Florida Not Like The Rest Of Us - Santa's Crash Landing

Wednesday, December 6th

We check in with our favorite state to report on a story where Santa was scheduled to parachute into an event but unfortunately things went wrong!


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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more I'm always online pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. It's. And now another addition to Florida. Not like the rest of us have you ever been to Florida it's basically criminal population. Pact struck. I think we better give a warning on this that if you have. Here you have your kids. The cars these new you may want in Manila and and radio for a minute because. This could be dramatic earmarks and this ask this to be just be very dramatic and this time of year about. See and though it's parachuting into an event in Florida yep volleyball tournament and hit the bank now. Over the weekend live and of course everybody was very excited. Kids were all watching anatomy who who would get excited beards and there was arriving. But parachute yes and unfortunately. Things did not go. As planned. And saint nick ended up landing in the was caught on and on camera yeah and we have some audio for reveal the other folks are very excited answered his arrival in and that course. And everybody goes silence there hoping for the best for Santa and and they're there obviously are some some children so. Okay. Person that I went can. There is serial killer kids got Cole and. Last night second with my. Can do Little League leader of athlete give details on the other kids you know about right yeah I don't know and on he runs present time. And idealists say okay kids broke his leg in two surgeries. Because he's Santa he is already healed up. And ready to bring the toys around for an hour yeah he's going to be OK you can understand Christmas to me and he recovered like immediately it was so incredible that's racing into his national healing powers. Texas as it could have been worse sick sick that could have been blown off course right into an alligator a tourist attract area and it and been beaten by now yeah I'm upon land I'm happy we have to go this. The fact that this seems that reminds me this is a tragic thing but. When I was a younger and younger me and I was. Hosting an event. Down at the marina de and area. They lowered dramatically having the the flying Elvis's parachuted in India. Unfortunately there was an accident while we were all watching it was a big opening of a of a club yet. And everybody there you know they like. Attention to golf courses that are gonna end. I think one of sadly one of them I think passed. Away. Right right in front of everybody as related. It's ivory league really tragic thing so sometimes that the parachute landings can be either build greater. Our or not not not. Not a grand opening you should do this is the jingle all the way five yeah. She commitment there's humans start hit the ground running literally well LB's coming in by Brasco. On on. We originally when I get taken by a tractor trailer. It's going to be like dumbo drop they're gonna have a hard they're gonna have. That Jiang that. Get an area that's good I haven't called opportunity. They're gonna carry Albion that bonds can have the ropes in the in the cage and they have been slowly lowering them on to the five K route Saturday. Wellstone did you seriously in a six minute while all you have. Oh my god sent this parachute didn't open. He's following like Huckabee what can shop. It's really though never. They'll never go away order he went Texan wants to know if you went. Ho ho holy you know you know. We'll hopefully. Right hello thank god isn't. That so the flying Elvis. We'll yes 71 texture was also there and he went over the of the yacht club over there by UMass Boston now that's where the flying Elvis had a man in and it had a horrible acts of its. And that was not a well I guess maybe that was a Hillman jinx thing I ask Texas says that might have been the very first film in packaging is it possible.