Four You - Eclipse of My Heart

Monday, August 21st

In the four o' clock hour the guys bring to you four things you need to know! From the Foo Fighters collabing with Rick Astley, why the solar eclipse may be making your 'frisky' to Bonnie Tyler belting out vocals on CNN.


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. It's time for the fort things you should know history rules and never got less than twelve hours a week. Like cars and I've got this thing first and as a city never going your ladies and got a tattoo back this is for you from Matty in the so the. Great and beloved foo fighter's neck. Where headlining. This summer sonic festival in Tokyo. Is that a giant death. No of course not Tokyo Japan Tokyo target numero uno for North Korea amazing that the Foo Fighters are playing in Japan. That's an income. Dorm who platters are headlining this summer sonic festival. And they decided to bring an Internet mean to life because nick and they launched into a song. There's an article fighters are well I must admit it was at the body Tyler classic in anticipation of good guys solar eclipse saudis have jets are at six. Hash tag solar eclipse anything does not turn around right guys to look at the heart it was another son they were joined on stage by a guest. A special guest the Foo Fighters did written Matty and nick did about a week or so ago. Can't believe. Here. That's right food platters as Rick grow do you bitch is well without actually Rick that's actually Rick. I'm satisfied. Both my contemporary rock band bucket list and my retro 1980s. New wave list at the same time so it. There was a double Rick rolled away because they going to smells like teen spirit right and then Rick athlete comes on a starts doing never gonna give you. So they written all everybody including the audience fantastic by the way he looks off some gas looks great these well. Think he's happy dude is a handsome dude yeah look like somebody who could be playing like. A member of like somebody he'd be like Atlantis during I think he would live in kings land gassed by the would you want to listen I didn't watch it last night. Or did watch game of the rounds last night and have another bone to pick when it. Com on I Angel jets happy. Why he lamb. Why couldn't that was a great episode there was murdering an unbelievable job with the battles. As a way how do all right. It's off the board in Vegas that the word little or magical comes up in the next cents a here's her problem with this now. Before I complain that she shouldn't be riding the dragons. Now my problem is dragon X McEnroe the few well for. She would do there dragon next Makinen. They're you're relying a little bit too much on the about it thought about it. And again or. Got a sort saves me a is happening it's like every time now. Our guys about to die. They get dais X vacuum that rescued at the last second where now it's not surprising and it happened twice or three times that at least three times I can think of right now the red haired guys get dragged Pitt gets rescued. I'll spoiler. Dragon to dragon X amount and a balloon right. And to Fargo go to parties and and I and now it's fine and then whatever the wielding I would that we yeah yeah so thick three Hirono like come on writers like it can't happen every eligible we don't go one may have been a little little too much. I love the show don't give. Down again era. But the whole idea that the book series is called a song of ice and fire. I'm fine movements and listen I take nothing away from the overall scripting the the special effects rather like we just can we talk. About the special effects of shiokawa. It is fine not a better off that Shaq even films like. There's a scene where last week where John Snow touches the snout of the dragon mount when it's your grammatical back home. The snout of a drag and the options now that I no wonder why here and they're long dry spell an end max's playing golf to a touch is now the moment. And she's like he's probably only wanna going to be an a hole in one more missed. Dragon at Mecca of the keys that very well he touches the face of the dragon. And the special effects are song credible like eight. They must have built the big for static dragon with them enough is and I mean it was stunning. And you think about that fight with the Walking Dead zombie based on the east that's exactly that in the Walking Dead. Zombie eyes on the scene was incredible Tyson because almighty god yes that. I just I'm just. For years for seasons they just talk they talked about things happen that they're paying off now enters coming winters arrived they go vote today at the budget now. A rock and roll it. Ice can residences. Had nice guy. Why is he super handsome the next morning he looks like he's dead. Thank being around to make you feel that you have to Coleman signed this new show on HBO called room 104 and yes. Awesome you guys who want to you know las Brothers produced by young yes there half hour half hour as a dad loves. Episode Yasser I'll take place in the same hotel room it's like and Woody Allen series or something like that but as this one a little moral. Crazy like yes. Creepy crazy. You know is was there an episode about the family that tried to stay in mash UP that night before the Falmouth road race and had to leave for fear of being involved in a drug raid. And bed bugs oh cool okay just checking. Story number two I knew I hated this generation and this story is officially amount amount amount this amount of this world I'm done I'm officially. Out with unscrupulous generational every time I general resigned from life. Which one are we talking about breaking news hi Jen are we talking about millennial is over let's say millennial then I'd Jan because this whole thing is. Data has revealed. That the younger generation. Are less interested in women's breasts. Men eighteen to 24 almost 20% less likely to search for breast related content on sites. In fact it's gotten so bad. How bad has it god and what nobody could join once you guys heard me start that he could no way. According now yes also what Matty so why guys don't like and the reason why guys don't like bush so what well I'll tell Iowa there's a victim here were all the victim because according to business insider. The number of hooters location in the US has dropped 7% from 2012 to 2016 sales of its stagnant. 