Four You - 30 For 30, New Uses For VR, Boston Beats New York, and A Very Special Anniversary

Thursday, July 27th

Matty and Nick bring you Four You, four things you need to know! This edition brings us back to virtual reality, something Matty had a bad experience with on a previous show. The boys get into a new 30 For 30 that focuses on one of their idols, how Boston finally New York at something, and an infamous song that has been around for 30 years. 

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. It's time for the afford things you should know history rules London plot never got less than twelve hours a week. I've got this thing first thing this city never going your way there's got to. That. This is for you from that he had to sell your fans of the show you might remember that sometime a ghosts. Is granny are talented producer and fine young man hard worker. He's into the video gaming and he brought in. A virtual reality device. And it went pain asleep for me I hated it. I never got to try to on because your reaction to. Was so severe. That I decided I wanted to do that it did you had the it is called the smell is this a big we have some. So right now he's on top of our building in an alien has taken over the building and is taking him to the top of the building what is he playing Rampage. I'd kind of lucky dog well. Well in down. I don't let it go. The man who lost OK okay yeah. Reality upon giant. Walking around like he's avoiding the last like he's actually got a billion oh yeah. I put doing. You know it's super real what do you fit man and it's not a fake religion. This your arms and just what I read a minute ago and. They just gun goes slightly so that was me with the VR experience that did not go well they they I was out of the end of a building in the and that things starts following it's like it's scared of heights one is horrible however. Good news if you're into virtual reality and you like to make of extra buck or two by donating your. I don't think that. Own self yeah. Virtual reality porn is making its way to fertility clinics. Old cutting edge yeah never done virtual reality horn or fertility clinics how well how and spoiler alert. I've done one of them. Please let it be an air and could. Not virtual reality Florida. BR bangers a virtual reality for a company thought I think yeah DR banners down as she played the girl get naked again Asia yes that was there. It's VR bangers of virtual reality porn company. Is bringing VR headset to fertility clinics to make the job of trying to. Donate part Brit part of view writing do you do your job always at the hard part there happened. Yeah at a again guys that finish well I guess now in today's day and age this is what's happened see in our day. We had to watch. It and we have delayed long long time shot upstairs we had to wait for the Fuzzy part of the TV like every wants I'll show boom. But now these kids they can. Everything you want everything you want is there any better she likes search it and so I'm told and it's there for you so. The old jugs magazine ain't gonna get it done meg and I they had to go look report in the woods writes. So now right as of now it's only at the University of Southern California school of medicine and LA where you can do a donation use BR warm but they are saying they're going to affiliate with more more fertility centers and sperm banks in the near future so well. As someone who again definitely did not. Used the DR bangers guys that is a great place to go for half price at the final call about. Yeah welcome to Villa or bangers like that needs is shooters there's debris it is a. Having been to the other place. Twice I have two beautiful boys and they are both products we use and it's you really yeah well. I cannot walk couldn't get old couldn't get it done known answer out but for whatever reason like involving cheating on each other with and it's. It was no problem at all well the kids are great. There is no more. There is no more awkward feeling in the world than when it's time for you to. And and then. Make your submission your contribution to the cause you and you literally walk into this like little. White area there's to person and that's gonna like name and you have to give name and then they're like. I you know words are exchanged in your vote dislike. Well we both know I'm gonna go behind and I like your golf and four feet away from you with just closed door and enter a room that has like a sawed off Toyota Barca larger TV. A game like high school football coaches. Coaching room you have to go there and basically like create life ironically where I was also asked to do that in high school system school rod not. Now you know now know why why no I'm. At a Penn State. Oh cream makes trips. And stated them and then here's the worst for not only do it like they give you like that like dollars a Vincent you'd from you and you know are you ready they did that whistle sound and a half hours they are generally a penny whistle. Like so odd some may have she additions and how long they did. Your daughter here to actually get the paper for the that I go to wrist and you go behind this door. And the first time around it was VHS there's VHS and dvds of now cold loser kid so happy that I. But then the second time around if they had and it was all like apple TV and you had just like this tiny remote. And the craziest thing is like you're literally light and you've got to like catch this specimen and had a tiny cups so have good good luck on the AM. And and neo like wrap it up washed up that he got to put it you don't go to like. A liquor store like a package store and it at a rough neighborhood and after midnight they only have like the turning Portugal and eat it to be held at the pick for things. Well there's a stainless steel what do you have to like. Put it there like oh no. Oh god and in a row. And turns around and magically disappears and then nine months later if he. Why unbelievable. Terror romantic this uproar romantic. But did you leave so you know you've made your contribution. And you walk out of the room. And then there's just one last glance between you at the person at the desk is like. Thanks every other computer just like based on dot. She got banks are going. This. Yeah. He's ready. And I can repeat this year this shame filled nightmare story with your sons many years and now looking at how they configure it. Well. Twice both of the both of them does he really going to eleven C a testament and yeah. Steve John real quick on the Framingham boards studio line John your own Matty and neck. When a shell or beards and or you reminded me within the fertility clinic shaking you know monitor this thing don't look at all the great. Didn't like People Magazine. Laden living and