Four You - Glowing Shower Beer Mugs

Thursday, September 7th

The Guys are live at Splitsville at Gillette for the 2017 NFL Season Kickoff and there's plenty of news coming out of Foxboro. Operation Clown Face is in full effect and Bud Light are giving out mugs at the game that will glow whenever the Patriots score!

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For you. It's time for the fourth things you should know she rules and never give us plus hours a week. This guy's got the same first name is a city. Never clearly has got to. Back. This is four years from daddy in the Bubba the wrong time meeting he too much cheese Fries right now I don't know I'm mad as Barack I think now let's find your your what your practice habits did too much there what's up guys are you look at this place is it act. OK I wanted to get this her story because it's important news and it. And this came upon my feet here. And I think is the perfect time to get into it then. Jennifer Lawrence. Let her thoughts be known about the actors wage gap in Hollywood between men and women. A dispute and. They'll let up no large tonight. Colorado well there is part of it is inside the stadium there have light appear much here but it does his own medal in either bush okay here's what they're doing they have these. When he seventeen. But light. Special glasses. I consider is gonna be beer. They're known as the touchdown cocaine Lovie and hazardous it'll make its season debut ten Newsnight at Gillette Stadium during this very game against Kansas City Chiefs specially designed this game. The glasses will light up blue when the patriots scored a touchdown. That's incredible. The way it's gonna send out a signal yes that's it's it's controlled by radio frequency inside the stadium also gonna glow. When we get our banner gets nominated me. I believe. I believe it's 2008. Pounds and a very he has made and now I'm Ali what an arbitrary number well let's when he made during I hate to say it but if I see one of those globe beer mugs that one of the concession stands and there's six people in front of me they got five left. Watch out because this mama pushing her way through the Wal-Mart on Black Friday to get a hot. I'd say in fact if I don't I'm not going to be denied that cabbage patch kid or laser technology dot com. You know you gotta look at Madonna does not get done Donna does get it done passed that moms get it done we've got some fans here from the dirty south to Atlanta and yeah. This. This guy's got a leather jacket and it looks like he's a hells Angel Medina patriot tells NATO that's the kind we like. Dude can you imagine that the only people that had a tougher but like in the best way kind of tough than the ATL pats game group. Who have endured all that like all got all that Tommy teasing like you guys that I know you guys sell the second billion point five point lead. Must be the actual Atlanta resident that's too bad story number two has to do with that good segue neck. Q I believe the kids' college snapshot is that correct yes that's the original football discussion group well somebody hacked snapped out. And they added a filter. A G I GO filter which I don't understand but that's cool okay a lot of money I just can't holiday and express what everybody that took a picture in Atlanta. Have the scoreboard the halftime score board on. They're snaps that and I just wanna give that person golf Butler them David. You know like trolls is not just a movie that had a really cute Justin Timberlake song and and out story number four is a two for one. Today. Is actually. Not just the beginning of the football season in the kick up the patriots also national beer lovers day. Yeah I think there's a few loose their visa files and here so Reece of files is the actual Saturday's. Well no it looks like that maybe it comes from that maybe it's the entomology at the word it. It's the actual site of never beer lovers of certain Sarah beset by Sarah piece of silicone not drink Beers you're supposed to its national beer lovers day. Rise that reason I PA or spotlight or whatever you know sort of surveys that was the actual quote right yes it is exactly right I don't mean. And do what you light up glass slider up the stadium uncle Zack. And finally next story number four. I'm like everyone here at splits Ville and Howell the moon to help me wish a happy birthday. Two very special person that we all love. Looking good. At only 387. Years old it's Boston's birthday. And compound. God crowd I'm we'd love. I'm on tap it back that I just think of all the great moments in Boston history in my life wouldn't Charles Stewart it's that many white community and it way. OK but what. Why you go to Boston strangle all the fun. Was that guy's name. I've got calculus what's your favorite Boston memory neck. In your lifetime my favorite Boston the Boston memory yes. From all my good Boston memories happened on them because they're also clearly associated with sports you in New York I never mind as I was a kid and my dad brought us to the Celtics parade. And Larry Byrd stood up and city Holland said Moses Malone eats. That's pretty well mine is when they caught designed and I am brother and when the police with escorting them in the ambulance everybody a lot of talent not their class. Happiness like everybody was okay on the way to bring by the way. But I. Only gradually so we do and as we don't 9/11 break now when the bar yeah escorting him was it that bandy as a and laurel. Pat him at the Chelsea branch of Harvard is awful down and roll all right we're about to start our. 5 o'clock hour here Matty and that they have a ton of prizes to give way to start doing some trivia. Matty Knick glad it's let's bella how all of them all let's hope it's.