Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - On To The Superbowl

Monday, January 22nd

THE PATRIOTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!! Our old pal Fitzy stops by for his Wicked Pissah Sports Report, and there's only one thing on his mind!!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Here's your old now they'd see with a wicked is a sports report flight of the decency. Honesty. On WGM. The wicket with the sports report has brought you by Mercedes. Mercedes-Benz. For automatic all wheel drive all season confidence although confidence. Limited time offers available on a complete lineup of Rhode gripping coupes sedans suvs and more. Visit and be usaid dot com for more details. Doha. My god they're now my god. All it. Was it the punt return with that the third and eighteen was that the fourth down catch was that the first touchdown with that the second touchdown. Little man comes up big again Danny am and dole off. You got to take to the soup of Paula. So nice to have no idea. Patriots stage yet. It's not an improbable comeback at this point dudes I mean. For God's sakes this is the same team that just did 218 straight to hell of an on call I gotta say at home freaking you fans out down wanted to attend. Ten minutes left nine minutes left that's what that. Final touchdown like two and a half minutes left you out of almost over the eight minutes and 47 seconds left. The mud started that game yesterday I'm pretty much thinking the same thing that you guys are all think it might. The world business. It's like strangely strange things the Foxboro additionally. Over the cute kid would like the girls and like the funny Judah Friedlander has now where is that. Was the hot little British bald chick that the word yet where is hotter version of eleven I've politicians. There. Crews are nowhere and they gave me a heart attack they can't do it might imply time. Every other AFC championship is a national open just like every other AFC championship this time it's like this voucher movement however. Tom Brady when they're five super balls average margin of victory. That wasn't. AMD than four point. Love that show but I love especially when they do that one's a compact ball and stuff but have a margin of victory. And be right now that video you thinking about that. Right oh. Right are. You're thinking about dole is over his right that's the thing that. Man he is someone that girlfriend who did you wanna be more last night Tom Brady. I did you wanna be his girlfriend that's laser show that smokestack. Olivia call broad jump and there was times after the game boys you ought to be Tom Brady. Who madam midfield after the game congratulating. His super style slot receiver. On what was an awesome effort and then they said exactly what we were all saying well we were busy breaking furniture chugging Beers target our friends far cry at now living rooms advice faces. I want Tom Brady to meet me someplace and say. Let's after the go get it sometime I think that's I mean there's very few things ally. And this I've seen my favorite football team my favorite sports team by super balls and verified and a half point favorite to win this six. I don't do the big deal as I say that you know all the time. Yeah but that's usually why don't you go after that that's always the remote. Predicated school play yeah once you go at them get it yeah now it. Different them. A rematch of super ball 3913. Years ago your producers buzz Grammy over AM within a high school. The last time. Tom Brady. Defeated the Philadelphia Eagles and a Super Bowl Marla and I dropped out yeah corrected it and what have you viewed the everyone else could be all right. Spot as gritty over here was run it was run in numbers. Between convenience is doing gigs. Sell and Lucy's on the street Goddard Chelsea. For God's sakes naps or does that guarantee Reagan years ago do. Unity haven't you already but it dad the last time the patriots beat the Eagles credit crazy thing is Tom Brady was younger and now he's actually playing better. What an effort yesterday by Brady out for the love of god at the thumb gates and gates blood gate. Cut gate all week long 290. Yards threw touchdowns. Clutch when he needed it most once again which is what they do. What I mean shouldn't we all it is sad and our respective bar stools and sofas and just watch it like to me in on like I'm just gonna wait for when he gets good right. We knew they were gonna do it why don't we not expected at this point I mean they've legitimately now done that so many times quietly not expected when it matters most on the clutch is on the line. And you need to drive you know who's gonna do it. It's like the other team literally Specter is like the jags knew like that got to do. Now they said it was because that coaches decided to shifted to more. A soft zone coverage in the second half because the first have to plan more man up there a more aggressive and it work. And I'll tell you what happened then vote Joseph was sucked straight out. Through their downtown a hole when they decided was to drive out to 55 seconds at the end of the first half let's just taken me. We'll take it the intake at least fourteen dead and go to that content to be up over the patriots and fox for an easy team needs it and that's exactly. How you lose if you look up blueprint for a loss. Against pat today T championship. That's exactly what it says in portals as cricket he was when he three out of 36. 