Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report w/ Special Guest Jerry Thornton

Friday, July 21st

Fitzy is no where to be found but the one and only, Jerry Thornton of 'Bar Stool Sports', is here to fill in. Jerry talks about Jordan Spieth's 'secreat weapon' of chewing gum when he is out on the green to the Red Sox; along with much more to keep us up to date with the sports world. 

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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. Here's your old pal busy with a weakened this a sports report what they could get decency. Honesty. On WEA yeah. Wicked mrs. Ford support has brought you this hour by Lux auto walks no matter your financial status you'll get approved on site guaranteed this month if your credit sucks. The general locks roots when he in Auburn. Lux auto plus dot com Arnold was dot com. Are guys who spank this a real quick instead is you might want to have an epi pen ready as you gonna go in and a collective oh god when I talk about the sport that I want to talk about first. The open championship on the. I. Let him go on RA may god elevate your daddy Larry and god. We'll talk about it Georgia's feet six under and only now he was five under for the first round. After his swing coach gave him dumb. He. And decided to keep the government as well that he's not got to you guys they think RAI II the gum okay I can say this. I can say it is an eye on the block yeah like I'm not talking a blank. There have been studies that show. That spearmint gum chewing gum increases your concentration your primary and that's the German helps with your nerves Mo old all that good now he. He finishes the front 9300 decides to keep the gum. Hadn't been dismal world war half hour around and through the polls around oppressors. So very gone I would've felt a single click on its face David golfers are now we did you tried to but I think he's got a six hour it's. My friend and tell me how it's how you as the. I think they've amassed dictate that disk is humanly impossible to believe it was. Piece. Of the Red Sox are two and a half games but they lost again. Once again we're fisted by Doug Fister of a terrible out of may have under pitches they'll only get four point that borne at third innings. What does open the way they hit the flight from Toronto. To Anaheim for game and people say oddly these guys get days off that's not even that thought they played last night the plane again. Tonight Chris Sale. Who is that pitching his ass off yes he's faced in a step got Ricky noble last go for a ten with a 4828. ERA. Anaheim three games at a five but it just says we had written all over it however. It's the Red Sox face and his staff with Chris dale on the mound so I think it's I I fear the worse Ricky in Alaska I think that was the actual character name that. We got beat up in my bodyguard. And that's you know I know that's golf. Real quick training camp Pickett can't starts in six days Rudnick and kids come to the defense. All of I've met Patricia wearing a bar stool assured apparently six months after the fact. Roger Goodell is still blood hurry that he wore a T shirt with the DL with a clown nose. Screw you good now if it bothers him to this day it shows that he's the worst thing any Meehan can be. And that's a man who can't laugh at himself yes I hope anybody. Buys what any shirts and where is it. All through training camp I will be there from day one we yours into the home opener in that the Thursday after Labor Day. May I set you up with when I know one of your favorite quotes from a movie ever please. Stripes. What would you like to say to commissioner Roger Goodell the great line from stripes lighten up Francis had begun as the wicket misses work report Jerry Gordon. Filling in for fifty himself well voluntary.