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Tuesday, November 14th

Matty & Nick were feeling a little lazy today so they decided to let you guys tell them what you should know. Let's see what you came up with!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Our guests are always online and on your schedule Delhi may ask. It's time for the fort things you should know history rules and on the night never get less than twelve hours a week. And I've got this thing first name is a city. Never going the only who's got a tattoo back this season for you from Marion did well here's a story we should know about in the. 4 o'clock hours see that Texans 774 in that driving down the road and away homeless and demanded that in this tiny little tuner polls in front of me almost causing an accident I fly have next to him. Ready to scream at him only to see. Is a super hot girl with the biggest boobs I've ever seen on a woman of that particular ethnicity. Come to think of it you know what today is an awesome day love you guys. We all kinds of stories from you because I realized just today that sound it's presumptive Abbas to say these are four things you should know you tell us what. You think you should know well text in the 978 wants everyone to know Maggie is in mr. Graham post today was pretty funny. Yes I posted a picture of me on oak island delivering. Dialogue to a flying drone they have these drones and cameras and as high tech drones. And so I had we'd win notes to or something people might not know things Jones for television shows. Some who don't mind not known. And ever and ever tell you that so annoyed that I said in that the answer guys that can watch Russia as the night hopefully I won't drone on too long. Today so good ball I. Never tea I brought one I years ago as drones were first being rolled out into television production. I had a friend who worked as second cameraman on the national championship edition of the college football tailgate show they dodged at his awesome new generally bring it what's the worst thing can happen. We flew it over the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. As. I think it was Florida State vs Auburn teed it kicked off and a cop was like. As like I do is get wrapped shot on our final video of the CBS was like. Do you know what year have you ever heard of like people being afraid of things flying over big games or maybe you know like. Suspicion of terrorism led I think right now but the blame oh god your you could've started an incident. Michelle Williams for him to. Commend them. The rose bowl of blood that could have been that stumbled to do my now. They still is to use a drone in your own video and you shot of authority shovel doughnuts and only cares. On 774 once you know in the 4 o'clock hour I'm heading the band practice right now on my girlfriend of five years just texted me and broke up with me. That I am not something enough 4 o'clock hour that I wanted to know. But I feel bad for you. That's terrible. Well Spain recovery should our Beers do you well you know what they. Stripper does with her. It goes and how is that or is that a painter than communities we aren't an adult and I say well I tell me that. I can say AS astronaut AA SSH now. Right right so Isaiah says right now I had to fill in the blanks down out what is your Purdue to ever pay it says eights two and why. Book reports he goes to work. What she dropped him off of man brightens. Next act act act as we waited for that no offense feud to loveliest working single moms out there. I'm. Okay here's a story for four U local from Katie from moisture itself tied in western mated to the WGBH high school quiz show they'll be taking on. Other schools there's more competing for the first time Foxboro high Mansfield Ohio and Phillips Academy. But the score from Worcester will be taken on powerhouse Lexington there that two time defending champs so good luck Julio. Jacob Jessica Macs some Palin salmon coaches kept turning Caleb go get them what start. And a good luck to all you high schools out there. All right doubling in the one big take first of all those high school quiz shows are great. They are I love local TV shows and love local TV shows community auditions and high school quiz show. But who would name their kid maxim. We could mean they could CarMax. Maximus. It could be a type on paper to says maxim. But people right out of me and that to me is Mac's short for Max Mano is just Max. I felt bad news by the way all OY three different textures one in the 8601 of the 603 and one of the five awaits that plot twist I don't feel bad for him and now this just in. I'm smashing that guy's ex girlfriend. Well then why it has no wires. No wire very harsh ravages. They are at the data mean he doesn't necessarily mean they're the world but that does make them savages elicited. What do I tell you guys benevolent source of waste in this country is. I'm consumed a delicious this way that these are left overs you know you can't let that food got away now one man's trash is another man's treasure that's right. How about this story. Story number two and for you from Conor in Revere rug. That it would Connor I didn't see this story my friend and I forgot to get to it blew me away a prehistoric dinosaur era shark. With a insane about it TP was found sewing up the coast of Portugal. Watch Helio goes of course he. Did you give that killed us this morning. There was another fossil bird. I don't know what I would get a mediocre does need any more Hoggan our house that's exactly right so wait a second like the meg to a Don liked the mega shark from the end of drastic world was found sewing up the coast of Portugal ready to see this thing. I am ready to show. How big your mind is okay because you guys are gone crazy is approaching it back Whelan and it. That bigfoot it is not mutually respect