Four You - They Killed Comedy

Friday, September 22nd

Comedy legend Mel Brooks recently came out and said that political correctness has officially killed comedy. Is he right!? Featuring comedian Will Noonan sitting in for Matty!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. It's time for the fort things you should know mystery rules I never pleasant but last week. I've got this thing first nemesis that he never going to only has got a tattoo back. This is for you from daddy in the that shows the way well if you listen to Matty and neck you know there's millions of either do. You know well. You know how we feel on this program about political correctness to test it in fact. I like to scrub myself as a social justice warrior against social justice warriors that's what I'm warring it up against and I have company now I never had. How often Dong. In a comedy legend known as Mel group Mel Brooks speaking on baby touch December my conscious that America. Audiences. This became an. On BBC radio's wars program today he Mel Brooks Mel Brooks let's say I'm drew Barmes on whatever. We have become stupidly. Politically correct yeah. House the death of comedy it's non monetary area once it's not offered comedy Mel Brooks added not the first time most quickly in your backseat of a good idea as to why hike. This lie and take risks. It's about the lecherous little self paced are what's does. The lecherous little elf whispering in the king's the year always telling the truth about human behavior and this is Mehdi Blake. The golf detective. Undercover police. Anyway I followed will movement. Yeah solid doesn't have enough that in a OK I got in the studio. I hope that this. Is okay so bull look at. I think the thing. You'll be so tired so it doesn't tonight news here yeah. Okay male ego that great story religion this is. To start a soup jail milieu that believes all of us right now there and mr. Overton comes for more from Wilton. Yeah you know mom a lover of marijuana Fleming's animal lover of breakfast here truth I'm not even a lover of marijuana but. I would tickets in the house I have read discovered the value and Juliet serial yeah. I play it daily tickets and house I'm smoke at home. I asked right now and now man like gee he's got a my my older one has like this Star Wars cereal has like a little currency X wing to play the alliance ever marshmallows. Holy nuts is that good well I don't know if they need to serious in my election act. Tricks and now that sits on my wife turns failed. Actually made with artificial dyes and believers he quietly and nearly two years after they were banned from the colorful breakfast cereal General Mills said Thursday that classic tricks what worked there in a supermarket shelves in October. A better version with. Artificial colors and flavors will be also sold so you'll have a choice when why would you why would that be chose why should the one with artificial flavors. And colors you know I guess some people dislike the taste of which is a better dive. Right it is better read six. He it and you know yellow five as ought to be employee wolf is under Ben yellow three and blue fiber blue Perino. Well you know it really depends on whether it's. A red line or white line being compared with very fair point it's a very fair point. I've I'll always totally want that artificial flavors and all like the food Nazis out there and generation helicopter parent well the precious snowflakes that. Now they paint everything it's they have a free range breakfast we or for their own you know what. Listen I mean we do enough bad things to ourselves. Although artificial flavor here and there are some lucky charms a little cookie crisp so why do you need that with your hair any chance and some tumors in your legs that Flintstones vitamins and that's alienate literate. Just just may be some honeycomb and some Flintstones vitamins that he wanted to wire falls out later in life. And you go to that it's if he's still talking about Mel Brooks and that hold on let's tune into that means if he's still talking about us debt comedy. Needs to be open. I'm oh my god it just won't stop. And I.