'cause these guys like him art into the bogeys there into the booties yes exactly rogues nobody moon rose Seattle growing slowly. Producers of terror Internet knowledge you eat I don't like groceries when I put this yeah why you don't. What did you just say eat the Tony let history again and it was it was a song. Doesn't matter. Listen. When the dragon makes his run through the double mountains just he doesn't have to worry about. Had double mountain if you tell the that the worry about now stinky things pompano. Well I mean. I remember when I was in tenth grade science class and when they're getting our first six. My size teacher though lie out of baba. And dragon is. Popping in through the double mountains of it doesn't have to worry about Knoll was sticky days pop announced I could survive for you it's your being committed to death. It took an hour and a half hour into what the 47 minutes for you to go off the rails hit yellow the audience for no reason enough people. Pools hot dogs who are closing that's not funny. If you cut pay pay pay. If you wanna look at the this signal the so called who are you yell. I don't protest in the broad than that above and digital technology and visual protest the defending this guy called little potluck hooters closing does the result of the ask a what are your loser on here and big I don't know why what are you what this is like I enjoyed tomorrow fight exactly it's where it belongs. This isn't north Florida I don't need to go not on a quote does. This trip that I need to get heartburn just by opening the front door and die. Franchise has even tried to appease millennia source. By giving the restaurant menu a nationwide make over including opening routes which. Female and male servers are fully club I. That's not hey you all right and you know do and not enough boots boots so you're blue guy more than a buck guide how well. Yeah okay. Let me I want to have July you and I do this you know I typical. They call it stare take. Now the black is way better than the boobs grow us Guerrero gross anemic we don't have to gander at US Perry yoga pants. Story directory. Let's talk about the the clips and let's talk about next thing being because. Because it is making people Randi provisions making Loney. Why you ask is the coast making as well first of all falls in Leo which people considered to be handy thing. The rain beside also there's an actual psychologist he Russo. Who says that the eclipse brings up our sense of wrongness primal fear law connection you warrior. And desire to euphoria and desire to repeat the experience so much or fact that there are guys called. A number of Philly acts. Number of Philly acts are obsessed and turned on by eclipses hombre affiliate weight like that. The short number as the those lecturer nylon shorts you see Elvis got classic where like soccer players. But these guys get horny from eclipses but be careful and get it on because according to medieval tradition. Children conceived during eclipses will be ugly I would get a radio but as need any more Hoggan our house food and still fifty written months. Story number four. This is the funniest audio of the day of course we know it's the solar eclipse. And the great ever has been making the gag including outsider instrument page the great Bonnie Tyler 1983 hit total eclipse of the heart. It is seen a major spike on streaming platforms of course today because of the clips. In the hours leading up to her performance ever hit aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise. Streams saw a 2000%. Boost on spotters were Spotify in the US compared to two weeks ago as I was streaming this on. She sang live on a ship. During the eclipse but here she is. On CNN. And she's asked about her bare bones strong and well. Bonny gives us. Her live version what's your favorite line can you give us your favorite verse from the song. I need you and asked and below is all oh yeah. To be the only thing I and. Cookbook Kirkuk. I. I'm in the Maloney an eighth at a one in the body to either you have but you have given us more than we could ever have hopeful indeed. Yeah which is to hit songs. Total eclipse of the heart and does anyone know her other song. Oh yeah who who teach. And this. Yeah until the men love it turns guy had to be as strong it is down like Don. Well doesn't know the president of where I don't think this. But boy she sold it. Q did she like donated 100%. That's like David Lee Roth going forward in a head Van Halen concert now he's like. Brian with the dad. A whoa. We'll hear that overtimes this. Now c'mon I love her and she's just stating their hands are what are your favorite line can you give us your favorite verse from the song. My. I need you and and and it below yeah oh yeah. I agree to be the only thing I. And. It's like you wanted to be good and it's kinda good you know what it's like. To build a good play actually out playing a more time it legitimately what's your favorite line can give us your favorite verse from the song Katherine I'm he had not heard him and I. And and you'll do well. To be all of today and yeah yeah. I have a lot you know Bob Rick and his wife. And I'll not let the Batman yeah and I am content they have. To. It might not. But it does it look here we are. So I don't want to believe what he we ever have enough. Did you just say what he that we ever handed out talking like the opposite. What do you say this is celebrated on haters like that. I don't hate congratulate me got a mile and here it's too that's our sheep political literally to hit songs. And she has like. Infinity pool miles around money yeah and Blair rarity here doing their hooted tutor cat can I protect her a bitch is. She's a better Royal Caribbean cruise thing.