it is now it's not Bayard. Exclusive if you can find my eyes are closed I'm ready if you could Biden if the coach and that we can find bigfoot in the 321. What happened. That's not real threat out of the thrill what the hell that is absolutely real scientists believed. That this real shark as you made the same ball inside out since the cretaceous period when that T Rex and try separate cars button do you still throw tries separate Taurus. What do you see did I served dobbs Sar. All the names of together it's confusing and all my dime if the nabbed. Work through the writer yeah. So this is unbelievable. Find. That again there are parts of our ocean. The emotion is that that we have explored more than. Parts of the deep forests on this planet only light. Fifteen to 20% of the ocean has been explored true guys there's points of the ocean that are 78 miles so deep that it it's too cold the water pressure. Is too intense there's no way you'll be able to make it down their all and it's just pitch black yeah I know he numbering one of those it's he can't enlightened LEDs on it down their new lineup James Cameron went down there not the truth be told like I've heard stand comedians go like remains like Sean Penn has got that all things like. Why are we terrified about like things we can do to each other on land or outer space. The ocean is the most terrifying place in the world we have no idea what's down there. This deep sea dweller was found. Between is usually found excuse me between 390 and 4200. Feet below the surface. It is rarely ever been seen. But why almost caught this summer. It is horrifying. It has more than 300 T neatly lined up in 25 different roads. Good points from 978 we know more about the surface of Mars than we do our own notions. Matty this just in texture in the six three. For you for things that the audience wants in on the 4 o'clock hour on. My nickname is meg what dollar. Winning them and thank you for pointing out Dexter in the 978. I apologize. My dad it's the 857. If mrs. Blake Yoko is Portuguese it would be legally says that was delivered enough you'll bossa that's right. Let's use. A lovely recently put honor pizza east eat pizza worship him. How do a Massachusetts bar pizza with doing Lisa might be d.s number one -- art here that's the only thing I do either wheelers or sausage and in Greece and you know. Hey nick before we continue with four U. Two more stories given to us locally buy our shower heads the fans of Matty and nick good job guys are doing great I think this big has changed forever for the better. I think way north this is way more fun than I plus galleries or throw sites absolutely not so much easier now. Before we get back into the stories submitted by our shower heads how about a check of the weather Steve there's gonna be any more showers and our shower. Why me. Why it really why am I a formula so you know if I got cocky out the drone line. When. Drunk with power I'm drunk with pun power. About Manuel Dong. Here's the forecast YouTube. Number alternate you me everybody. I'm Larry yes we're good at this yet. Here's the forecast in the 4 o'clock hour before I just at 4 o'clock am yet today. I could do I do OK here's the weather got you by stone import gonna do it we're gonna do it can have moved on to do it right now we're gonna be the weather Julia I'm. Radio. Go to for abrasions or whether it's 42 degrees outside. Tonight it's gonna drop although it added 27 man is that called tomorrow said he partly 47. Matty and Mick we'll finish up your car for you. That was narrated by you and enjoyed for you so it's for you but it's down by them so now it's really your you hole. Or god. Jeff from West Roxbury. Submitted this story to four unit you're just joining us I threw it out TU. Our fans the shower heads I said we keep we keep picking stories or you. But have you guys submit them and you guys came with it. Jeff from West Roxbury. That Matty G here about the scientists saying it. Smoke them if you got them basically thousands of scientists nick has sided terrifying. Warning to humanity that are predicting. Imminent apocalypse so weak the world's brightest minds. Have sketched a bleak picture of the future of planet earth. Is it too late to save our species. And preserve the environment these guys say yes too late we waited too long. Stephen Hawking. A couple weeks ago is that within 600 years the air will be at giant fireball wah that's not a long time if you think about it in this game of the earth not just the hole in the ozone layer. But dollar runaway consumption of presses resources. Also. Huge meteors flying around getting closer and closer all these things combined for some government. How far and mass that's production and over population have nothing to do would meteors an asterisk flying by what they're saying is the confluence. That activities abuse in circumstances threat. Basically our numbers got to come up much of it as an amalgamation. Of all these different things they're doing the odds they're calculating eyes one of these things got a garage that we are listen man. We are planned Russian roulette naked on a skateboard and the ice is thin and that hungry bears got to come home to roost and story number four Netflix recently conducted a study of forty for more than 37000. Users from around the world and the results say. That over 12% of people admit to watching Netflix. In public restrooms while they are going to about the messy I had heard. Great greatest draw on Netflix and data consumption in the world. Was people watching Netflix in their car on their long track Dickey commutes home right not a United States in India really yes. Go to you why. You watch Netflix on the throne that is no. And if so. And he recommendations public restrooms next yeah an AV at all man nobody wants to watch but flicks come on mine undermine trial under.