Four You - Obnoxious Boston Sports Fan, Julian Edelman, Movie Fights and More

Friday, July 21st

In the four o' clock hour the guys bring you four things you need to know! The Obnoxious Boston Sports Fan calls in about Julian Edelman, the guys also discuss about the O.J. case and debate what some of their favorite fight scenes in movies are. 

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. She's done for the sport things you should know history rules and on the line never get less than twelve hours a week. And I've got the same first name is a city never going your way he's got a this is for you from Marion there. So we know that OJ has been released. Story number one but he might have his official post prison job offer the first one. A Nevada brothel. So is there really how do you know how I do not know that was going to be the next when I shouldn't I said. OJ's got his first job offer I should have known at the next thing on a mob beat Nevada brothel. Which he and again abnormally mop the floor. Thanks do the laundry none are quite. The lord they're willing to let the Jews run all over their styles are. Oh. Oh. Some of the working gals are saying no they won't quit if OJ has hired at their place of business TMZ sports doctor Dennis Hoff of course the famous owner of the bunny ranch in Carson City, Nevada. Told us he's got a position I told them she's he's got a position already for OJ image released. There is potentially October 1 he says OJ could work as. Wal-Mart. On oriental. Oh Jerry who hurt as a greater establishment yeah like customer returns no okay the greater when we ask. At best with a name tag my name's Orenthal. Half mister Hopson is no relation to hassle mr. Haas says that he will. Allow OJ to live in the premises of the ranch as one of the conditions of prison being granted parole is having established place to live and a job to go to I can offer OJ. Both the movies and unique situation but the gals are threatening to walk out. Put further trauma runner it's really that's it. Listen we might be prostitutes okay yeah we might sell our bodies for money right now we have radio wee hours dignity right I'm really gonna draw the line. At this abuse of a good. Good for the apparently they like their throats I saw this story. And I thought there's a perfect for you story it's local. And it involves Julian element. And his English teacher. And it's a beautiful story about motivation. Perseverance. I hope this is the kind of story that Jerry usually if and. Wow good many adamant that pretty good looking kid out of that he had seen the teacher and I well it's not quite that volcano is not one of those you know but bill spare us our friend the obnoxious Boston fan. Wrote this article on the Harold and I figured out why should I try to do the story. That the man who wrote the story explain it bill you're out of Matty and Jerry Norton how everybody. Hey good afternoon gentlemen it's an honor beyond what Jerry. FaceBook and Twitter buddies first time they could've spoken. There it is Sylvia what's and it's great Obama Fannie or console. You know let's just sit here and know what I do each other he happens if it's really tell how awesome we are. On our minds anyway this in it teacher I think she's probably a little bit out at Edelman demographic. And has the preference but in which he Julian posted. A letter that he received from his English teacher at the colleges in the tail or eleven years ago. Basically where she had read made made a lot and flippant remark. And in the classroom when he was a freshman quarterback at the school the time night. And you know adult man obviously had this personality for a while we decent look and get into the league and she said. You know temper your expectations be realistic don't. Put it all on football and in what happened was. I've found error using my mind thirty years of journalism skills. And we spoke and then I can visit on the record and we exchange of emails and the quotes in the paper. I'm she was sending settlement sort of like a care package. For his daughter's baby daughter that he sort of finally acknowledged. You would bending the gross you wanted to send a girl and look a little kid books and she wrote that part that element posted because. She hadn't spoken to him since. She had him that this student and she didn't want him to the wanna hurt at saint. You want him to think that she had forgotten about that exchange. So that was so wide she led with it I'm she never met for the let it be public. And she never meant for anyone to find her name. Mom she misspelled this name in the latter I'm sort of acknowledged this book she's taking a lot of crap without on on social media. And you know are lying to me was you know this story isn't about the fact that they spelled it staying in a letter that wasn't meant to be seen by anybody. Julie and but you know beyond that obviously her her point was you know I shouldn't of doubted you. And down here you prove me Rodman and street view and and all that in an element posted it as motivation. So she had done what many teachers I think would do in that situation got a kid basically in that correct me if I'm Robby you've basically got a situation where a student is saying. Some form of hey look I don't need this Jack come on Anna bell and then she took about ourselves and wait a second. Set realistic goals not everyone makes it's an NFL probably looking at the size of them to exactly how I think yeah I know right is that. Jealousy would. Eight at five foot ten quarterback and ecologists and Mikhail. Right you know you abuse and it costs Iran now from not Shawn Watson and then nine point. So stories like this bill throughout history like someone just posted on FaceBook via these those means of like on. Thomas Edison or someone getting a letter from the teacher saying. The yeah the deal he had to transfer schools and other transfered schools and he only found out. After the mother die the mother told him the region transferring schools you're too Smart for the school. You're too Smart port she passes away he finds out the letter actually said this kid's an idiot isn't. I'll have to solidarity that motivate your odds yeah yeah. Oh yeah I mean the big