Four You with Jimmy Dunn - Linkin Park's Subway Performance

Thursday, May 18th

Ever day in the four o'clock hour, Matty and Nick bring you four stories you need to know. Today's stories include an impromtu performance in a NY subway and the best burger in the country.


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Our guests are always online and on your schedule WA AF. He's done for the sport things you should know history rules of our lives by. Never got less than twelve hours a week. And I've got this thing first Kansas City never going your way who's got a tattoo back yeah this is for you from Marion did. OK first up. This is cool when this happens. And sometimes it does happen. On the subway in New York City. I never used to did it a couple of years ago these impromptu performances in the New York City Subway so a nick you know I rode the hump the subway for. Will meet fifteen years you twenty years and that's right. There's an iconic performance the Lion King cast route to Q train of Afghanistan to Brooklyn once the opening of the Lion King randomly on the subway for people was made that I was when I first got to New York City. This kind of cools quick aside for replay of the audio I was walking out of an audition. And I see these people running along like Mexican they're like sprinting chasing something that was going on those at some sort of problem and was you to a flatbed truck. And and they're building there I saw that. You guys I don't know sixth avenue and I AD and right I get the court history picks or Bono like stand up here. Like this on the truck. Drive by singing a song called that when you very famous action. It was a it was a clean up while Matty after that as airlines. Love him OK so this was New York City Subway. And let him didn't tell you the name of the band. Now illicit along and just how into it. The crowd was New York City Subway is impromptu performance. Ma. So they go that's. You know event specimens crappy time on the subway New York City. You just pray for moments like that yeah Google yeah but if you take the Red Line in from the social a lot of programs that are a lot of I just she. Does that say I'm rape payback. Night I've been part of the big courts like data degree night after Sox game going unitary shot I can't get a shot. Back we don't own words although the word that I don't know the word and wildcat to the corner of the train there's Kyle you'll. One day they'll let them. You do the story number two for you for inclusion on the fork like are we teased this earlier TMD content Terry Bradshaw. And we were talking about the concussion story of course Gisele Bundchen. Let it leak possibly or maybe she was miss speaking that Thomas had concussions. So everyone solitude her about it and they caught up with Terry Bradshaw and I thought his perspective on it would be a distinct. I do we make this I'll come ready Dell stuff. I would imagine. Call somebody I'm not very smooth. I've played right. Table well he's sort of a thank you know and my heart right there. Started getting it. He delivered a good. Thank them. Off the top end of it now yeah I got thirty. Bryant and let yet to live today took the fight game but he just. I wouldn't want. My life nor would Smart why I've ever come home. Yeah I hit uniting them the OK then Hillary I had them one then. He's not gonna retire. That maybe. Did more faithful would be. And I didn't it's just super. So Terry reds. A my five wouldn't say that first of all that we positive that Bradshaw hurt concussion. And not dysfunction. Is it sounds like a kind you know while my love stone in a room my situation. I took them all I believe that's strategize. Fifth I think he has always had sort of ball as well right now organized and my good honestly I think he's got more wives and there have been colonel Sanders and cancel commercials this year I've ever heard him citing executive meg a couple of them. Have you heard his music Terry Bradshaw no I didn't know I was affixed his look it up on YouTube era fractures as I had an album in the seventies I liked every scratch on TV he's he's like a crazy old man in you don't Ara you played at one point you would. Well look we are now you don't really have all those rings but yet though okay. But he's like the crazy okra but the cookout you know you'll listen to a single origin of ego eight hurt anybody and we get to watch the game you know that it. He went out all the I'm like all these guys tell you already needs to tell it like oh okay whole lot first of law and I tell my wife anything. At all Americans talk about bad today. It's who first of supermodels in the world go to super yet either I mean it's why does Tom Brady. Commands his world youth kid goes into the how's it goes. Now woman we got it's not known well we know that she changes out diet secrets his hair. Changed what he does very patient she everything about bird they're two children standing up I don't yeah. I mean there's a strong woman she's half the hot seat. Have Brazilian and all our parents Fazio and this is to shotgun I believe they're calling it just got got yes yes this is. The great Terry Bradshaw this Terry Bradshaw vocal styling. Well that makes sense that's money pretty good actually. Really only listen. Gotta look like Woody Harrelson on the cover it's not bad that it's a seven east country notes. Better than the Super Bowl shuffle. I MT. I write stories you know Martellus