Four You - Training Montage Barrage featuring Andrew Gruttadaro

Wednesday, May 31st

As one of their daily tidbits just "Four You", Matty and Nick welcome Andrew Gruttadaro, writer for The, and engage in a lengthy discussion regarding The DEFINITIVE Ranking of Movie Training Montages! Read it for yourself here, and argue along at home!

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We get an inch 37 W and podcasts are always right and you schedule WA AF. Stuart there were stories of the last round. To move content and we wonder and now we have pizza and beer brought to us and we don't care about it's gonna have an eyewitness Jones refine our right Andrew got a credit RO. From the ringer. Wrote this article. A definitive ranking a movie training montage is almost as it was written for us this might. B. The most later piece of movie an Internet porn that I have read. In the longest time it's like somebody crawled into my mind in just wrote about everything. That I care about for the last thirty plus years yes we have Andrew on the phone with us Andrew welcome to Matty and nick first of all thank you for reading this article. Hey get. Great to be here and thanks for all the next things Digisette. Well hey it's red up our Alley which we do in the show we have all these. High gluten plans to talk about certain topics and do things our boss wants is due and then we get a fight about which is the best eighties fights or something like that so it's what we do. That's what I'm here for optical out you almost lost me on this list because you started. You know I'll start at the end of it work whipped number one check but he started with. The as one of the greatest month and I almost I'm almost at the back to nick is I'm not gonna read the rest. Odom then I did the training montage of enough with Jennifer Lopez please. First of all I'm a big believer in starting off list. With that attention grabber that Smart you know I'm trying to get on trying to get their reaction immediately. But. You know this thing. Is the main thing just because for a bomb all I'm Paul Ford jailer getting in shape and you know fighting her abusive husband but compelling story in my mind. Yes and it's not just any sort of abusive husband in this piece of fabulous. Cinematic trash a movie that is so bad you would ask the pilot to pull overseas could jump out the movie so bad. She fights I believe her evil husband is that the rockets here is that Billy Campbell. It's Billy Campbell and got is this movie the one that and he he had like. He seemed to have like people in every city so that wherever she goes he just like called a friend and like aching back you're out. So like you that you the villain and I'm all about I'm all about this woman. Bulking up. And just in terms of the training it. You know a third and it's almost rocky level they accepted jail though with the with the short haircut and it. Yet fair plan I mean like it's not like there's any guy who doesn't wanna watch jailer do cross bit but at the same time we're trained. To love these montage is that feature like it's basically the same story all the time it's like awesome piece of action music it's muscled up oily superstar. And it's three minutes of just fast cut action in things that make you feel. Like you could accomplish anything and conquer your greatest foe over the course of like yeah it's it's like action action movie music video porn. Exactly and you know you know where each one is telling but that almost makes him more enjoyable. And I love me under the you point out the fact the script is so thin. That the guy who teaches her crowd my god does he have a name in the script is asking he's credited his trainer so I think. You that you would be instructor it's dance instructor these are gonna have another movie like look at it. Yeah now see we need the instructed not to do that movie to. Eight okay at on this list of the top eighteen training montage is being an Andrew Greta -- from the ringer right now who wrote the most essential piece of Internet so far Tony seventeen in the greatest movie training montage as. You have one that we romance we argue all the time in the show what's the best rocky movie best rocky theme. And I I think that the training sequence and rocky three out does so many other trading montage is because. Not only is like a rocky one but in this one they're not just running through the streets of Philadelphia they're running on the beaches of Venice in their running in. Slow motion like it's now on creeds turf and it's all those gratuity shot so yeah. Caught us flat stick around don't matter much but that's that's what it's called so many months while welts. They hit. And I'll let you live rocky theory is a little bit lower. I sort of analyze it because the montage itself stop and start so many times yeah. Day you know you're you'd think you're about to get through it and use your elected notes survived a tiger in your I Paris here we go. And then it might cut elect another scene where Iraqi talking about how you might be too old or something. You don't really want Britain and open it or similar upgrade. Or what's wrong with that you're Yemen are just. It in the good Adrian good. Yet I hate you know I'd just I'd that sort of bothered me a little bit kind of wanna get into it. Right good point now Mattie took issue and I have no qualms of this whatsoever sir. I have no problem with the fact you have to Jeanne Claude van dam movies in the top ten in the last. I find it difficult some people like then they movie are they all the same well yes they are but the same time they're not and every one of them needs to be celebrated individually. You had. Kick boxes seventh but then you actually had. You had. Blood sport a little bit higher let's force amber to. While yes I am a big gambler short life size dude blood sports there's no apologizing for blood sport blood sport is one of the greatest movies ever made. But the thing that thing why I love this this month cut so much and it and this is separate from the movie. This is just montage we talked up is that uses some of the training that he goes through is so bizarre and specific today I. And just loved it like the fact that. This is not a guy and making him serve him food blindfolded is the most brilliant thing ever. It is pretty insane when and when you paired up with the drum dancing scene in blood sport you're like America you know these this this is why movies are invented. Credit so enjoyable Andrew Greta Darrow from. Other ringer we're talking about his article definitive ranking of movie