samples we always site and I data Michael Jordan clearly you know DNA. Yelled didn't cut from the varsity for as it it as a basketball player Tom. It's a weird dynamic because it's so you encourages you to much though not always do when you a favor. And sometimes if they if they dump what you listen I every day. Doing what I do for a living I think above my fifth grade teacher who who didn't put me in the class play. Every kid in this in the class except for me got to be etiquette she felt I could function on stage or just didn't like to meet or whatever. Every series. Co host this yeah he's. OK you know those rights. I would fired by the globe so every call my right now herald. Now that I'm I'm motivated to work my every time they sit down erratic all the help I'm worried my 199 sure. Don't like me now Daniel Miller did some weird perverse way she did gentlemen a favor haven't said that. If his coach said you don't let be in a quarterback is not for you. If those scouts said of his agents that I'd you're never gonna make it as a receiver in football and the NFL you might want to get a job maybe he's nine. Julian Edelman and he's not one of the most popular athletes in America. Yeah well again she was she teaches athletes she wrote the program at school. That focuses on African American and Pacific American male student AKA the football players that they recruit. She sort of the designated English teacher for the football players in the other acquisitions and a lot of athletes and classes. So she probably said this to a lot of people in our class and set. What you said to me and what I pointed out a column was if it was stiffer over arching theme is they looked listened to your coaches. You know she gave me this quote shore up a clad do you work don't cheat and directly tied pretty good after what you tell the kid. You sound like Belichick and I quote yeah so she's she's talented kid that the goal off but I'll always have a plan B what sort of what that might take away. From speaking with Aaron and at the remark she shared with me was there hurt her appointment element look just have a plan B. And government's plan B was okay but only two super. This happened and that the enemy she goes beyond the next class during the next months I'm Belichick wouldn't want to spelling error. Yeah bills arrows would never make it. Spelling error and America the obnoxious boss of and the article is a right now Boston Herald check it out you can also check about. On social media the obnoxious Boston and bill thanks again it's a great piece super interesting. Like we're patriots we love it that are great to me to bill. Beckett Jerry might bucket is almost complete. You know those massive. Radio telescopes we have liked that movie with a hung. Yeah well known on a contact to decline Jodie Foster and Boston these massive telescopes on around space but they're down here on the ground you yeah he's on him. And his days and we sell several well there's so they call it hit an array rattled that. They can pick up the signal that no ordinary just piece of wire could ever pick. Well it's happened earlier this week. Edward they're just updating now astronomers working. At the they occasionally move where it's pointing to different things that they think might be interest they point that the star that's eleven light years away from earth. The stars called Ross 128. And astronomers have confirmed. That we had detected a weird radio signal. That comes through when they point their telescope at nearby. Ross won 28. This star now what makes it unique is that well you know how do you know it's a strange signal from space are. You know just some sort of solar plan error interference but what makes it unique is. If it becomes a regular. And that raises some questions and apparently this thing has been pretty steady and pretty regular this happened before in 1977. Astronomers detected radio burst of the White House signal and to this day. They are debating its origins what the hell this thing was they thought they knew and I think we actually have sound. Of this fascinating. Story this is weird radio signals coming from a star called Ross won twenty listened carefully and you decide we're sure yeah. Oh yeah and I'll know god and more voting silk. I will for one welcome our illegal to lords and like you get a job for them by enslaving the human race I'm on board and sit on this stuff. Nick an autopsy Jerry no wait let me finish because nick was gonna say. Where he's Denis of Jerry does nick is a skeptic and I'm a completely I've had two or three paranormal experiences in my life that changed how I felt about these. It's funny US that it we have not discussed those aren't promised you're not a I've never had a at a paranormal. Per say that thing happen to me however I'm reading up on this topic. And I am with you I am I have dropped my skepticism I'm currently read a book devote twenty years old but it's it's the as a test of time. It was by AI and army colonel. Who was big in the Pentagon he was an advisor to Eisenhower president I Dallas right to print out there. Thanks Kennedy. Who in his later years wrote this book saying OK after Roswell. And hear what the names and here are the people our fault and what we did this week week the army within. Took that. Wreckage of the crashed alien spaceship autopsied the bodies inside took the various technologies in his job. Was upon these things off a different defense contractor gets little bits. To reverse engineer them if you think that's not consider the following okay. A rudimentary computer was built by edits in using vacuum tubes right it would. Do small calculations it would per note it would use massive amounts of energy that was a computer for about fifty years. After 1947. All of a sudden we got transistors. Silicon chips microprocessors. And all of these things came out at night vision came directly out of what they found in the wreckage this is not some crackpot. This is a guy always on the inside music well I hope we don't have the people that invented them because they basically said. What could have buried this in a defense contract about like. We found out that Richie is in this new kind of helicopter blade in his midst of