Four You - Don't Hassle the Hoff

Monday, July 17th

The guys bring the daily four things you need to know! Such as Hasselhoff's new netflix series, the latest fast food chain bringing you friend chicken, predictions for the upcomig Mayweather and McGregor fight....and of course UFO's.

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Our guests are always online and on your schedule it WA AF and you've done for the fort things you should know history rules and never get less than twelve hours a week. And I've got this thing first name is a city never going your lady who's got a tattoo back of. This is four years from Marion and still is. During that bed down a little bit because. It is the 65 birthday. Of a legend. And I just want to drink in. His music. Which has been such a blessing to us this planet earth. Job. Hidden from. News. Too hot maybe. David Hasselhoff. 65 years old today. Now on the Netflix series. Called. Off the record which I haven't seen is that show funny people played very funny. Videos stunning. The bad. Of course nick fun ironically you love is Knight Rider. Which was that is break out thing not only made him well don't watch me once again split. While he did two things and he's like a huge mega well two huge shows and hey. Announces Syria and we don't handle it but this is that the wrong the pop pop I made my beloved by Germans. Todd has not all eat a burger off the floor we he's the ass last still. Tweeting and texting shirtless which as disturbing. You like a drunken video you know that's next on our very new daughter filmed them because she wanted to get in and thing that in the best thing ever was somebody did a puppet re creation of it and it was one of the funniest videos in the history of the Internet. Let me just say what I admire most about the half. The Hoffa is an apologetic we. The Hoff. He had just teaches you how to like when you look good you feel good you wanna be good yeah you just like he's. He's strong handsome she only ridiculous. Beautiful jaw line clicked. Pardon. But like there's no like. He. In my heat and apologized for the policy sense if he's taken that half cloak and owner right over shoulder he wears it proudly Alex and does it he's in on the joke. You know I don't know that's the thing he's now and now maybe he has and he's now but wouldn't you used to be and I was totally fine with that right like when he was saying all right when he was singing on the Berlin Wall. There was not a Trace of irony. From his. Is welcome must day is race. Listen to me at all conceded nothing else to improve he's American royalty is Michael forgive nice. Chips terrible. So was Tara knew it. Yeah it feels like a more memory lumber it's not what you what you showed incredible what you love about that show is that it was being your eighties living room and got the style love about this show was just start the honorable. He bagged hot chicks he drove a car that talked to him with a British Elon Musk has said. The reason why he started SpaceX and Tesla was because I'm this show is story number two. For those you that love. Yourself notes Karl which I know ever in the studio does. You menaces to adequate meets ridiculous her chickens the words we have talked many times on this announcement while not the worst that is just as bad you're the worst. We are the words. No we have talked many times this show but I love particularly well guess what. Chick fillet and selects duties. Starting today licensed to use as your dad still these are where women have unusually large breasts. In certain urban areas that GeMS duties. In asked did hey. Maybe Bob stand back. They keep being Bruce Springsteen song was Steve Yzerman and men. Yeah. All right family style options. Are coming particularly today it's like city that's right fried chicken people it's gonna be like a chick filet can't see this bitch. And you can roll through the drive through look at the picture. There my heart bosh yeah. And voters as she the chick filet. Look at this yeah nine dollar family style meal. Testing in threes that is why they tested in the Boston and nick just told me that's not the air about the stories I think there's something about typically give chicken and I started immediately now are not giving way to testing you know kinda fried chicken family style like it sees now and I immediately right now that's our freedoms like America tonight in and seek not let me read it and I'll be up here to get sick. Dude she. You're just swallow it here in the cities that it's happening. North Carolina cities and states North Carolina actually Greensboro. New North Carolina on Phoenix or what is cities I'm sorry green Greensboro. Phoenix who hot chicken and 120 degree and me and him San Antonio. Team meals will feed up to four people include the choice of one country to side dishes including new offerings it is. Bacon baked beans or Mac and cheese all. Many rolls on comes with these little pottery lives Wallace. Ever against the equals that I just wanna spank those mini bus lines put those nuggets right in my mouth. She is one that just rub those dogs over nice duties to our chicken grilled chicken breasts right in my breasts. Slow on the round go to every studio cam is gonna check for a look at that Mac and cheese does that give it your hall. Slather all over me. Finally it's as we see you and we see your day what does this romper room. Who's been good to be story number three. War. Want to test well. The demand style Alia I know me there are rumors opera is that where you have to Wear that the ones. I was on romper room when my brother and sister has very little. Story number three. Rumors out of camp McGregor. This comes from boxer Jesse Vargas whose. Your super lightweight champion also well to hold. But he says rumors in the boxing world are the caught it Gregor has been flattened at least once knocked out at least once by sparring partners. It was the same thing over and over again I think there are doing it. You know leave the last minute edit the event that the only thing you can do his team's trash talking and good amount that is ordinary man. Our ability and got my parents aren't as well Hillary had a big check you really good thing we'll talk about it. Yeah clearly got to put him away. Now this isn't the first time that the boxing world has said that economy Gregor has been knocked out during sparring sessions taking. Just kind of like run of the mill sparring partners and they're knocking him out. Do we are we surprised by the do we not think that it would require that things were all about you we'll sit at that this not only is Floyd Mayweather just gonna eat is chick filet 29 dollar Finley meal. In front of an. International audience this is all about that's why he's putting out the to show. Why he's putting on such a show and this press conference for that what is the last time. An athletic event let a lot of boxing match had a five city international raised born with the two of them basically doing. But this dog and pony circus on stage it's rude Dick they've run out of insults now. They're just being on money racially insensitive and say it's. It's nuts. Well. Steve and I are planning a little media tour for our one on one bass boat him. We'll talk some crap we'll videotape those press cups and put them on the site did you get years it with the pinstripe Tuesday so. And don't forget Nate Diaz put a hole. And yes I'm an immigrant and beat him back but oh what then I mean that's and that he actually tweeted out. And you know some pictures of him Polly's NBI. Because McGregor and Dana White. Posted mixed together and and he possibly is that him knocking on McGregor being. Are finally. Mysterious red flashes again in the sky. This happened in Budapest. Huge red lights seen. Coming down across the sky. Prompting fears of an alien spaceship invasion. Really. So no official explanation from local officials or meteor Roger we got soundly compliant after yeah okay thanks and don't affect some more you oppose stay woke it's coming.