Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - Stiffy McThrowington

Wednesday, December 6th

Our ol' pal, Fitzy, pulls into the station with a tender full of tasty local sports news. Hayward chugs along, the Celtics play tonight, and Brady is actually only the second best at something?!


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We lost Indians 37. Podcasts are always on him. I'm new schedule and WA AF. Here's your old pal busy with a wicked this sports report quite expecting it to be honest. On WI AEA yeah. The wicked as a sports reporter brought you this hour by looks auto plus Christmas is on that looks auto blocks whether or not your Red Sox. Or you make the big box. Locks we'll get you in your winter truck route twenty in Auburn locks on the plus dot com that's what's on applause talk. Are you ready so. Number lauded yards thrown number one yards per game. First in yards per attempt. Average yards per attempt average net yards per attempt interception percentage. Passer ratings wins. And the pro football focus grade. First overall rock falls while close from. If you wanted to say Brett Hundley filling in for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay he would also be wildly wrong and in need of medical street. Now that would be the guy who sadly is second in touchdowns in the NFL. The forty year old mom enjoy daughter. Old. But be brave that's right stiff the evict throwing tin. God as the worst right Tom Brady's number one you believe that. First it literally everything except touchdowns in that he's second. All this quarterback in the oldest player in the league non kicking not uniting the older than all the free kick is at this point gap now Vinatieri is like ninety right. Matt Bryant is like 56. I think taken domes. Odyssey god. My kids I would tell them grow up and be don't kickers now when a light kick a football yeah crafted by adult Tia. Get employed for 25 years. 67. Figures. Not a thing about zone you know. Of course you guys dollar that Iraq was denied his appeal the suspension he will be out Monday against the chippy cheap shot is outside coconut grove. They will not have to take his talents to South Beach however that does not prohibit him from traveling with the team just not attended the actual practices and being on the sidelines. If I'm Barack. Dude I'm right now I got three nights in South Beach. I am crushes yup Einstein I am rocking out of micron countdown that part of us why would you are right but acknowledges reserve team B album and the gang. Have answered pats try to now that and get cabana. And and have a mild press conference like LeBron and me and bosh and Dwyane Wade got to rise out of love. Think that the floors gonna rise up in the middle and Arenas got the flames and kicks in bikinis have been a number 69. Saying gal. However Chris Hogan made his Travis returned to practice which could definitely help the patriots pass an attack against the defensively disabled dolphin peoples on Monday night. Did you know the patriots can clinch. The FC east this week with the hey a win or tie or be a buffalo loss or tie and then you have to win it. If buffalo loses Sunday. The pats it's patent teacher at night in Miami before they even take the freaking field La Haye but also good news from football. According to multiple reports Roger you now. Oh did you meet with the limbs. Although. All tricky Von commissions nine yet. Signs a five year extension worth. How much do you think he gets a second as job. Fifteen male a year yeah no I think that the contract. President if I had a sale under my. Eyes DO five is 200 million dollars at Morgan have been. So why it's good patella market speed is of the chiefs that because he took a refs flag him through in the stands at the jets game he can't play football Sunday. Take you all go home and delete your life well. Celtics tonight play in the match that the Guidant. And hey guess what. Gordon Hayward boot removal alert will boot is. I applaud upload. Is our costs boats. That's right DOS boot is off. Don't treat yourself and think you know we come back into tonight still supposed to be out for the season but. One can dream right yeah because without dreams what do we have. Nightmares with close wildfires ravaging California yes I other back and six will do a lot of the same. Second verse slightly different the first and tell that it forevermore I know it's going fifty down in his ago it was four.