Bennett dinosaurs and and I know now that they rocks story number three. Slow day for AT&T by the way the kitchen branch on the way out of Canada and I went ahead and you know they did it was at like 433. And I. I and also slipped tough. Column from the pool they can only get an Australian guy and yet. And the Aussie talking to them I don't know I don't know eighteen I don't know staff and over their T entity. Levin. Actually great saint when mr. and number three because it's an Ozzie all right perfect. Ozzie Nicklaus Wilkes was out fishing this dad late last year when they came across a great why Newton. But a couple days ago nick finally got around to uploading the footage to ins to Graham and his gone off. Nick and his dad David were pulling in their fishing net. In South Australia when they saw the shark hang around the boat. Tearing fish out of the net the net was closing up the shark got caught up in it rolled up in the netting. So we about here's David. Trying to get the shark out. The shark. Great life. Greg writes that at bottom I think era. Era institute of Ronald yeah I got a baby will look like he won't happen. Now did anyone enjoy their fifteen minutes more than those two guys went on you know at the us navy will score out there you know and that's about the whole story was that Kimmel was gonna fly him out into all kinds of stuff and they couldn't leave the state of Massachusetts. Or overall happy. So yet this guy with the the best thing that we're getting to get like a whole segment like a regular thing. I had to do it it's that little issue would of people where audio problem kid's league ball all that. Again I am the best part was one day I was home and I was listening to our sister sports station WEEI. And it's. It's supposed to swore in nineteen times who was like. Now this is the kind of Sports Radio station I don't get behind what tell me that took like it's smell the Budweiser peanuts and Barbara does the speaker was awesome and you're right though they did they get every every bit of that fifty minutes man and if that's what you gonna get. Nokia juice and enjoy the ride it as it nobody knows that and me let's enjoy the ride of that threat okay. I was led billboard they can I change in here that's literally outlet you've heard what sixteen weeks to a career it's that man. I was TV staffers solid fifteen. 508 telling a shark to a pop is actually the most mass whole thing you can do probably true that six on 79311. AFP that join. In on this the fund I'd Jimmy you spent a lot of time on the ocean. But there I did I seeds of sharks I've been only half oh yeah I've observed around the world so when I first started doing stand up on cruise ships right part of the reason I took decade was because I get to work 34 weeks at a time that he. Allow and so on telling jokes at night on a cruise ship and during the day I'm getting off an on going out certain I. So I had it I had this this little area wired and I had these guys that would take some some beer and food off the ship. And it give the locals. Appeared to food they take me out since the reef break I conserve. This is actually Paris. So. Like the third time I go around you know there one more more beer which I'm sure it spoil them. So they still sit in the boat to Bir welfare debit just yet but to sit in the boat you know eaten little thing it's a sandwich is that a stole off the cruise ship. And on the surface reef break. Five miles from shore all up up up myself. And like tip reef sharks. Real. Right and any law. And you know me you know panic by India that a movement of that and I'm going to tell us well president like looking at the woodlands which which is a our top base path. An actual ocean sandwich out here on the board. And one of them kind of splash denied that's the fastest I've of the moved on top of mr. Portman I I paddled like. Right today at little boat a much realistic yet to cover. Maybe a hundred. 150 feats like that may not a long way. That's a long enough sharks under you yeah how bigger the black tip Rio talks big but they're super violent. Yeah but. You know six feet set battery that'll come all the whole. Win. It and now moved. So after that there was no more red private boat rides comedian Jimmy Dunn is sitting with a Soviet laugh Boston Friday night's you know one time the tackler and I. We're not Key West and we were snorkeling. You know just snorkeling and we got really far away from the catamaran thing. And there was a barracuda. On nice suing right and so we could like pop up blockers started. From wanted to get out go to Sodom and making about a bona. Thanks. So freaked out yet did they don't have a great disposition no they look like an. Ocean saw there just like these miserable creatures would all of these T ability to grab one you just saw wood with one of ironically. Ann and Nancy Wilson on the same also look like here Muller on the same sort of it sort of butted him with the unbelievable the angels. Are. I don't dude does it well joking about it. Way but I got to college. I took the high road instead. Which would still help I don't which led but doubts there are a number of board now everybody buckling all right and this is going to be that. This is the burger when yeah parents and really young buck with a truck. So who doesn't. So we all have our members. You know you know in and out you probably spent some time and ally. Matos shake shack but East Coast