Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report w/ Jerry Thornton

Thursday, September 21st

Sadly, Fitzy got too hammah'd last night and had to call in sick today. Luckily, Jerry thornton was sitting in for Matty and agreed to take the sports duties. And there's big news with the Sox and the Pats. Listen here to find out about it all!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. I guess Ali's. You schedule Kelly they asked. F freight some Malaysia's laid on Matty nick Jerry stay is Mattie nick show about your pals here today. Usually it's around this time though that day at this hour clock that we bring in your old pal affinity for the sports report however fits the call in sick in my call in sick happened to have on. Pretty good authority that he got his hands on a couple of four packs of castle island fast beer last night and started or October testing out live. Little too soon so he's out with the Irish flu but don't you guys are worried because we get some wind. Far more suited to bring you a top shelf sports report Gerri let's use equals chemistry. That's right everybody (%expletive) It's gotta be they've call Jerry go. Sports report. And of course the gold Jerry gold sports report. Is brought to you by your friends. At locks locks his lowest prices of the year there have been a liquidation sale you will be approved on site. That day no deal will be turned away route to one in Auburn locks auto plus dot com take it away Gary. So are they think she got those for botanical least yours before that news dropped we couldn't save him a lot of a lot of bowel movements and a lot of oh. And that a lot of cold sores according to the tax line Jerry. Apparently still is made out with the ocean and that's why I think all the I guess where if that's not how I got mine. That's all I got there is you're really at a youth protection next time I sports knows. The patriots are making news in the best possible way. And it got out of a bad way to responsibly Rob Gronkowski yes he practiced today he dressed yesterday was listed as did not participate today. Limited participation. Along with Philip north set Stephon Gilmore dot high powered practiced twice and Matthew Slater. And did it but dole has his practice or the guys who didn't participate in a wrecked for a kid with his ribs Marcus cannon which is a concern. Last year he actually threw him visibility called Harry Potter reference over JJ watt told they didn't need all hands on deck that. Bad news I guess is that Aaron Hernandez with ocean idea and their child. I'm. I had lawyers file a lawsuit claiming that. He had CTE and I am I'm quoting here yeah they get to a severe CT that changes things. Yeah that look CTE usually seen employers with a median age of death. Of 67 years. Where does any validity to this and I listen I don't begrudge a widow and a child whose dad. From going after the deepest pockets they can. You know shoot your shot shooters but I don't know that there's any issue is not show Jerry breaking news. Ted Wells has been hired to investigate. The CT case of Aaron Hernandez and that Tom Brady has been suspended for him to stop. Thank you accepts its. Yet explored its phone answering an awful book right now from chamber as players I've been a guy who lived with a reckless abandonment Aaron Hernandez did take itself pleased with the clocks and be in a complete pump gas is entire life he had rank the CTE while shocking. And it obviously the patriots gave a tumor which the most. Fraudulent nonsensical lawsuit ever he got the bonus money howdy. You know provide exactly the kind of thing that makes lawyers looked at and lawyers aren't bad. We have to act on behalf of their clients that this is this is frivolous and misses this is going to be talking about it without however we'll do that we're not much of the bonus money she got. That's a that's a great question. 1212. I know it's probably gonna cost against the patriots salary cap forever. In other good news while you went to bed last night. That there watching your Red Sox win nine did not tonight Chris sales. 300 strikeout by the way they are come home on your shield around the answer for you with it. Absolutely the best speech of the Sox have had since they'll last and only other 300 strikeout pitcher. NATO Martinez look at this season meant that we see what to think of. The hole because I read between you and Greg Murphy and Matty I'm not sure you saw it last night when you're out packing up for the big show up but oak island but. Chris Sale was flat out dealing last night I Seymour. Yes stealing like his name was stringer bell that's how hot he was well. Oh great I Raffarin thanks clear reference and they and they were up six not a great up and after seven then there was the root of the long top of the eighth and it looked like he wasn't gonna come back out and pharaoh let him go. And get the 300 strikeout. And I didn't mind because he was still throwing gas you you if he if he drops in 9495. In the playoffs you're gonna point that any and say. Ferrell let him pitch his arm off but. He got it in most of the slider he threw we should have been rated xxx end of our own. A week week too hard on John Ferrell does sound like I would I mean they they. They continue to fight for the guy they win all these I almost an overtime extra inning games like teams who hate their manager or having internal strife don't do that they don't fight. Fifteen innings in new game you know I mean like. He might not be the best of the press or whatever but. Mean we are get a ring with them and it may be heading into a battle. The oh votes one of those ones over the thinks that we do affect your resell your baby Farrell's logic is. Our bullpen is it's the intact for the women and their pitches their ass off and frankly right now is this error off of this team. And we've seen teams that will really fly go into the post season and make runs strictly on the benefit of their their bullpen and it. Cleveland last year notwithstanding I mean that their bullpen is way it went who led them all the way to game seven. What you know if that's an opportunity I think you protect salient and Greg Murphy went out with PD aide who said you got to take about the situation. And I would Ferrell left and instead. Well I agree with that move. So I got up quickly you get what you want to put a minute ago it be great career year against me pick a side of the fence rather than I do think though Farrell win the bullpen is going great. That's abuse the majority of NV energy's job. And it's a situation where you get no credit when they're going well what if they start get lit up. Somehow it's your fault it's the nature of the the job that's why I'm not a huge Farrell creek. Just don't do me a favor and don't explode the arms of Kelly Kimbrough read or especially Carson Smith now the NASDAQ pitch him like he didn't when he fifteen. Once again I that's some good news so. Hernandez CTV they gras Dong is doing well and the Red Sox are in the playoffs that's your gold Jerry gold sports the report.