good housekeeping. I I'd heard what you go to the front and that's interest from the little better at figuring fraternity. It was a little worse I mean to you may do little whatever flipping through people trying to find something good. Oh my god Jennifer Aniston. Did Blackwell thanks a token table YouTube rather. Yellow Mark Stuart you know he's got a looker and I had to judge them let's talk to a camera and real quick Cameron Euro with Matty and nick. As shallow there and all right annulment or they loaded gun that's thought I would think about it and I remembered what my absolute favorite movie fight to. Oh yes Karen let me set this up real quick Jerry Norton was sitting in. For nick last Friday and I brunt of the topic of the best movie fight scenes of all time so go. All right the new movie water which gently. Literally began to it is chilly curses gently and it can't end. On the our awesome coffee aren't you. Great call Cameron thank French our Beers indeed you see them that he had gently as the real slick deals man that guy. Although I've birdies at some health problems. Yeah definitely yeah I can you notice an expendable as he did very little I think he's kinda you know. You know how Jackie Chan. Kind of broke or whatever I don't know gap but he he would. He was able to work through it in aids through it but I I I heard it gently is not done as well he's been pretty Jackie Chan should be walking around like Mick Foley or offensive linemen that sport man by the way. He's got a new film coming out yeah. I meant to play this on and on and before you just a little while ago called the foreigner. It is it's so it's like Jackie Chan straight up dramatic role. Where his kid we have a little bit but don't. It's a little tonight. I can. So Jackie's daughter gets killed. By terrorist attack. We did that it yeah oh yeah Jack he goes on and Pierce Brosnan plays a character notes about it and Jackie Chan goes rogue and like bad ass but he is so funny because. That Karate Kid remake they made which made me crazy. Should have been made now however. I remember the time all want Jackie chain and even though the movie was completely flawed gives a great performers now moving like a really strained good dramatic performance Oz like would be great if they use him in drama and here it is that's like. That's like having a great cocktail at a dinner where you end up getting like red tide to recall I'd like. By it's been a week in the hospital again. It's great wine. Ayers who cares about what's your favorite movie effective I gotta go with last samurai. The mafia to. While the gas Hulu and never overlook overlook movie that this year really good flick with really good actors in it and the fight scenes are phenomenally spicy would that mean to sneak up when they're all hanging out have a good time one night and it's time Granger vs samurai. May Tucker's great that he's really good day what is easy from dawn from the time they wake of the time they sleep they seek perfection in everything they do yet like us yes I story number two there is a new trailer. For a new thirty for thirty documentary coming out. And I am psyched for this and I'm sure you will be too. Every man and led them as disclosed the biggest tires and more women. And I was. Major boy that documentary on the storied career eccentric. Except that eccentric wrestler Ric Flair premieres Tuesday November 7 at 10 PM on ESP again. All right I'm excited to watch it. I'll admit I did a little disappointed recently in the thirty for thirty's I was. Called. Geek depth for the ex FL one. But that was way too soft I was excited for the Mike and the mad dog one and that was just like it. Yeah I don't think the important thing in the that got those of the New York broadcast as I think you're right. Under their rushing them. It is pumping them out well that was why I think they I want last week about super ball 52 was not. This is to force and about what did you like these two because the director of this new nature boy one also directed I hate Christians later in the book of Manning. I'm Rory carp. So I have not in the book about him but I've seen parts of my Christian leader that is a beloved 35 or so ago so it's a good chance this will be good same directors our coach Jackson one was my ID while Dave was that like you play emergency three you need to named the year's favorite 33030. The cushion later one Bo Jackson and and then I. Now. Which one. Eddie Echostar. Which one surfer although what about the use sir give it to the U now. Ball. And the white and an eagle on about the Miami Hurricanes the lead out because there aren't that Michael Irvin that was the one used to target. And story number three. Boston we are now the leaders over New York suck it New York City. In any way according to a new study. We now. The second highest number. Of rat sightings. That's right. According to a study done by governing magazine an astounding sixteen point 9% of Boston households reported seeing rats in their homes so. In 2015. New York it's just fifteen point 3% so we are beating New York City for rats. Are you actually have. There's audio Matty last night would you solitary house. I would freak if us on Iraq are well inside all right I would again wreak more. Uncomfortable admissions I didn't think I was ready to make today on the radio years ago in the house I grew up and in Braintree that would sell off a couple of years ago my my past. We had because of all of this construction down in the South Shore. They got into all these. You know rat nest in their building and wetlands in rushing Condo developments and housing complexes everywhere all over the center over Mac anywhere around Boston they can. So the drove all these rodents out of their natural habitat. So pest control has become this massive business in and around the Boston area because homes are being flooded with rodents in rats. If I told you the size of the rats that we had a nice town of Braintree in mine and in my mother's house dude we're talking like foot long ones in one came in the kitchen one time and it was black is night and everybody was. Terrified in that. The amount of money these guys are now making just getting rid of all the rats is a stupid I'm not surprised in the least bit. My best friend he shoots a lot of rats and feeds it to his geese by the way happy birthday yesterday to meet today and that's a rock stars like all right story number four. I don't wanna get too emotional or two I usually make for you very light. And just kind of human interest stories about couldn't ignore the story. And it's gonna start a larger conversation and music don't get controversial here on Matty nick but dobbs. I just couldn't ignore this one. Story number four on this date thirty years ago.