is a mistake Jack in New York City swear by an issue yeah have you gotten in on the show acting ought to did you guess it well are you state that little who eat potato business. It and those Fries that weekly trip for a ball pulled she's just on those. Went to dial and hot to argue their next time it's phenomenal I feel that's an. I know that's gonna be used against me later on the show it to announce this but now they're hot the hot target shake shack is a Regis whatever it be yes. Yup this sort terrible conversations we have examined launch. Well there's now quantifiable proof. On which burger chain has the best Berger thanks to a large Harris poll that we treat and study that polled well over a 100000 people. Across the country. And asked them their favorite burger you want the top ten top five are tough on him we would go to number five. Culver said. All the butter burgers and voter asked via second nice Albie. Patio caddie caddie and they're known for. There. Custard and they do butter burgers so they bother the rolls put a down he would nice crispy buttery. I mean it's EE have a one meal a day but look at games ago it number four. I try to Wear the midwest gigs that's why didn't have haven't had a vibrant. Number fool them. Indeed he's a couple and explicit article on the ball away still have to be cigarette taken berg survey 800000 of these stupid people. Those are of course the people they. What weight you guys are making it signals Lazare is a sponsor tonight our television. Totaling 200 I have to clear opinion and I don't want another birdie to get it suited up. Come and that's the worse and land at Wendy's and I don't know I go wires burger but I think certainly not to listen guys it's like. It's fine but what it is you don't mean I Lleyton is stuck in a bind it's their they're spicy chicken sandwich is done don't ask don't fine. You all your car breaks down at the Q now you've buddies leave you with the golden banana. Happened to me you got a few Beers in you hungry. Yeah. You go home self. Is Wendy's. In those two miles to Kelly's. Are you go to my witches and golf course you'd go yeah that's just like if you break down outside in the is you know I don't know the fifty feet it's. I'll listen Sargent haven't tried the it doesn't think the flavor Mets on I cannot do is open when rule on Sunday that talks man and that the little like the ice cream in the lime Rickey freeze routine. Awesome numbers the free throw line yes five guys batted the American that's. And I'm X not robbery. This excuse me this is a public radio station in ways define. Case you're just joining us when we also take a little side by an Italian team in place at Rutgers. My father and my eyes a marketing class. You know similar to what took a marketing classes that make it's absolutely wouldn't it afloat brokers keep the and I. I mean how do you get an income we remember it had to this day who worked president course of Basra Wendy's. Okay giving up guys are just joining us are doing they did this huge national poll but that's the problem witness but go ahead. What it's a national poll. In your interview people that have never left it little town and they go it is. It's almost like a Electoral College problem. I have. Yes but we used to yes all right so maybe we should mirror images investigate and if the Russians attacked this list systems who acting Blair made me trust. I'm like this clockers the greatest which had in the history of get an America that's a very good Electoral College has brilliant sway me. All right number three. Shake shack. I can't argue that that's that's not that's hard to argue that seeks Jack is a solid burger it's super super super good chicken sandwich on. In the that little one would like the the U he's trying to get away from the birdies though with doctor birdies are right Iran are going hot dog at the burger joint like waffles that the banking accounts go ahead next one and and I'm honest I call the cynical partisan I don't gonna get him a call this next part of the show one to Boston comedian might lose his mind. Number two. Jews who. In and out burger number tool. I smelled like gas for four years. Number I'm in a while Donald economy meter processes to process number two legacy like mcdonalds or five guys some nonsense that it now when you go in and out. Yet. They and I went out and I'm sure there's no look at another man in the eye and say how when I don't know an out. When you visit said Berger establishment. Me I'm double double animal style you and I don't I don't like the animal stuck as they cooked what it is cooked pickles too right of the pickles get warm thick of the on lately my pickles warm and cut down. Yeah I. Finally finally tells me and my husband last night fund run on my I bought it with dignity. No I like double double with the egg with the onion and as as they make right now our number one at burger joints in the land. According to this whole. National oh here's all it done by Ingrid trends study. Did this. Five guys. Now guys is good it's solid burger. It is it's also have a reduction not that's ridiculous that's. But he's he's like my agent is neck myself. Bad pain go into this the words like he's immigrated. Yeah. There's no arguing that national you're not gonna get a better Frye and didn't hate that not certain guys you can go out the letter I. It's up our rights and I think I've chip out at the melatonin well again what.