that also develop this thing. We're gonna tell you were came from it's not important you get the patent on so yeah bell labs develops microchips and somewhat. No eagle prior to that that's gone we conduct electricity and it. Direct a million inventions that we owe to the fact that aliens are here. We exploded in technology after Roswell a set of four there's a intelligence officer named Corso who are who wrote a book this is this is the guy that's hill that would look anyway Arnold I didn't play every Summers ago there's also book on the day after Ronald is great. That debt is infect the books and Marie that's the vote. I. Wish I read a book after I had forgotten by Philippine personalize it by area. Colonel Phil McGraw. And this is not a guy with yeah and it alleged money at least. Last the skeptics who can explain the falling to meet their New York Times and this is not from this book some Meltzer a New York Times reports from the forties. Talking about the Foo Fighters opening it since world war two and nine term before it was at the end it was when they called the glowing lights in the sky that followed Al bombers at dog fight through them does exactly. Tom. Yeah yeah in the eighteen hundreds there are newspaper reports in the west about flying your ships. One Jolie what weather balloon that was flying over Nevada I think yeah is great for. Us to be the only living things and it's. You know world it's just it's great you are likely number possible it can't be. And I I read this and a book recently to and it's a great point. There is more evidence that aliens have visited earth they Jesus visited earth. I have to be some don't very much is given say Jesus visitor and ready to talk about just pure evidence with with elites it's everywhere. Yes I just have to read. Stay woke our story number four. Macs are ranked the top five. Rocky fights. Okay and stay with these are there. Top five according to them fights. In all the rocky movies their list was number five the Mason Dixon fight number four drag on Russia number three the first woman Apollo. Number two the second one of the Apollo rocket to and there are number one of the Rockies was club relying rocky three back you think it. What are the five greatest fights not just boxing okay what are the five greatest fight scenes in movie his. Okay I've come up with five none of which involved boxing. Guy's done it buying it if I did I would probably throw in a couple of I'd be on the maxim list that you mention I would throw a what's the one from mom. Raging bull. There are mad at the guy for like looking at his wife that his brother Isaac went three Belinelli it'll rain is like so. A pretty anymore Trent Guy also Cinderella man. Russell Crowe Bruce is Max Baer senior very good and I think the mind in reverse order number five. Indiana Jones vs the plane Nazis banned tax. Pass stick choice just getting wailed on but refuses to give up and then eventually. Backing him into a propeller that's a work second worst thing that can happen when a flight besides a woman taking her shoes off the if he's going into the propeller and Ellie died he just like look at that guy like emotions and Barack are gonna get up and indicated to see the bomb that of the snot out of your guys. I know before the bride vs Google you Barry kill bill volume one out teeple volume of gold gold. The one and it school girl costs of slowing and that mesa on the end of a great choice of the chain of that up predator verses Arnold. Saturdays at this child because he drops his armor and it's what path and that just starts to roll in the hay makers because ultimately. Every science fiction every superhero it's still comes down to punch in a guy in the job may I please. Come out dual led give me on the up come god go ahead here today. It's like it's like him it's like you're just boom went on YouTube had not called after the Roddick number till. From a Bronx tale of knowledge youth can be yeah. It they ever got that one and then I watched the cholera and out of their oh I'm like god you guys. Solo Islam so might wanna might. Ten favorite all time movie scenes and number one yes from a maybe the greatest film ever made they live. Rough ride played her. That may never know game in the Alley I didn't know rowdy Roddy Barbara did movies that debt. I don't it's not quite yet it did almost deeply felt and again up the issue minute action hero because that film he was seen with and yeah that flight goes on for ten minutes ten mineral rights in now and now what he rowdy Roddy I know he thought he was the every guy character right now I am Olga and it's a great piece of not just science fiction but social commentary it's leaked out but in the but the bully does it erupts with him. And his friend is only front in the world. Waiting which trash can lid to close a ball on and on and I I was. A movie I'd still blood has seen so that that sell part did in exact duplicate of it in the crippled by which is Jimmy vs today. And they jazz hand each other and exactly Steve's recent frame for frame the exact same seat. As the night let's go to the framing import studio line real quick I'll give you my five and a minute let's go to uncle buck on a doctor that Jerry what is the best film fight in your estimation. And it didn't they understand my program they're either not. I don't let them. Or are we adequately write it. It put a picture of me. Sick. On Twitter at that girl like have we don't we have we want an end program to get instrument. Nobody over thirty. I'm not when we got Cuba again. She's gorgeous. Like an accord here I am about ready. Of this thing that you can believe in order Jerry didn't have IE. But never quite a bit rate. Now. Yes. It's an amber drug and pocket yes. Apparent Colin add or edit that edit your neck yeah. Let's hear it out of solar eclipse that merger wow I never lap art I like it. Finally ordered her from ever. I hope it's a little comedic fight well done well done uncle block all right keep coming your choices are best no fights ever bringing Hollywood studio line six on 79311. Amp. After this the text line is led out lot of choices Gerri for your number one they live a lot of people Texan in the techniques to excellence and they've.