Four You - Ham Ain't A Mediocre Breakfast Meat!

Friday, May 19th

If you're looking for the perfect breakfast meat, Matty & Nick have the answer!


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Legal opinions 37 WAM. Podcasts are all is I'm. I'm your schedule at WAA asked. It's time for the fort things you should know street rules and never get less than twelve hours a week for my card that I've got this thing first name is this. Never going to only has got a tattoo back of this is for you from the heavy in the papers do stories the first one's gonna makes is freak history and the second one's gonna make nick freak history. Okay Universal Studios. In Hollywood and Orlando yeah they have got like all the bad stuff the Roger credible way. Well you know around Halloween time they really start cooking gas well. They have announced. That they are going to have. Strayed off the heels of their exorcist. Mis. They are going to do. A shining experience on my god we go can we hope I'm right and I'm down though all alert you know when things Jack. That's right it's going. You were going to check in to the overlook hotel. Now look legit scariest movie ever. Went in the two girls are in the hallway that it's right is they put out an elevator o'clock at blood comes out of it. He beat him down my father took an example my father took me that movie I was no answer a great dad I was like in third grade boot it's just cleared the shiny I just a swear to god and I was so disturbed by it I went to school. And I've worked honestly there which we're doing short stories and wrote the shining too. A bunch of stupid. And that is he just like I think an octopus that way America. Yeah exactly so I tonight's your matters and much to put apart when the guys in the room in the tuxedo. They just cut away and there's like a furry like you know people dress up very gratification he's like an executive bear costume or something you know to me like that. He and he's like he's on his knees in front of the guy and talks. So horrifying that movies or play so like this it'll serious move here if you like that get to Orlando and you can leave the shining through years. Raids that would be an awesome to arsenic. And an homage to this you freaking out in this derailing into. Us not being able to get this story's let's let's get to and we need to revisit it we've got one that I'm sure people here we'll have an opinion on this very set no they're gonna. Because this is what we toyland. Always the phone lights up in the text I'm lights up whenever we do something like this. Arguing about who's right yeah I knew it up rocks. They have done a large huge. Hole and they have ranked. Did you just say large useful it gets worse gotta say that thank you it's worse. They have ranked the best breakfast meats. In the world that's a no brainer. Is it though yeah number one of sauces number two is they can and everything else could kick rocks. I'm lose to even read this to you. Right number four is make him. Number four is naked. Wives who wrote this number three. Sausage links links found out caddies all they overly speed. I don't even know. Number two I don't even know how to I don't you know I go to the concert at this point what is it Teresa. Torre so number two on the breakfast that shut up it's act it's great stuff but that's relative aunt in Aiken. It's pretty. To read those excellent but it's now making stop number one. And he guesses and he gets on number one breakfast me. States NAS and stick would be a fine choice for me nothing beats that connects to this makes it that was almost like having a beer shower. Corn beef that always goes to us dollars on those deaths but incorrect what is it. Who set him. Fancy. She picked up from just like any. Over there isn't a good spam the caviar Chelsea heat yes it is yes. Like the door just to strip cocktail she goes on the plate with number one him. These days. We're gonna have a fight about this lady here with it logically absolute nonsense athletes and their runs on. On this and then you know we're all in just or number three were all into what the Celtics are gonna do with their hick. And Luke Walton. From the Los Angeles Lakers. Has said that they are going to contact. UCLA head coach Steve Alpert to ask questions about levoir balls involvement with the program in other words they're gonna fit our rights and that's the only team is gonna work at work out for too because that's what is that it. Probably. I mean. It. I know that's all yeah I don't know it sounds insane you know that is that is that is that the tape of a man that refers handled ourselves a I. Put it in my mom low level. Ridiculous ridiculous I'll take votes all day long you could be with compete with your ball in the repeated it began with a sausage link may be wrong. Thank you Grady.