Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - Tricked By The Commish

Friday, August 11th

Last night the NFL preseason began and the Pats lost but the big story is the picture making the rounds on social media of Roger Goodell with Pats fans at Gillette. We listened to a clip from our sister station where they had one of the fans on and from his explanation it sounds like they had the wool pulled over their eyes!


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We lost 10 AM the previous seven. Podcasts are always on him. Mind you schedule and WA AF. Here's your old pal busy with a wicked this a sports report quite differently today. Us to sign on WA EA yeah what does the score to 4 o'clock tonight. When it comes the entertainment Ullah X one gives you more change the way you experience TV the next vanity X one. It's not about that patriots pre season game last night. Yes pre season rule it's almost as golf. Oh my god Allah that gee we'll watch the jag I've got sick cover up good duck boats canceled a trip to Minnesota. Nineteen and I'll. Wall like Colin nineteenth. Tom Coughlin bro you are totally all of the patriots. Takes flying fast and furious from everyone today. Absurd. He had that I knock it off. Dion Lewis was it good game guys I be if deal lewis' carry the ball in the first pre season game. Without the second and third out there with a although roster of butler's out there does that mean his position is in jeopardy all end. G. Yet lost please this with a chance. The patriots. Day show themselves for the first time since the greatest win suitable out he would play out maybe nay fall. Football and sports history. Second this was community auditions Foxboro addition for the chance for people with Reagan come out and try to iron. One of the coveted three to five spots on the 53 man roster. On the greatest team in sports and quite possibly. Now most definitely the best team this year in the NFL and the Super Bowl contender right. And there was some guys who did have. Bang up job last night gather there was I I believe it was Jerry Horton our friend I'm looking out tweeted out a screen grab my not to him but earlier this yeah. Jerry Norton friends show. We did this out this is actually happening right now it's a screen grab. First take. Please and that freed in debate. Like garrote all had a great night settlement said here I really enjoy practicing with a right that when life gives the lower third routes for those you know those graphic on the screen of the show. Jimmy we're upload 2228200. Yards should Tom Brady be looking co orders still there. Talk about just filling time go on vacation she got up and go on vacation would give. And by the way text in the 781. Now I am not gonna say happy birthday happy fortieth birthday to you mom I listen listen Megan. I don't just do random middle of my patriots three season recap birthday shout out tonight's. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to me you haven't heard okay. And my attitude do you live. So that. All your forty's like Tom Brady. You pliable one and that's why I doubt that we are guys who felt. If you read any she enjoyed it I ride anyway. So last night that those 31 point four of the goods in the bats. Good garrote beloved. Pants and a half. Definitely would trust my team god forbid if anything would happen if Tom Brady but we don't know not only is Tom Brady and play this year he's gonna play forever. And consider that you never doubt Tom Brady much like the fact we have talked sex in funny red lines nobody change the radio and get into another man's cap would you doubt Tom Brady. Could be the first man to ever achieve a defied death absolutely not. I know my money's on. He's going to be the quarterback around. That said dropped below look good last night moved well fleet of foot slain in it. Good zip good must add on his fastball. A couple of nice touchdown that won the and a half to Austin com. I'm tell you what they're gonna show videos. Of that kid Austin guy catches that touchdown at the end of the first half back at the end zone. The hostile and how to connect it that's gonna be shown symposiums. Called. How to make the pats roster when you're undrafted wide receiver out of god knows where university. The bad last night long title. Well as in. It is that the Fed on a business on its on screen right now. The run defense that the safety play bluff. Cyrus Jones. Oh my god. That's a swear word now he's that now can't go the patriots GA after seeing Cyrus Jones my god. The smoldering trail from the 97 united they're gonna have to replace the turf at Foxboro. There's a movie theater Belmont this weekend playing a movie called Cyrus Joseph didn't coverage nodes gonna go see it because it's African terrified adds to our show. That guy. Why is it mid season form will seal. Looking forward to root for you on the grounds yes. Now the big thing last night that ever was talking about of course not but that effort not the pre season not look good not who didn't pop monitoring. But the fact that those three pats fans. I have volunteered to take or get suckered in to take that picture would Roger Goodell made as little's sneaky whistled sneaky you should parents at the stadium last night. And then NFL be activated at the picture and these guys it just didn't get bumped Biden harassed and driven nuts called the worst fans have a while one of them called into us passes to sports they issued earlier today to defend himself and explain what happened. According outlook 300 bad pretty bad the wreck at which certain quarterly circle and got them rant from the back end up. Almost like up pot you know you are people now see everything and let you under so you know like this we and now one of the guys approach that we. It was put on guys so again we're not realizing a lot of guys. Right now. Them guys that are routinely approach stunt. That is not the only game that maybe god wanted it checked. Are like share art. We thought and got a quick picture. I'm not on what it would it would fit now and that we know being we have no. Soccer in duke did to get the picture with the meat blonde. Of the NFL. They commit they got duped didn't do it. I know it. For you get out. One of sales is not a fan get out today. Cowboys fans Ezekiel Elliott suspended six games not every ticket and in the first rowdy fans draft of Jerry Jones is pissed about it how Jerry. These shouldn't have supported. Commissioner Von do face. When he said that Tom Brady should be suspended four games and when he sought advice from all the known as you fully supported him turned to placate book see note Jerry. Wanted to go into another surgical wind tunnel gate if they stretched tighter than your pockets doctors right now you stick while. I need to go on vacation yeah do I molesting common man I mean and rounding everything out Sox are in the arc tonight. Three game series with a four game wading into this yanks. That's sounds like a swim but it's not and finally the Marlins a B insult to the Derek Jeter group Jeter will be the principal owner of now Florida Marlins all female fans in attendance will get a free ride home and a complimentary gift basket that says thanks for spending and I would Derek Jeter. See that's because when he is you're saying women in the city that's what they'll get got it done vehicle is what makes her wonder that thing and I think that's. Night actually they went over his head well. Not over it right on. I'd still time for vacation enough for May are happy birthday Megan shares deal up bases go pats we'll talk to you on the undecided next week fifty touted as we're supposed to sport.