Four You - Top Ten Movies of 2017

Wednesday, December 6th

Every day at four, Matty and Nick bring you... er, TWO things you need to know. Don't worry, with all the off-topic rambling, you won't even be able to tell the difference! Also; CHEESE!


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We lost Indians 37. I guess are always on. On your schedule WA AF. She's done for the sport things you should know history rules and I'm. Never got less than twelve hours a week. I caught the guys got this thing first and as a city never going here ladies gotta pat to back this season for you from Matty in this. We're gonna play a little make nick cry. One of our stories Russert talk about the best movies of the year according to Rowling's down. There's one movie that we should be receiving screeners for act. But. I am super anxious to see that does not involve. Light sabers jet eyes. And start destroyers and and this movie lady bird is supposed to be amazing they came back. Larry Bird I'd cite. While I don't know about this. I'm getting out for a lame lead he'd. Hang out about his mother's once liked highest rated movie in the history of rotten tomatoes you know whatsoever no matter if it's not about other birdies not have a Honda and now this this movie has like it's got a hundred point. More and what's it about oh and I think of them science for girls she does some stuff. Quick reminder for dive into these stories that we're going to play new game called finish me off. Your chance to win Bruins tickets and go to the TV guide so be listening about a half hour from now. Fiery forty Mets will play. A new game your chance to go see the Bruins alive in the meantime please leave us. Generic radio voice mails that number is 617779. 5454. Maybe one help me with a package conundrum all but back to the tipping thing maybe it was the tipping thing a country club because. Many go to clubs haven't no tipping policy I agree. Not because it's mean but because their well compensated and I tip you. Five box. But the member next to me to puke ten box do you treat him a little better and no idea I mean crates problems. And now but tactical tit you've heard about you know. My issues and tipping before too and I love to give added tipped tippy canoe right you earn it. Right I'd love to give them too I just wished in my pursuit and student note to policy because. I always feel like given. And now argument Christmas gift to us I don't know what people do right that's my problem I don't know what it is like that's a hundred bucks to an outfit about 500 bucks. I'm an old pooling tips is the best. But the problem is that and that's the problem well if there's costs here's Communist Russia because what if one person is dragon asked. In doesn't deserve what you hustle and I know what everyone well this is a mass. Holiday collection taken from all members so it says. As past years Saudi c.s and you know he give you give a contribution on this card and then they pooled all together and distributed among all the employees with his enemy now. So it was a box insulting my daughter every member gave a hundred dollars and if that's like that's true. Teeth over 2003 dollars and in on the numbers and that's why there that's why they're there though that's why they've that's why whenever Mehdi almost faces sandwich and then just drops it in the fairway there you go yeah. He does. Our store number one now this could be my first bone of contention is my first bone with chef now. And Pam pocket and it was a parts as you know if you listen to show shot out came into my life into our lives neck she. Tokyo nine taught us how to eat clean he changed how we shop how we eat. And one of the things she did was take me out dairy. Love dairy and I have noticed him stomach issues gone. Feel better everything. How are you to have milk parts if you don't have there let's just say it's it's fantastic I don't is why in my life for let the pocketbook what's that at this. Have occasionally stone piece to be here has problems to us. But according to a new study. And you are some awesome study. Then. Cheese. Is actually. Good for. I do all you need to eat in this life is she's coffee in beer back. Well none of that one copy four cups of coffee a day helps you live longer Asha is not a boy area. A study is done different. Different study done by the Wisconsin cheese makers of us knows yeah the European journal of nutrition outlook they obviously have no invested steak and Iran from lodge big cheese. People who consumed cheese. A 14% lower risk of developing coronary heart disease and a 10% lower chance of suffering a stroke and other words Jesus just delicious it's good for you. It makes you happy to probably reduces cortisol geez does give you that little bit like pain. It wasn't just them now researchers from the Netherlands and China brought together fifteen observational studies that followed over 200000 people for ten years or more. The findings. Run counter to what you antique Caesars watt. Well Chinese cheese. They would ever had Chinese cheese. Now do oh. What they've put no. I've gotten Apple's Greg. But that does happen and you know me it's. And patents they're fun. It's kind of a wide turn revisionism. I don't know. Let's go to my pocket and ID's chief editor for some reason that just don't I don't think they put Chinese change anything now they don't. I have been to Chinese buffets though there's a cheese cubes on the things tofu. Right mr. right that's that's right let's go to Michael drilling imports studio and he can help me of my conundrum. Hi Mike welcome to show. Shallow water followed yeah he sees Mike. Mattie when it comes that that sound a bit about this of the whole damn site. That's right I'm right thing you volatile all right Mandy thanks Heidi and why did you not see that it got. Comes up from behind my nest is doing his job for a change just it'll Google search. Not as much as 90% of Chinese people are lactose intolerant that's I've just got my first whiff of tip. I think we are all lactose intolerant to some degree. We're the only species that during the lactation. Richard I'm glad to be auditorium. I'm glad to be obviously do you see wolves sit around. Drinking cups a goat's milk you cows have sheep's milk now I did have Mac and cheese name the calf upstairs. The full disclosure it was really good to have you know I put it chicken put in ten anybody's. And I had an AMOCO what is an American cheeses. The other study and they like what right smack and when is she did a Mac and cheese is not done right I think mega Jesus wild Everett. Many of you wanted. Many of you wanted some of you. One in Marion not to make it. To block the air you are witness. To the break up. Of this show Mac and cheese isn't good. This center said it has to be done right what the hell are you you can score pizza it's still good he struck back in season it off. I just I'm glad to chilling quiet just chase that played a Mac and cheese with a cupcake. Nick so we set the scene of the day we didn't get to it but you know it's it's this time of year that people compile. Lifts. Right and at the top ten top ten list is that top ten lists exactly. Ten best and best right and best so they did Rolling Stone did their ten best films of the year and I thought you'd find this very interest having been to one movie this year I would qualify as an authority yeah you had. So they they're top three will go with all right caught me by your name which I never even heard of gonna have to go ahead and watch the screener on that one the six month old probably wouldn't enjoy it I didn't see that nor was I I was even aware of that movie who's in that policy is is Diana riddles and Freddie fund bag and now it's a forward. Please. And northern nearly 937. Helio how in relation while visiting Oliver's father's recent assist our analysts and I'm not watching a movie named after a gay kid who shares a name with a cardboard pizza. The number to get out which I enjoyed that aren't a lot of positive. A lot of Oscar buzz on get out and by the way Jerry meals. Twilight Zone reboot this right is officially picked up that's right and the number one and eleven agree with this. Dunkirk. Got to see this everyone yes the best it's one of the best War Films I've ever seen. Because it's. It's accurately grand in some ways but then it's super insulated and small write it and you go what if you don't an imagine of ending his very analogous. To No Country for Old Men. Then when there's no happy monologue he just gives them online account he's hanging out there while now but it's like you know that was down as our terrible it out of their experience where you go from light. Haller to just like ordering an egg you know I mean and and and it and and he just like people laughed at that post script seen in the avengers. Where like they just say Derrick and and then run the credits and then they're all hanging around a diner eating yes he faces is what to do that and save the world get out in Iran following him and Ruben I think someone's left off with a movie. With that this year. About personalities of my split split was. Was looking yeah. She comes night. Really you might have got mugged yeah loved it. A couple of other better movies. Rebuild hard. Lady bird numbers six.