Four You - The M&N Guide To Manscaping

Friday, July 28th

In the four o' clock hour the guys bring you four things you need to know! Today the guys give you the ultimate guide to keeping things maintained in your pants!

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. It's time for the fort things you should know history rules London plot never got less than twelve hours a week. The guy's got this thing first and as a city never going your lady who's got a yeah this is for you from Matty in this. That story number one nick I'm. I'm loath to bring this up because this was gonna hit you pretty close to home. Today. Citing this is actually came out dove 24 hours ago the kind. Citing flagging sales. New product developments. And apparent desire to be complicit in the ongoing collapse of our western civilization. That's when. Coca-Cola announced it will cease distribution of Coke zero and why it's. Less than a week normal longing you only get Coke zero. In the United States is people drink diet can. And it's a free sodas that would would my description with what I am in the go could go will apparently begin selling some to drink called Coke zero sugar. So they go home wealth. That the same thing just rebrand. Yes sir well they say it has its reinvention of Coke zero with a new improved taste that bad news. I actually. I saw an aunt at the tenacity of the street here today yes pedestrian. We are at this fall. That's Ahram must have been an acute Berlin farms. I was that pesky and I saw they had a Coke zero sugar and I thought hello interest in I want practices. Some. Next level. You know reconfiguration. Try to good Diet Coke is not going away. Act of terror but Tokyo's Diet Coke is the cup case of sonus mile. Zero so to take all that garbage you just don't drink soda. That's my that's I think like I drinks it. I drink soda proud entering Coke doctor aired it say that I have to registering bubble of water with a pile of cigarette right here right small. Yeah because immediately I had those old operates as massages lips big Pat Quinn as the same man that I used to give the all the wives smack Carew every night because listen. If you're you're not really drinking soda at it and I drinking Coke zero diet soda with. Rose petals now it's a focal it's a full dance to Lola so at that point I just wouldn't drink. Soda you're lucky get tossed out of backhand woman. What happens it's like what I see people. You know exercising. And they're just as is not happen numbers like I would if that was me I would just like playing a sport and am no coordination they cannot play a sport. There probably usually completely out of shape and nobody's been out there they're working sort of like just like going to like. Read a book following my dog where all are what or where do you come from is today's the day don't work our horses coming to replace Alex Jones or something I just wonder why he was the burns in the Simpson just don't drink soda then. Skis and have the root students accused. We'll look at the person trying to work out yeah Ernie and me work you know going your house in re deck go get that some more Alstott. Stopped taken and likely there no tape on elements dubbed trying to land that plane to figure shirtless and his Jeep. Jam in The Black Crowes kick catch catch. Barack. While I'm out I live who doesn't like a little zero. Level of lovely of those it easy just drink you know then drink seltzer water carriers or apple captain Morgan a Coke zero captain zero right here both. And I am with that is that how you doing this is the arrow at the actor and co captain zeros a lot of that most slashed a line. Earlier we did a story about the two female pilots. Nice little soft Parker lounge or didn't treat men and suck in the landing gear and they were suspended and a woman on the text line gave me and tongue lashing. She's had some chicks know what they're doing Matty. Yeah blank and she said by the way that she wasn't. Texting while driving right thank you very much or because when Amazon they have to. A women can't text and not as good as. Solo. To my god story number two. Man skating nick you are fairly here suit yes and some men. I think it's a generational thing to do you know what's fun is when I hit my forties. I had to start watching out for if not. Wheezing or are keeping track of ear nose hair thanks diet good times thanks good time cynics might point 5% Greek heritage yeah that's great thanks. And are some that are very fastidious about their man skipping the taken very seriously they're like bald swimmers and I talked about. Yeah I'm I can't get are you like that Phelps at the torpedo I don't. No testing or is it arduous town I've saved match yet there you are. We have many compared to me while I get some polls had her shirt down and exert middle and battle like you can buy at that do you see that and now it's all like to argue that yes or wherever it this morning you won't look like had hit and they attach it unfit navy into your game when you shaved down there it. It's like a visual thing. That's true because there's not a lot of that's just not as much heat bank unit construed as true now of course it does this guy's no good yes. Imagine that they don't heroin are kept him. They're worried about the link of that hair to try to make it bigger you got a problem domes and let them. Your customers and all that you've got no push is to get in the way anymore yeah yeah to book tickets. So you know zealots on that humans gave them. I'm an occasional trip. I don't put it this way the crew is an out every Saturday morning at 8 AM however they stopped by a monthly monthly Matty. I've hired some Latinos all my. You had no one chance to explore so I was racist and offensive. Where you are behind the you get behind broad deep yeah I used there's a leaf blower they Ackerman and that is dual thing merengue in my day no I do occasionally I just like it but it has nothing to do it by the way I don't know if you guys know this but. Subscription rates to monthly men's keeper have fallen yeah yeah it's a great read I do it occasionally but as avenue with real mark O'Brien we're gonna have been done wrong. That's that's there's just I like to keep it got to control it I'd like let's let these right I don't have you seen from predator like actors angle on. But FHM has put together a series of tips for you guys out there if you are going to man's game they've put the five. Top tips. Firm landscaping number one in vast. Get yourself a decent. Pair of clippers athlete had a nice Gillette. Nice to let buzzards NATO belief that the smallest demand can get in your case. Many that you understood it honors at 774 in the tech needs to excellent tech means. I think excellence and sevens and 42 in the bushes in the tree looks dollar I'll put an asset and any that are perfect bingo and some sums I was on tour. Number two that are being. Prove. 01 dollar. Mark. A day after. And we came one day after I. Thank you 71. Don't go crazy to number two trim your hair a bit but there's no need to go smooth like a baby's bottom like Stew is his chest. LSU star adult films. Just a half centimeter. Will be able to maintain. Knee looked there. The victory. Stretch it out. Stake many people make is they don't hold your scheme to make pot and then you can make you can yourself so be careful. What about you but do you it's coming here it's coming out but I just take you but just packed your career and because you say that. Well let's one of my favorite bars in the seventies next at regal Beagle please please go to all the time on the second crack. Pastel mob but. Law I was work great would you do. You know just talked about but waxing men's skating. But. Basically it's the usual your best that is to invest a little bit of money and go to mass election because you're gonna make mistakes and have a feeling that would hurt the first time. To a level which and vitally why does anyone. Care. Well I mean it's important to some people I listen. Every now and again a lot of the other you know gin joints in Jews that's around town are busy swing by the hairy backed or for quick pregame pie. Walls. Okay here's an emblem and skipping and him and for others of us like me knows that when you're talking about. I don't if I could make an analogy I don't care my basement looks like has known it goes down basement crawl space areas as we've enough there's deadlines. It's not going down there are literally sleeping bags that have been enrolled for the united so. Who cares. And it's as also. Good clippers. Look at other options when he creams gels and treatments are available laser hair removal in the laser is a very popular. Idea for men 25 to forty. Yeah he's got out there again quickly as we get the full cans so invest don't go crazy stretch of the skin. Don't forget about the under region at Edmonton ahead in the and other jobs a Maine and ski accident. You know like I've got little parts. Balloon. Why value asked yeah you passed out of somebody Bob added themselves there woeful well that's more than a little. It's gotta be some guy is going to be some grow within. Sound of our voice within reach of this signal who went out one night just got absolutely. He should oust if you will. Came home late. Why with the cleanup job got. And just went down they're just drunken Lehman all die and almost hacked off between their. Has to be.