training montage is Andrew can hang over the top of the hour is hang on like one minute or so okay we could top the hour when it come back and talk about your number one. Ranking of all time training montage is and people have been texting in their favorite montage is so we'll give you got all those two NC we think of them yet. It's hit a nerve. Like I was telling you when we first talked about how like this audience loves these kind of movies that you mentioned in the article. And there's nothing that people don't love more in an action movie you're chop Saki flicks the bad the fight movies the revenge movies. Then a montage and I really think it is the most American edition. To cinema because. It's you know it's like you can solve all your problems have funding kickass in three minutes and we all know it's basically gonna be like what rocky deaths in three minutes. That's six months of hell. We can't yet I like I can't go for a jog with. Without crying. It's nice it's nice to like have been an inspiration. The thing that I can like lift boulders. Yet no no joke this morning I knew I went for a run this morning and I was having a hard time on this big hill and I was like oh I don't need to do and I jump I grab my phone. And I turned on that song by meek mill from the training montage aria from creed I crushed the last mile the bad and that's why don't they realize that this is meek mill from creed. And then houses I was holding rocky as he was thrown out but then cook that's fighting and like that's what makes montage of bringing great. Yeah yeah and I mean like look at America loves winning and that I think we we also load via the idea that it. You can win and long if you work hard. Yes kind of like a deep meaning of these montage. We know any mud again we go into Dennis died when they. Yeah you're right reality in montage doesn't work like showing someone slow mode getting on a sensible diet doesn't really honored work. I'm defendant number nine please on your list defend at number nine. Okay. A number nine was dirty dancing. Within. That. That's what happens. Now urges all. First blow IIA. I really give props to use the movies that try to training montage even though it's completely out of the wheel house. You know beat the work that are sports movies then you know war movies and stuff like that put someone trying to learn how to dance. I it doesn't exactly same like inspiration and strength lies around. You know I I appreciate winning. And it's you know it's actually pretty compelling it's got a great song hungry I'd buy air Carmen. Yes you're not gonna final voice of dissent in here and now everybody loves unrealized period. It's just a beautiful on. Are. And the desk by a beautiful man what yeah Patrick Swayze and you know baby I you know I agree and I think it's good. Erica we're all of the guilty pleasure and you have a couple of them here and I'm not gonna are I'm not even get taken to task for including move on your list that's fine. It's totally fine. On people that that one go out like the biggest collapse from people. Dogs but don't sleep on it not just if you have a five year old loves Disney movies okay so. We we're getting now to number one but not our producers. Stand and I agree wholeheartedly I think my favorite training montage you have listed number of five. When young Bruce Wayne is work we have it's excuse me that's my personal favorite. When young stars Dwyane is working with the Raza a school in Mongolia and Batman begins chills every time. The visit. The thing on the argue. Also. You know. What do you what do you and I'm sorry what you consider you said in the article. That Karate Kid doesn't count as a montage why. So it's it's a little disjointed in that it's more like a collection of scenes and it is. Like conglomeration of scenes. You know there's just so many of these things that are tried and true monetizes. I had to weed out some. A certain way. Well I mean are right now we're getting into like is it cheese burger a beef steak and is a beast bigger army and let. I without any further ado let's talk about your number one. Yep on your list of all time great movie Montag did is kind of an arguable. Andrew might Astaro I argue this you would you don't think this number this will stand output two above this. You would rocky to about your results that would but go ahead an immigrant. Yeah no I think I think rocky horror is one hot take. I Ida I thought it was kind of on debatable but I I agree on well just. Good at it by day month. Quarreled with to a B and two you get the one thing when you do me was that we in dome and into what I consider one of the great reminders of all time for. Slowly steps into camp. I think it's a little overtime at least we lived up Pauley it's rough and the thought. OK Jack Kennedy is an Avid Technology like the roads and I get it. It is it prop it kind of like the logical peak of rocking on television analysts that. You know it's kind of like you can see it building to this point and and it absolutely peak fitness report. That things done it's ridiculous these you know in the four foot now we've laid caring wood and buying. And dragging people. All the while while I do is literally taking steroids. They've committed a great fishing dead before they show a needle going into his arm Andrea like Sylvester Stallone is it a kind of shape that no human being I think is not ever been in now in the history of film. And it is with him standing on an icy mountain in the middle of some Soviet. Yeah I mean come on. Unless it real quick we got your Andrew real quick sum of one on the Texan is a bunch of movies they wanted to check in on. But one in particular that I was hilarious and I wonder you must've thought was this is hard to kill by Steven cigar when he comes back to like for the. You know what that month does that. Hard until you know you wanna talk about maybe two camps that for me you and with where the line sort of what you. Where you know I I just think. Jon Claude van dam and slide and people like that kind of sell the camp into a little bit better than ago. Yeah all right. He is Andrew credit RO a writer for the ringer dot com Andrew thank you for joining us you can follow him on Twitter at Andrew gripe I have to waited out the article will cheated out again and would love to have you on again soon because we have to talk your other recent list. The definitive ranking of get in the gang together Maha. Also great on I also get here you are in our mind my man I'm happy to do it our body taken at thanks for joining us thank. You can't plan.