Four You - Do You Smell What The Rock Is Inspiring?

Friday, August 11th

Every day in the 4 o'clock hour, the boys bring you four stories you need to know. Today the guys are joined in studio by comedian Marty Caproni, who is performing at Nick's Comedy Club this weekend, and listen to a recent video posted by The Rock that will inspire all. Check out Marty at Nick's this weekend and follow him on Twitter @MartyCaproni !


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. You stood for the fourth thing you should know history rules and never got less than twelve hours a week I didn't like Carter and I've got this thing first Kansas City never going your way who's got a this is for you from that he had this. So there's no better place to start. And where where acts in the show that is we're talking about motivation and as if it was meant to be. The lead story in for you is the rock who someday may be president of the United States the way things are going the rock posted a video. And it's gone viral and he's. Standing on a job. You know now hotel balcony. And he's thinking about and reflecting upon where he is and how that geographic location has affected him. And it is gone viral. So I want to share with you but is not yet loaded let's talk about motivation for a second more reasonable producer I yeah I know I just want to make sure there's no swears and always double checking the swears. So. This thing is gone viral and it's so cool because you know think what you want about think you may about the rock. Certainly. You cannot question his money makes the guy must work out personally but I body. He's 51 take a good hard long look in his beautiful book. I'm in on president rock Mench this just for the fact. Like this they'll hold from North Korea that rock would have the ages raises the eyebrow and then I can adrenaline paradigm where I'm at also. The evil why would he want to go to war with somebody who he probably has the laser disk of every movie in his private creepy. Nor are correct library with her back a bit more money is spent in North Korea on private dealings of rock movies with the hookers and 5000 dollar bottles of French wine. Then groceries for the freaking people starving in the street over there so here it is here's the videos gun barrel today in Iraq tunnel motivation kids. Take note. It's his view it is spectacular of one of my favorite cities in the world Vancouver Canada. And look out drop my blood sweat in this city wrestled multiple matches in this city shot big movies in the city. One thing a lot of people don't know that I wanna share with you guys is when I was 22 years old I came to the city for the first time I was playing in the Canadian Football League. Play my first pro football game a play for the Calgary stampede is we're playing the BC lions I was so excited two days later I got cut. Half as good dreams shattered sent home was seven bucks in my pocket I was like wait no I got to play in the NFL eventually goes about big goals that's my dream. You realize that that playing in the NFL was the best thing that never happened. Because the government here so my point is look you're gonna get your ass kicked we're gonna kicked out of us we gotta get up you gotta have faith that the one thing you want it to happen. Oftentimes is the best thing that never happened so I have faith and just keep that in mind and keep plugging away. Nick anytime I've been asked to speak at any sort of like pace to speak at the upright citizens brigade a graduation. They tell and asked him speak anywhere always talk about what I call failure miracles and which are things in my life that I prayed for the original title of this you know. That's how it added great citizen. My biography. Failure miracles things that I prayed for god please let me get this if it up there how could not let me get this and I didn't get it. And within six months to a year I look back on that thing I raged at god for not getting in said thing gone and get out because of god answered my prayers I was 22. I'd be a probably thrice divorced cop right now. With a Coke problem you know same problem goes back. Now radio got a Coke problem but the point is this evidence drinking now you have no minister. You have no idea we elect is going and sometimes these things you think he wants about your almost being protected from yourself you don't know anything at 22. You don't well I think it Tony to and some people do do you know it does ring it calls out our new order. Understood some people know that one be day one they do and they do great but. There's a whole other. Area of life where. You'd think it's a failure but it's not just building the scar tissue in new. To make you who you're gonna become what do you do when you were torn to Marty Marty cover of prisoners is sometimes your prisoner answered but just now think of it yes so and I'll how maybe not how you think when I was seventeen. I I prayed that my high school if by tornados and then when he two years later happened about. Well that's what they're not as good but the big guy upstairs he's got a lot of their lives sometimes it's so that's about what I'll try to get around to it. What about your neck like when when I was 22 bullet yeah what did you wanna do I wanted to direct movies. That's right I you and I went to school for and I would advocate for not doing what I did not. Fumbling around in my twenties being dirt broken then finding my weights you know of this odd ball. Swiss army entertainment career that I had right but rather I forced a choice on myself early and knew what I thought I wanted to do and I loved it. But I didn't leave myself any wiggle room and took a long time to sort of like reset in recalibrate. I would say. No light. First year and a school right at school like this is my major this is what I'm doing and that's all I know and this is how my life is gonna be like take time. I wish we weren't in this country I think everybody and I'm sure a lot of parents gonna be like and they shut your mouth guy don't encourage my kids at guarding hard not to get to show up. You know on curfew and need to stop. Why do we rush in to college after high school we have been forced into education. We've been in a classroom for a decade and a half. Can we just take like a little time to work get a putting it there is that they do take time off they won't end up going wide is my mama really what I wanted to take yours. I think how about just work can save up you know expensive school as you gonna to run right back to your parents' basement anyway. Why is retirement work the way it does why do you wait until you're sixty and fall apart 6570. And that's when you you'd you'd now work. And try to enjoy your life when your now. You know fallen apart. While he retired to your forty and then just work the rest this thing out that a great and I'm. I mean if Syria and and to that point you know I like the guys I'll say it again. I love this station like I used to be a guys on the road all I want it was to make like six figures in and get a house and I'll. And I got all that and then I found cam via stumbled into in Worcester Massachusetts almost a decade ago. And it just changed everything as this is one dose both do this whole time. When you cross the county line in Worcester and the like oh now I understand everything it's funny it's. Let's talked to Scott. On the faring import studio line it was a thought about this subject Scott throughout. And they bullish shall there so yeah. As I've called in the war on my feet. Former mother in law put me wanted to put me on this GPS. Sang. And I heard you remember and yeah yeah so my divorce is and the bass I have a because none of them believed in me. You know I mean I want it to do what I wanted to do. Which is landscaping and personal training site south. None of them believed in me and you know. Throw. I love it's yacht that's motivating. As if you don't people around it takes thank you like Brady said the other day and easily view and again as she said it takes a whole team to get. Where I am and if you got people around your naysayers and negative negative people you see it landscaper goes usual it's right you're who you surround you surround yourself who January's rise of loser abuser. Supplies sevens have for you guys are correct everybody in my daily pushed me to go to four year university of Minnesota went to trade school loans going trades anymore that's what a micro money I'm that your will might grow that got from dirty jobs. He's a big proponent of that is that the trades are dying coral is another one at a crawl of the trades are dying in this country and I don't want paid for any idea how to fix anything to exactly now and I don't frankly wanna. Paper max's Collins I'm encouraging him to learn trade seriously you know we're gonna have ten years now a bunch YouTube videos on how people used to think today.