight. There are Arab. I would hit it great all night. I have ever played football or Greek air. Are here. There are looked at the bar. At our results aren't there it would it change all we also. Oh are. This woman Sean you're right on I remember this article blonde girl chula. Was the first transgender. Woman sorry about to bare all in Playboy magazine. Wanna know if she's beautiful they shot Sean he's free in the afternoons we need to research assistant. It July jury whatever then he got beyond Danica how widow or whatever it does about what it does matter George because we respect you whatever gender you are. You know it's I come here. Op play that he had back in the day. Well. Block it back and little but it was it was a bit like one sucked out of you guys. Hey you suspect this to be a second version of Playboy and I'll just saw. George to a came to the world as Barry cost CC knew she was different from the beginning a woman born in a man's body in 1974. After years of hormone therapy and counseling as well as a little rest well. She completed her transition. With gender reassignment surgery at London hospital great college jobs torch Matty couple people weighing in check out of the I mean. Hundreds of text flooding the Aggies have won a seven tech needs text line. Somebody would like to point out that the name of that particular lollipop the mystery flavor. Much like the people in the studio it's a dumb down. Yes the dumb dumb Seawright 6031. Half dies and now this transgender nonsense is happening. Boy it have some robe wasn't even still warm shame on them. But also a year ago. In Alabama is certainly not I don't this. It's like. Are you so insecure with your masculinity that you're upset and it transgender woman in Playboy after all aren't boobs boobs. I agree I don't wanna be intolerant but there is something to the thing of like if you are into that if I'm not into pornography and born and you buy something thinking it's one thing and it's not told you that it's another thing isn't that kinda is that kind of do you feel misled. Bit like about you know if I'm getting into it it. And and it is a woman as far as being presented to me and that I don't after the fact that it was a man what changed it to pretend to be a woman or changed into woman somehow. I feel a little like. Oh that's weird now I have the deal some issues in my own selves and whatnot and applauding so not yet personally not in a porn you never see here you watch it wore number two and you know what what I can make very few problems until one of them is that I will lead the birth weight I was pregnant I went 07. The ideal weekend released from this mortal coil and not have watched born with the U. They advertise it on the front cover and at this it's all important government. Isn't I'm just sizing ulcers and notes CU and notes you audience an noting every rule on. If you happen to enjoy looking at a picture of a beautiful if not sexual lives transgender that does not make you. A Romo I I don't understand and all that. Target our I was gonna do another 4 eastern I think we've struck on us up here with this transgender thing I think we should ride this. I dare you a couple of firms with a dumb dumb lot and now this pats off. Of it. Yeah. There's the standard. Colleen welcome to the program the Matty in Mexico. How arrogant head sour Beers. I ain't I don't wanted to comment on that transcend and Playboy yes. I'd say gender studies aren't and I don't remember exactly when that app and so real and about as lamented. Think it's her fiance was in the military and when his. Squadron are looking in every wanna call it found out that you would think it she was trans gender woman. Baby and a the cat and I don't want to know like manner that would ensure that they had built their own acts out its threatened by somebody that came at. Yeah I don't know Nic Wise your sexuality so threatened by him. Don't lay this on my doorstep you know I thank him a call Colleen in the reminder. That. That people can be Cagney extent that it now nick and engine as gonna say if if there's one take away so far show to date. It's that and an insensitive prick nick should have taken the man's dog. I feel like the people. Who are generic radio voicemail is 617. 779. 5454. Again that's six or 777954. BP would be Christmas to open the best those in the 6 o'clock let's have a fantastic finish to what has been one of the more. Festive and celebrated weeks of generic radio voice that you guys come on with it yet to finally I get now I think and really leaned out through great. Generic radio fodder for us to play I mean OK let's let's not. They're there improving. We've coached an op yeah I'm proud you guys. Uncle Matty sprout. We're gonna kiss. Could happen now. So. Rustic for you. Just whatever kind of like that transcendent and I mean do you care that Docomo burger might someday go in the WWE. Doc I hope not that's what they're saying and act on WW an hour journey Jim costs. Jim Ross says no doubt that kind of a great girl and a wrestling. There have been hints and rumors about this in the past. But this is Jim Russ. If it's perfectly there him Rossum he's here's what he Estes at a McGregor a fighting in the WB. Well I know that he say. An amazing performer amazing talent and I have great respect you see everything they do and him. There's no way and you can convince me the Conroe Berger will not. Earn a masses chick. From Vince McMahon Sunday in the future. It will not be a career deal NBA won't all special occasion massive promotion I would suggest big at a wrestle mania somewhere down the road. With the attractions there the marketing is there the money's there. Why not make it happen. Yeah why wouldn't decree or they immediately get really hurt you it seriously hurt us is a freak accident. You have to go through a thing if faced pounded in fights and you can make probably more money being. And transition and acting like a rock you know we've got a great bravado he's a great talker. It is great that. It. Would you want to write.