Four You - Oyster Herpes

Thursday, September 21st

It's time again for another edition of Four You! lots of great stories today, but only 4 made the cut. Two different versions of doomsday, one from a Christian and one from scientists. Also, Matty talks about some comedy thing he was involved in years ago.


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Our guests are always on him. Mind you schedule it WA AF that. It's time for the fort things you should know history rules and on the never got less than twelve hours a week never played cards and I've got this thing first name is a city never going to a lady who's got a pass. This is for you. From Matty and their. We are you did the pursue we've adopted the sound there. What's that or all right we did we did we've just been some stories we've got to have found that you we didn't do too stories. What stories have we were just random stories they weren't part of force you love. He sometimes we justice stories and then sometimes we do. So these are like the answer to impose those cars are. I'd like to actually muddy the waters even more from Canada agree there at some point nick you have a little window I have a story for you from here OK see that'll be four and a half story's get I Gaza metric system they go articles out. Even better you know why don't we start readers that OK I'd sort of remind everyone. That the eighteenth annual Boston comedy festival. Finale he's an everything going on this weekend right here in Boston it's become a legendary comedy festival yourself. Matty Blake was a two time finalist. And but body Kelley. Is coming and he's being given the comedian of the year award nick our friend Bobby cal he's been on Matty and nick before. They're going to be presenting him with the honorary. Comic of the years that's huge for him and I to sexy text of the lobby Kelly. Try to get him on Childress arcs in Canada and everything but just want to wish him well and checked out the Boston comedy festival go to Boston comedy fest dot com for all the information. All the shows. Fantastic IMAX is checking it out right now is going to be a time of great shows going on. We'd love Bobby. Lots of great shows all over the place if you wanna see some. Celebs and stars that's right it's going on the twentieth so it started yesterday through the 24 there's bodies mug right there on the front page that handsome son of a bitch. That's going to be great. Now I'd like to play the game for you story number two here let's play. Choose your doom. And off for you guys choose choices because there's two stories in the news about our imminent doom and I wanna give you guys an option story number one. According to Christian numerology is of the world is going to end this Saturday September 23. It can't they have a pizza coupons and having used her right patriots game brought to Canada and it was a killer dip. It's awesome I get this monster eggnog with a lighter fluid it's going to be onside I call it Sergio dip I believe. It was the glamour my share I think was the drummer from Def Leppard who once said nobody will know the time with the power. I believe you're correct. David meet a self proclaimed researchers predicting a series of apocalyptic events will begin on September 23 and most of the world will not be the same. So that's probably gonna happen but just in case it doesn't option two is according to a researcher at MIT and this is more of the real science. And apocalyptic mass extinction will begin in the year 2100. Now. These are actual scientist. Who said this and MIT is kind of I'm kind of at school or Smart people like geo physicist. Did you York's Rockland yet super objects elective do crazy stuff. Mona why else yeah today involving Al public great basketball team you can bend my lightweight you can split my Adam Jerry plus you equals chemistry. Will be here that about five minutes. So wish where would you rather would you read it what are the punch out. In a couple of days and just have a wicked Bender on your way out of town or know that there is the lingering doom. Once when 100 how Louie B do that math I 83 years from now you'll be gone but you'd have to know like. Maybe not even our kids kids so lightly. Two generations undertake that you're good with that gap had asked Andrea out although Tom Brady you'll still be winning championships. That's right how and the robot apocalypse of Guinness before that I hated your question I think I'd like to watch it on for the fight no world meet the same doom. Yeah I think going to be fascinating to watch it unfold in just. I think I could just gonna sit on angles some and just want to watch the world time that's alms and I would like it did come in the form of a zombie apocalypse I think that would be. A real a real who okay you want a zombie holocaust on they can robot apocalypse hostess is waving his finger get a plan of a song to have the Bobbitt I'm talk about the chocolates. Yes. I was ordering room service. Got what do you woody you wanna share some did didn't motivating them to do it alone get the way resemble last eases income net sorry I'm I'm I'm in the midst of calling them. What are you gonna GAAP. They haven't served in church in line. And I don't this surf and turf yell what's the circuit what's the turf means a lot of nice steak. Now classical tradition now. On yeah yeah history and you got to get on now because he's got a per Diem which abortion which of course is Latin for dinner money you asked him. I hit my last meal before they put the lethal injection into me and that's how I'm checking out believe me is got to be some form mr. Specter probably had a tenderloin. I think I think lobster on aviation can't be. You don't ask don't sleep on this Campion and zip and that the scamper as the jam. I love today that we went from carpal karaoke who would you like to climb in the car and sing some songs with two with song what they play your funeral and what's your execs if you're not. And boy did tell the end of the world's dumbest thing whole thing out. Then I'm taking no way like get bomb. Yet they then. She bang she bang is now you guys might be wondered why are we plan William Hung from 2008. Well. That's because William Hung is the musical headliner this is another story from for you cared over the top of the 5 o'clock hour. William Hung is the musical headliners special guest. And they comedy benefit called. Comedy for our cause and that's with two k's. I know Mattie you're thinking as well am I think in year one away from wall hit in the sweet access. Against a good drive I kicked in turn out earlier we decided ethical the crazy comedy for guys yeah so Gerri you're hosting a benefit on September 29 can you give us the information on it and how you got hooked up with a legend like William Hung and then headliners well yet. It's the second time out of done this state last year as the unemployment memorial hall. That's as this guy mark Japan is is suns have that chain muscular dystrophy which is really. Severe crippling but if they're in their twenties they have their function well. Last year it was me Johnny PZ Lenny Clarke Steve Sweeney a fabulous Christine Hurley. MRI it was Jackie the joke man mark like why does that same line up and written with the national Atlanta not being Jackie by Jimmy. I don't believe Colin JJ BJ is Jimmy Walker. Wiles who idolize my hand and that I mentioned William Hung I mean I'm William Hung was that wait might column and I am I'm in on that on for the Hong. And start ever for bad news everybody I know we're getting into the month that and NER. But there's a herpes virus that is ravaging your oysters. Let me add deadly viruses are needed decimate oyster populations around the world did you know that oysters can get diseases. They're susceptible to viruses obviously liked herpes simplex. And also that they don't like to be stressed that got Hampton aids that's right. I'm like get surf and turf anymore now that doesn't that that half that half dozen that you are they gonna get those Prince Edward Island oysters. I would cancel it due. Seriously this story is bad news oysters can get herpes and it is killing off. Large supplies of them so they get these little bombs on it that I like to make out that the shellfish it's it. There done that yet but herpes that bad way though this is good news for you keys hey hey it's another night did as the device doesn't have to shellfish landed on the Atlantic dopey shellfish here that would make. Our listen I'm the worst I'm so sorry I'm not gonna apologize that. That's your four year right there.