Food Fight - Carvel Pissed At M&N?

Friday, September 22nd

Earlier this week Matty and Nick made a list of mascots that would be inducted into the mascot Hall of Fame. One notable omission was Carvel's Fudgie the Whale... and now Carvel might be pissed!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are only I'm. Mind you schedule and WA AF dot com. I actually got some breaking news Matty enabled do you guys know that you guys made a fuss on Twitter and now Carl Bell has responded well oh a 100% yeah we've women don't. So. The other day we got into this discussion well I'd love to hear what you think about that soon. The mascot walk of fame advertising week magazine has this long. Yeah right so like it there's so for like Hollywood with a walk of fame where everybody would like to get their star and be retired remembered. They're now sort of like retiring are honoring. Advertising mascots. And fudged either way it was one of the 26 advertising mascot that's up for commemoration and now. We've got up there would like Ronald McDonald the Burger King lefty than Hamburger Helper you know make it great male here. I think it dazed as Bob about self Clark. Also super super offensive right in super super super offensive and is a lefty he's a left and right and I helped his likely answer. He's like TNT if the high sodium MSU and it's a pet. But you know there's also like who else is and dramatic over ratio Magellan crunch Captain Crunch. The top and a bass. Talked jocular blueberry and Franken Mary frank American green rooms all three of those guys get treatment groups and let's just maybe it comes to look into a loose I would like to give you diabetes and we'll put it yeah and cynical but they're all there. And budget the way I was nominated. And I said you know like I'm a big cargo fan and I think I even I've ice retreated there to witness like with all due respect it's tough to vote against. You know Ernie the Keebler elf left in the Hamburger Helper and Ronald McDonald. And they've replied back and I think that this move William lament the if you mess with carb day that they want the hall of fame. They didn't they haven't Kiev of cook of fudging the way right yeah but the weird thing was it was a gift of budget that will outside my house. Men and women and. Apparently had pissed off the soft serve mafia now and I'm in trouble you don't want them coming after Antonio kooky post for not coming outside. Yeah cooking oil plus about not coming outside and fight in me like I'm glad that the what happened and Hartford whalers I Newsom cook too. Left a budget that will run on my doorstep like a I. Hope that that back to the who's your favorite mascot there. You know I live with the mascot my roommate is the lucky strike bowling mascot he dresses up and lucky strike. And you know audio of the games is you can't that's a remain my and my buddy pass. Your body that is the end he isn't in it do it to he says he want he would want to be in the NASCAR hall of fame because he he lives that life he's eyebrow. So many kids they can't fire me to act like he comes home yeah. PT SD from his day of mass scouting he's very into it. And he probably sway like just like covered in flops like is brutal his outfit just smells like a hockey rink yet he wears that under armor underneath and that my boy Keith are there. What he did he target the key to being I'll tell you are. He's. He's like the coolest thing in mass now right now in my car to get an agent. Yeah he's that he keeps our Bair has an agent. We can't even. We don't either oh yeah we're just nervous right now these live on the line right Yemen is an amazing an order like it del Monaco wing like cabernet solvent element to us or near final stage dive that may is doing a radio show flipping through like weird porn that kind of songs on the free Canadian born dead and it's the best kind are right. Now let's just keep this thing moving our summoning of mascots piercing grimaced porn I see this when I saw them and it. The worst of the and then with the wind may or may cheese comes in for the make money shot at the absolute my guy who's the worst mascot. They got that didn't Ronald McDonald just like just do purple blob. Ten months back I really can't I do like him burglars entered cooler that's my favorite. It was amazing he's basically gets no respect no respect not because he's a criminal you know once once he can't vote no on wants to listen to answer right path that route oracle or you like to be your own attorney I I'd like to highly advise you around or I'll run around.