236 yards. One touchdown and then. A ton of tears. It's like a self fulfilling prophecy these teams get up this fast start. And as soon as things start going wrong a little bit they kill because they feel the president oh my god the pager to gonna do it to us now yes and it's so strays too because. I I think last week I've ever Jacksonville say something about feeling pretty good about yesterday. I got mud and today. I'll miss you already met today. Hey we don't win the. Well. Mr. Ramsey I apologize. I believe we are it disagreement with you that the probable. I I have a goal of progress on the bag after sure a lot of percent. So I Jalen all it's all at the company has a buddy golf trip the Super Bowl that's what you can do. While Vegas it's like super he had his friends get together as of ten pain but it's a really good pot movement in Liverpool. I mean they played well but the same time out they like couple guys we've been bagging and tagging all season and dragon who cooks. Six for a hundred yesterday big catches on the line. Stephon Gilmore. Somebody in about J. D. Drew hit that out grand salami. In the playoffs against Cleveland back in 2007 and I'm like hey he just hit his seventy active like I'm. Pump face these people that uses the act as his seventy million dollar Grand Slam yeah Gilmore just yeah I mean he played a 65 million dollar game he's been awesome. Actually Belichick said earlier today and the radio. He almost played his best football. Over the last six weeks when we needed the most also he said about his the adversely awkward post game embrace of Matt Patricia when I was pretty sure they're gonna kiss. Well that was a very emotional game I don't know of those were billions of exhilaration stressed there was a lot of high blood pressure on the sideline. I love that kept it wasn't so much. And they don't stop caring. Super Bowl 52. And thirteen days in Minneapolis now fortunately the host city will not be participating in las yesterday and hideous fashion 38 to seven do the AGL ES NL's. And invites fans. It took an. Well bush. And yeah Ron malaria and our last show meeting. Now owns Abbas I don't know the bus downtown. Los it's been over a year. Yeah blow. And I. Run what we're trying our best room. Business on Verdi's their time away and. And you saw a lot of competition in the market it was sort of sports were doing. And the listeners they love who we play the bot roast tonight and still. Yeah. Okay. Now this is that they got to be taken on the Eagles. I'm not so much worried about the team I mean falls played his best game so far. They get the running game go on the defense this Dowd it's gonna be a fun Super Bowl but I tell you what though. Yeah just give me give you kind of give me one little slice of the the total fan argue that broke out last night in Philadelphia after they took down the NFC championship. It as a football maybe they're actually there. OK okay. Out of that we believe. That's how we lead up. Break it. I doubt I'd opt them under the new people jet ski in the streets driving until about ease up Padres. There were down and I. No arrests. No that was 66. Arrests. No rest please. Right big. We just heard from was like a nineteen year old kid wearing an eye patch on live TV quite well nick hopefuls. Make dean nick Oman and here we are now referring nick Stephens as being the neck for. From our lives really answer that you have to Wear and I've met through you confident I promise you big the neck. Like I know it's unbelievable. And hopes to sell the slots and I'll miss that three straighter on the left one of 395 to the this blog magic. Hiring even dropped to forty burger you know what they Jalen brown maybe that's what happens when you tell everyone you're gonna be rude because it plays in Jacksonville on the Sunday in the AFC championship. JC kids invited the head coach of the box yeah Bruins appointed in sixteenth straight games. The Montreal again after they beat Montreal they'll be home tomorrow night. Against the devils this joke of all 5213. Days away gee whiz what will we talk about for now until then. We'll have some more fun audio and other stuff to play via next time around. Read more I know let's go off. Patriots Tony forward jags joining pang of mine GF Laver one year old outfits do it way it is below zig Jason Kidd got fired. Added thoughts and prayers for his wife and long. You really hit that one.