Four You - Slayer Tour & Tool

Monday, January 22nd

In today's Four You, Slayer announces their final tour, and we hear that Tool may be working on some new music!!


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We lost Indians 37. I guess are always online and on your schedule WA AF. You've done for the fort things you should know history rules and I would. Never get less than twelve hours a week. But I've got the same first name is a city never going nearly who's got a tattoo back of this is for you from Marion did OK this one was a. Listener generated story from the 51 sixers actually Long Island room I guess listening to us on the app or Bluetooth. Through there app. Yep or their Lott speaker maybe they are New York but they said. A write in their Bluetooth right on the Bluetooth Syria would tell me that using their Bluetooth to listen to us Symbian app and their car men. All other smarts beat guy used ideas about speak today Alexa. Open my Yahoo! Gmail plays and yeah the young and Gmail my Bluetooth Wi should stop behaving. Nearly patriots haters that we are that he bingo. This morning the band slayer. Shocked fans like when they announced their farewell tour which has waited for 2018 good bye slider. Tour dates have not yet. And announced. But it promises to be a world tour. The native video announcement. Including a compilation of media throughout the group's career ranging from early posters to recent shots the bandit footage from every era after at 35 years. It's time to light collect my pension so the frontman Thom I have a right after. So we I don't let them catch it maybe thirty plus I'm nearly five years skinny here can still speak I mean. I like singing in this fitting that blank out in convincing everybody. That this guy is having maniac it's like acting this is horrible airport and each other media such questions. This isn't like thirty odd years of James Taylor. 35 years. And Dawson. They go and now more music news second story. My boys you know I love nick I love to play these guys dual pirate radio are most awhile to now be pumped up a cool beginning beside them yep not air supply okay. Oh sticks double honoring god is roll on the tool. Now. He's been a running joke. That's the date tool comes out of the new album way to do that pigs fly to right that George RR Martin we'll have to do as I advise him fired almost. Well according to the stars Adam Jones the band as well other ways to completing an album. Especially since last Saturday threat was to doubles. Sexton. So new tool on its way. And we can expect to release soon. Music is does that lyrics coming in hard. That Maynard James Keenan. So all you all the luck so man. New music coming soon. So 774 saw slayer in Boston last August when lamb of god still John and I believe. Fantastic. We give away tickets to get in the 5 o'clock am almighty god. We have great black labels with tiger and enable me society you get a little bit of that you can treat the audience to for a couple seconds this. Aaron on the got some buttons to your parents got a real summer and. I was gonna that he he while waiting for him and import steel I problematic. There hey you grumpy old Liz. Misery being used your grumpy bastard beard oil this very morning Matty. They go yeah I'm looking good. Beard looks like he started out our game so that boy off some. Yeah. Game unbelievable the ages brother dean unbelievable. I just had noted apart while locked gear all time is insane. Wait did you did you did you actually watch the game from the parking lot like you said at the TV and tailgate and other SE people. Don't I don't know and you do that no so apparently like. Up to 30% of the people in attendance there at those games are actually in. The parking lot for the game parking lots are like the best sports party goes yeah they're there and people bring in flat screens. Like DISH Network makes this little thing you can bring and it's connected to your county pop down the park what you get it crystal clear signal. Flat screen drinks shares borrowed. Love it coming up czar fifty on sports and there's a lot of sports talk about your generic radio voice mails while hot flash your calls your tax all that and more. It's Matty and.