Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Sports Report - The Sox On A Roll And Croatia Beats England

Wednesday, July 11th

Fitzy is back with another Wicked Pissah Sports Report. Today, Croatia beat England in the World Cup Semifinal, the Red Sox have the second best record EVER, and Jason Tatum makes a very special appearance...

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Hello al-Qaeda VoIP. Do you have any sports. Now if the stakes in big balls lawyer right here and here's your old pal busy with a weak give this a sports report what it takes a day. Just signed on WI AEA yeah. And this is not to run is brought you about my good friends at the coat musical all of us debt owed. Mean this is a monster music get the to the Tom Brady of rock and roll halls that play music and how it's awesome bands in the west area visit the call music call. Dot com poll mom. Just another day in the life of the Sox fan. When is eight in a row eight fall last night against the Texas garage days. That's a year doing that right now I feel like you're doing that just because you think you're supposed to he told you but like. I again. I've what is that something what do I miss an hour we spoil we that in title I know its title town of Boston's that it title down. I feel like we are all residents of and title town you know I mean that's entitled ENTNTLED. Don't think it's entitled. Like you like the HN IC you know I mean spitz. If he had no we're suffering from what's that just like many first time mothers. We're suffering from post poppy depression. Boy I'd like thank you. Well. Hi Adam me but that was awful. And thank you. So lets kids. What are your deal like Edwards singing. Where it. Everything. It do you know quite like the Blake over here is like Tom Brady when he loses the image jackets are like ping pong in the locker and let's not. Did in the first place why you smiled at. Up. Bitsy you know my parents Scorsese movie is what's that the the par them. You did you let it. There you know who's got the best boobs and our country music to the dollar the pound. Afterschool special George from downtown. Have found their best song would you leave you today no one can even go now I'm gonna have not go back it's the umpire. It's got a dollar and yeah I really do five all laid on the sex line 97107. There are too many games then. Yeah that's what to do why would you how baseball goes down like a funny game is not Y 260. All crews could know it's always bit. What do it would have changed the number of games they've played mr. FitzGerald because then that would affect the record books. At that place in the town in New York State where people go and wonder why there isn't there he bonds are seeing these Newser. Okay it's poll gives a flying to Italy dude about rackets and now hall of fame in Cooperstown. Seriously. Make it fun for everyone at the moats flames Ninja's I don't care of this pitch clock a bits clock. I don't care like the option to lighten the option to show via I like it like if you disagree with the all you know what I'll introduce this to excite baseball. You disagree with a call me up you can check out you know fight if you lose you're out of the game in Europe. Not only. In my pro steroids then you know how he first base coach will take the equipment off the guy like when he doesn't have an elbow think he should injected with steroids and take right everything up right on the first baseline. You know what. I got a lot faster after I took some performance enhancing drugs like in one of the best ways his side I do a lot of vertical trained in night I took steroids. Oh and you fly up and down. And come buildings that. What are the schools that's George do I'll stop Yuri I did yeah it. It's so you know educate them I think you have a problem. You know they say you lose some you install. All right the Red Sox who have these second best record at this point this season two or 93 games of any baseball team. Ever thought why not not getting in the history of no doing I'm Assyrian satellite radio all day and all whatever you do you have hash tag me too yes. Swap then that good and at the same time it's like. Tonight Chris sales on the mound so bucket market out. Unbelievable missing. I'm actually more into the celtics'. And then I implant for months speak it awaits. You boy Jason Tatum some people have been bad off seasons. Jason Tatum is live that it this offseason and so there's ready. Jason Tatum played well being from Philly in a 10 on. I'm rocky given creed the fight he wanted to after he helped train him and guess what Tatum does. Wouldn't. Yeah seat put the smack down on NB then. You see he heard him verbally poster as of early and he totally talked smack in his he had. He stomped all over his fence when he said would you do the U in the playoffs. All I'm telling you what we saw Tatum chest bump LeBron after he poster I some of that dunk and the Celtics missed 903 pointers in a row at the end of the game seven. That's what we saw the birth of the next great something in the NBA. Yeah. Fifty. C'mon he would Gordon Hayward getting the announcement of his. Child and some people said he was less than enthused when it came on as a girl if you see that controversy now I'd I saw that there was an announcement video about so he's got two daughters and then so they opened the box and pink balloons come out he works he Canas like. Current the other girls that RJR is again I'm. Those sites so people are saying like oh my god until we don't want the boy rides like every time that like I do like an announcement video fro like a pregnancy test. And then it comes out. Negative and people like you should be more happy and it just like I was so he had a gimme a minute and I was so nervous I was gonna have to pay for this one policy you are not the father. Very. I don't know I don't know IEA you know auto embarrass them but the potential almost baby mommy and dancing and totally honest totally cool I wrapping up the rest of sports let's say. Roger Federer blew a huge lead ousted by some dude named Anderson. But. Roger Roger Federer blue and usually. He now a huge huge lead was not the name. Of the opponent no huge lead done with it now what did you think of the name of the south African tennis players play knows Kevin Anderson. I huge lead. He's from Kenya. They had or the better of totally blew I usually go away years months ago as long as they were trying hard to talk Mathers. Five sets that are Wimbledon. There is upsetting Pacman Jones audio which you know what we don't have time plants want to give that to you guys to play a little bit later on it's totally relevant to show. And you World Cup final is set. Ladies and general friends this is the sound of the Chinese nation. But even the biggest victory in the states and Todd play this hurtles down out of the air your beer out. Vs France. And the big socket dance on Sunday I just make this about the tweet box Croatia population just over four million. Smallest country to get to the World Cup final since Iraq July. But he says your line. Don't where I give more ads not. We've won Florida guy in my own out Cameroon thank you. Population that point. 2.2 million in 1950 when a huge win so congratulations to all those gorgeous women all those illegal. Organ harvesters and all the villains from the taken movies this you'll take on that she's Mogg is on Sunday. May you live long and prosper that's what that's the national motto right and Cameroon is perfect all right. So try not to blow I huge lead ever hook it. There's your week. Never mind.